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  1. 1 hour ago, michaelvv said:

    The same here . On my low gain preamp it' practically impossible to enjoy PCM , DSD is fine ... I haven't got a DVD Player which I can use with the HOLO May to see if It also have these issues. I'm using the RCA output , so I can't tell if it' the same on XLR...

    Boy that was over 4 months ago but it was real and happened but ended up being temporary.  DSD is supposed to be 6dB below PCM volume levels so this was very confusing.  Tim was unable to help so I rebooted my PC several times, cycled power on-off for dac, unplugged USB and re-plugged and it came back as it should PCM volume being louder than DSD volume.  Specs in HQP are DSD is 6 db lower volume than PCM.  I am not sure why this occurred but since my corrections mentioned above it has never happened since and PCM now is always louder than DSD as it should.

  2. 49 minutes ago, John Hughes said:

    In DSD mode how much better is it than a much cheaper RME or topping DAC? (I don’t know the answer myself). 

    I came from a T+A Dac8DSD, a very highly regarded dac especially when up sampling to higher rates of DSD, I ran mostly DSD512.  I had that dac for almost 3 years, I knew it well.  The Holo May cleaned its clock, it wasn't even close.  I listen to the Holo at mostly DSD256 with EC modulators, or DSD512.  If I am not listening to DSD then I am NOS with no oversampling, straight stream.  I really like that as well.  Higher rates of PCM up sampling (1.4 & 1.5MHz), do have more transparency and maybe a bit more punch but lack soul.  Extended listening sessions, which I do a lot of, high rate PCM becomes boring and fatiguing.  I want to turn the music off and do something else.  With High rate DSD I just want to play more music.


    Just look at the May's power supply and compare that to most any other dac.  I have learned through the years the better the PSU the better the component.  Combine the May's incredible engineering with that huge and well designed PSU and you have one of the very best dacs out there.  Just look at used for sale sites do you ever see a holo may there?  No, I see almost every other brand tho.

  3. 40 minutes ago, Buffdriver said:

    What spec should I be concerned with on the power amp to be sure

    Look at the amplifiers gain and sensitivity, mine are about 26db gain (anything above 25 db should be fine) and about .8 volts for sensitivity (.8 volts input equals full power output) and that should work fine with Holo May. I use HQplayer as my up sampling software AND volume control.  Although with some older recordings when I up sample to DSD, I am cutting it close and sometimes run out of volume.  DSD reduces output by 6 dB compared to PCM (1/2 less output voltage), plus in HQP I set max volume to -4 dB to avoid digital clipping.  Hence on older less loud recordings I can run out of volume.  For 95% of what I listen to it is fine and I have no issues.  That said I run single ended which outputs 1/2 the voltage of balanced output on the May, so if you run balanced you should be good, minding the 2 parameters I mention.

  4. EVGA GeForce GTX 1060 SC 3gb video card

    I got lucky and got my hands on a RTX3060 so I am selling this card to anyone who may want to try cuda offload with HQplayer with older CPU's to get access to additional HQP filters.  I just went through and cleaned the fan blades, and cooling fins (brush and leaf blower, they were pretty clean to begin with), I also cleaned all old heat sink compound and applied brand new Gelid GC-Extreme thermal compound, my new favorite compound.


    I ran this with an AMD 1800x and was able to do a lot of HQP filters at DSD512, of course Sinc L, full XTR I was unable to do.  With base rates below 88.2 Khz most filters worked.  DSD256 with EC modulators were difficult with the AMD processor, I believe had I had a intel 6700 or 7700K I would have been able to do DSD256 with EC5 and possibly EC7 modulators.  All high rate PCM, even 32fs were possible.  Bottom line I had access to a lot more filters with this card then I would have with just the AMD CPU.  The card is in excellent condition and was only used as cuda offload for HQP.


    I am asking $200 for this refurbished card, Shipping via USPS priority mail is $15.50 so $215.50 total if paying with paypal family and friends, add $7.25 if not paying with family and friends.  I do not have the original box but the card will be packed in antistatic bag with lots of padding for protection.  Guaranteed not to be DOA.


