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  1. I'm not sure that Chord DACs are in the same category as a DSD DAC like the T+A's. If I remember correctly, the Chords upsample DSD and convert it to hi-res PCM. I believe it's apples/oranges. But, I'd love to hear a shootout with T+A vs a Chord DAVE.
  2. I may try it with Paypal, anyway. I use it, not my card, to pay for tracks bought from HDT, with no problem. It might work. And, to keep it relevant: with Kobuz or other services, who needs to put even more money in Amazon Jeff's pocket?
  3. I'll try that. I use a VPN when HDTracks or Acoustic sounds refuses to sell me materiel not 'licenced' for Canada. It took me at least 16 years to get Ah Via Musicom 24-192. If I was an artist, I'd be insenced that people are forbidden to buy my music because they live in the wrong country. Kobuz should get off it's ... and open their service to those who will pay for it.
  4. It's Canada who gets overlooked, too much. Would a VPN allow Canadians to get Kobuz?
  5. UELong

    HQ Player

    Thanks. I'm a headphone listener with Hugo2.. Speakers mainly for screenreader and low-fi stuff like movies and books. I just need to figure a way for HQ to stop silencing my JAWS program. By the way, how long is the trial period before I have to take the chance?
  6. UELong

    HQ Player

    I sent you an email, quite a few years ago. I've found that it is assumed that most blind guys use MP3 files. It must be obvious, since we don't have access to superior players. Like Hornsby said: That's just the way it is; some things will never change. I've just given up on people in general.
  7. UELong

    HQ Player

    W10. I found the problem in sound preferences, allowing exclusive use, which I unchecked. I can now read the main screen from HQ. The learning process is just beginning. Not sure how long the trial period is. But, thanks for responding. You're the first to do so on this massive site in general. I'm certainly hoping for better feedback about this program. The owner of JRiver loosely said that he couldn't care less if his program was accessible to all.
  8. UELong

    HQ Player

    Is there a thread I can read, for novice or beginner users? I have basic questions that I feel don't belong here. I'm a blind user, who needs to hear the speech program I use. When I tried installing HQ, and tried to run it, my speech program went silent. I'm using 32GB of RAM, so I should have enough to run the player. Is there somewhere where I can start with basic info? Thanks.
  9. Thanks, Stefano. Unfortunately, I can only use Windows. But thanks for responding anyway.
  10. Thanks. I'll give it a look.
  11. Just found this thread. I don't know if it's particular to this topic. But, I've been simply wondering if there's a strait forward way to separate a DSF file containing several songs with an accompanying cue sheet to separate DSF files without going to PCM in the process?
  12. I'd like to answer, but you yourself earlier requested we don't talk about such 'OT' stuff on this thread.
  13. With that LXR output in mind, I think it could be a great alternative to-let's say-a Chord product. Since Chord does whatever it can to make DSD into PCM, I could see myself owning my Hugo2, and purchasing this DSD-friendlier T+A over the DAVE. I'm headphone focused, with no prospects of a hi-end speaker system. I'd certainly like to audition one. Any Canadian dealers or support?
  14. When I get my new W10 comp, I certainly won't be using Roon, as it lacks even the basics of accessibility. I'm going to try switching to HQ, and see if it'll work with screen-readers. It seems the more one has to pay for audio software, the less likely it will be blind-usable.
  15. New T+A DAC/Ap and HPs. https://www.innerfidelity.com/content/ta-announces-new-planar-magnetostatic-solitaire-p-headphone-and-ha-200-amplifierdac
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