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  1. Maybe v1.30 is the reason why people are reporting no sound output with firmware 30.12 with AMD based PC and with 1.20 sound is output, maybe not 1.536 with amd but 768. I have not seen any published description of the changelog from 1.2 to 1.3
  2. My buddy with a close to 1 million $ system, bought the holo may KTE based on my recommendation, probably mostly to humor me as $5K to him is nothing in audio, won't even buy a decent cable. His room was custom built to be an audio room, about 23 ft wide and 35 ft long with 12" ceiling in the center. His speakers are the Tidal Akira's, amps are Tidal Impluse Mono's or Berning/HiFI one 845 zotl, preamp is Tidal Presencio or SMc Silver signature edition 2, streamer is the Aurrender W20 connected via EnKlein David AES/EBU, all cabling in also EnKlein David. His dac is the CEC DA 0 3.0, also a
  3. Does that free cable say Holo on it? If so I was pretty impressed by that cable, best sounding free cable I've heard so far.
  4. Quadman

    HQ Player

    That makes sense, and probably how it's is. Should be written a bit more clearly in the manual so this confusion would be avoided.
  5. Quadman

    HQ Player

    According to Jussi's quote above in my post if a track has 100 indications then it has some clipping but probably does not need an apodizing filter. Almost every track I looked at had into the 100's or even thousands and this was using apodizing filters. Like Ted says, what are we to do with this data? I briefly tried a non-apodizing filter and the counter moved at about the same rate as it did with an apodizing filter. The music sounded so good, but I should have played Track A with apodizing filter then repeat Track A with non-apodizing and see how many indications each produced. I take
  6. Quadman

    HQ Player

    Jussi, I am a bit confused with the apodizing limit counter in 4.11, btw I think 4.11 sounds excellent, better than 4.10.3. Last night was the first night with 4.11. I used only apodizing filters for my entire listening session, yet the limit counter was showing some very high numbers. Below are 2 screen shots. One, 1.43 minutes into a track and already I have 1143 limit breakers, another only 12 seconds into a track and already 284 limit breakers. I saw but did not capture a 6+ minute track with over 3500 limit breakers. All this using apodizing flters. So what does this mean if I am g
  7. Warmer would depend on your system to a great degree. They are just musical. The KTE (or my L2 moded similar to a KTE) is more transparent, images deeper and wider in the stage are more palpable more 3D and there. Just more information. My speakers are 8.5' into the room so they can throw a very large wide and deep sound stage. I listen almost 100% to DSD (512 or 256 w ec modulators) which really benefits from speakers placed like this. This very large sound field is just filled with the most incredible and detailed sound, so natural, dynamic and real. I have said numerous times I have
  8. Yes the L2 is amazing, after all it handily beat my t+a at dsd512. Couldn't have been happier. You should never regret the decision to get a L2.
  9. Everything, just more of it. The may is the best dac I have heard music is so incredible through it. L2 is amazing, blew me and my T+A dac 8dsd away. Then upgrading, everything the L2 does the kte does a bit better. L2 owners don't know or care until you hear the kte on same system. Is it worth $700 more? It's better so what's that worth.
  10. No the transformers are not silver. Per kte website KTE May Specs: 1. 100VA DUAL O-type(not Toroid) FLATWIRE (NOT roundwire) 6N Copper custom hand made audio transformers. (All models) They are copper. Only one kte of the spring had silver transformers. May has copper. If I had not bought used L2 (and had the skills to make it kte level) I would have bought kte, the sound is better than L2, and L2 is amazing.
  11. The only silver wire in the dac are those 4" long wires connecting the IEC to the PCB. That's it no more, Just 5 little pieces 2 jumpers and the 3- 4" long pieces.
  12. Ted, The PGGB website under dacs has this info... It appears they recommend 16 bit at 32fs. Holo Audio May DAC (16FS/20bits** or 32FS/16bits***)
  13. He's not using desktop HQP where as you are. The settings are the same on desktop and bit rate is higher up closer to output in HQP settings. For 1024 I would try 16-20 bits no more, auto may adjust down to that not sure.
  14. I was playing around with 32fs PCM the last couple of days and when I go from DSD512 up sampling to 32fs PCM up sampling the volume with PCM is LOWER than the volume with DSD. Is this the same for you? Wednesday evening while playing DSD512 I switched to 32fs PCM and had to raise HQP volume 6 clicks to get the same perceived volume as DSD512. May manual only says PCM at 48K output 2.9V RCA and DSD 64x output at 1.45V (-6db), no mention of higher rate PCM output
  15. I typed faster than my brain worked. Yes PCM 32fs, dither was LNS15 (not the ADSM7 512+ DSD modulator I said above). With 20 bit output I heard the HF hash/distortion. Then I remembered something Jussi said about bit output and lowering it for better playback (no distortion) so I lowered to 18 bit and HF hash went away. Here's a quote from Jussi on March 22 I believe; ".There shouldn't be notable difference between16- and20-bit at 1.5M, or even at 768k...." He was referring to the noise floor. I don't have a HF issue at DSD512 with 20 or even 21 bits, generally I kee
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