  5. Uptone audio USB Regen

    Selling my faithful Up tone USB Regen.  It comes with all original accessories, Hard USB A to B adapter, 6" USB A to B cable and the Up tone supplied  22watt, 7.5Vdc switching PSU with the JS Mod connecting ground to negative output.  Asking $125, I'll cover PP fees, Buyer pays shipping of $7.80 to cover USPS priority mail small package.  Total due $132.80.  USA shipment only.


  6. 2 hours ago, damascato said:

    someone explain to me how to get rid of the PLL locking delay

    I've had my holo may since March 31 and I have no PLL locking issues whatsoever, yes it is on.  I use a custom built PC (built by me) and direct connect to the May via USB.  Roon as my cataloging database and HQP as my roon output.  Buffer set to auto in HQP.  I never see any Locking issues on my display even when different base formats are sent to HQP from roon.  I run HQP at native rates (same as roon sends to HQP), High PCM rates and high DSD rates.  No issues.  The Allo Digione must have very high jitter levels.  May dac has been measured and found to be one of the very best ever measured.

  7. 16 minutes ago, BrownMagic said:

    how much does these mods cost if one has to do it themselves? And what amount of skills do you need? Is it just an easy solder job? Would be great if you could show us pics of your mods. 

    I have posted pictures of my mods go back mid to late April in this thread and you'll see them.  I have attached my order summary from parts connexcion so cost was around $110.  I used 10uF caps as that what was in the May, but as ExtremeBoky says you can use most any value and save a few more $.  I used spare wire I had for the AC Voltage selector bypass and bypassing the on/off switch is just removing some jumpers.  I highly recommend using 16ga wire for the AC mains in, 14ga wire required me to snip off a few strands so I could fit in the holes of the PCB.  The KTE uses silver wire, I used very good copper wire, EB suggests silver ribbon wire, not the easiest to source and way more expensive.


    Now opening the May, both PSU and main dac requires a lot of screw removal and there are some pics on Kitsune website how to open a Spring dac, the process for the May is pretty similar.  To solder AC wires direct to the PCB you need a good soldering iron and good solder as well as solder removal skills and preferably a desolder tool to get the 6 position plug out.  If you have one it is not difficult, but be careful non the less.  To get to the undersides of the boards to solder and de-solder you also need to remove the bottom of each unit.  For the dac that means removing the dac modules, the USB module and a lot of screws, much care and very clear thought required to do this.  Then it is just de-solder the 2 Vishay grey caps and solder in the replacements.  The Auricap XO is a very very good cap but has two wires off each end and I also needed to trim some strands from each to fit in the PCB holes.


    If you have the experience and skills and good tools it is a very easy mod.  If not then I suggest not doing it as bad things can happen.  For me who has lots of DIY experience it was one of the easier mods I have done.  The sonic results are well above the cost to do it.  Although it could technically void your warranty, That would be a kitsune/Holo call.



  8. On 7/7/2021 at 3:56 AM, Luigi Ricci said:

    on the other hand if a S3 L1 brings me 95% of the joy

    I think GoldenOne made it pretty clear that the spring 3 is no May.  So I am pretty confident it will not be 95% of the May.  In my experience the PSU can be a huge percentage of overall sound quality and the May's separate PSU is miles beyond the Spring 3's PSU and I would expect the sound quality as well.


    I have done to my May L2 the mods that ExtremeBoky describes and they definitely improve the L2.  Now I don't have the KTE to compare to my "modded" L2 but I would suspect it is right there in SQ or maybe even above as the On/Off switch bypass and voltage selector bypass made nice differences in my L2 and which are all active in the KTE version, (unless of course one mods the KTE).


    Spend the extra $ and get the L2 May, you will NOT regret it.  Sometimes trying to save $ is the more expensive route.

  9. Iso Regen w 90 degree USBPC and 6" USB

    $225 PayPal family and friends, $231 PayPal without F&F.  Free shipping


    Selling my Iso regen with a 90 degree usbpc adapter and a 6" usb a to b cable.  Item is in excellent condition and works perfectly.  Selling because I purchased a Holo May dac and this does not connect to the PC with current firmware installed on my dac.


    Also available as an add on is my Ldover (3045 based) 7-7.5 Vdc input to 5 Vdc output very low noise PSU regulator.  You need to supply 7 or 7.5 Vdc in and this will output 5Vdc very very low noise (.8 uV per specs) these are 1A LT3045 boards stepping down from 7-7.5Vdc input to 5Vdc output.  Perfect for a iso regen whose dac does not need the USB power.  I used it with a AMB sigma 7 Vdc PSU (not included) but it would work perfect with the stock uptone supplied 7.5Vdc PSU or similar 7 Vdc wall wort.  input is a 2.1mm female jack like compatible with most wall worts.  Output is a 7" length of supra cat 8 wire with JSSG shielding technique and a 2.1mm male plug to fit into IR.     $75 with PP F&F if bought with isoregen,  $90 if bought separately



  10. 14 minutes ago, lpost said:

    What cpu and motherboard?

    i7-10700K with Asus Z590 Tuf Gaming plus wifi.  I use air cooling in a big HTPC case and PC sits 10-12 ft away from me, noise not an issue.  I don't think watt draw is to bad, I'll check HW monitor tonight for CPU package draw and UPS for total PC draw.  When I checked temps Wed evening the CPU ran 54-60 C, w 1024 and my air cooler.  Honestly I'd recommend a bigger GPU like 3070Ti or 3080 that would open up a lot more filters for 1024 than the 3060 does.

  11. My remote works just fine, I use it regularly for display on or off and muting. 


    I got a new 3060 video card and can now do DSD1024 with the lightest filters, DSD512 with all but sinc Mx and sinc L and of course all PCM combos, PCM 1/4/1.5 with Mx or L is also very nice.  Everything sounds great, High DSD is to me, closer to great analog playback.  DSD1024 is another notch more transparent than 512.  I need more time listening to 1024 to really decide on its merits.  Still straight NOS with the native stream on my HDD, Tidal or Qobuz is very engaging and I have gone entire evenings (7 hours) listening to just that and not missing DSD512 or 1024.  Everything and every way to listen is fantastic with this dac. 


    My buddy with his $1 mill system has got 300+ hours on his may and is just giddy about its sound.  Most dynamic dac he's had, best bass, widest and deepest sound stage and a you are there palpable presence.  He's owned a lot of expensive dacs and the May is his favorite.

  12. 11 hours ago, Extreme_Boky said:

    That May in the review is running v1.30; mine is running v1.20. Does any one know what the difference is?

    Maybe v1.30 is the reason why people are reporting no sound output with firmware 30.12 with AMD based PC and with 1.20 sound is output, maybe not 1.536 with amd but 768.  I have not seen any published description of the changelog from 1.2 to 1.3

  13. 1 hour ago, bobflood said:

    but have no effect on the analysis which is probably happening at the input stage and is only there.

    That makes sense, and probably how it's is.  Should be written a bit more clearly in the manual so this confusion would be avoided.

  14. 6 hours ago, micheloupatrick said:

    the apodizing counter reflects the content of the track before it is upsampled

    According to Jussi's quote above in my post if a track has 100 indications then it has some clipping but probably does not need an apodizing filter.  Almost every track I looked at had into the 100's or even thousands and this was using apodizing filters.  Like Ted says, what are we to do with this data?  I briefly tried a non-apodizing filter and the counter moved at about the same rate as it did with an apodizing filter.  The music sounded so good, but I should have played Track A with apodizing filter then repeat Track A with non-apodizing and see how many indications each produced.  I take it that the apodizing filter should minimize these instances.  If not then what is the reason for this?

  15. On 5/11/2021 at 7:32 AM, Miska said:

    If a track has let's say under 100 indications, it likely has some clipping but doesn't necessarily need an apodizing filter. If you get over 1000 indications, you'd certainly want to use an apodizing filter.

    Jussi, I am a bit confused with the apodizing limit counter in 4.11, btw I think 4.11 sounds excellent, better than 4.10.3.  Last night was the first night with 4.11.  I used only apodizing filters for my entire listening session, yet the limit counter was showing some very high numbers.  Below are 2 screen shots.  One, 1.43 minutes into a track and already I have 1143 limit breakers, another only 12 seconds into a track and already 284 limit breakers.  I saw but did not capture a 6+ minute track with over 3500 limit breakers.  All this using apodizing flters.  So what does this mean if I am getting so many limit breakers with Apodizing filters.  My HQP volume was generally -12 to -9 last evening.  I use Roon as my interface and send generally redbook to HQP.  I7-10700K no cuda offload.


    1:43 into song 1143 limit breakers



    12 seconds into first track, I think vol was -16 at the time


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