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    HQ Player

    W10. I found the problem in sound preferences, allowing exclusive use, which I unchecked. I can now read the main screen from HQ. The learning process is just beginning. Not sure how long the trial period is. But, thanks for responding. You're the first to do so on this massive site in general. I'm certainly hoping for better feedback about this program. The owner of JRiver loosely said that he couldn't care less if his program was accessible to all.
  2. UELong

    HQ Player

    Is there a thread I can read, for novice or beginner users? I have basic questions that I feel don't belong here. I'm a blind user, who needs to hear the speech program I use. When I tried installing HQ, and tried to run it, my speech program went silent. I'm using 32GB of RAM, so I should have enough to run the player. Is there somewhere where I can start with basic info? Thanks.
  3. Thanks, Stefano. Unfortunately, I can only use Windows. But thanks for responding anyway.
  4. Thanks. I'll give it a look.
  5. Just found this thread. I don't know if it's particular to this topic. But, I've been simply wondering if there's a strait forward way to separate a DSF file containing several songs with an accompanying cue sheet to separate DSF files without going to PCM in the process?
  6. I'd like to answer, but you yourself earlier requested we don't talk about such 'OT' stuff on this thread.
  7. With that LXR output in mind, I think it could be a great alternative to-let's say-a Chord product. Since Chord does whatever it can to make DSD into PCM, I could see myself owning my Hugo2, and purchasing this DSD-friendlier T+A over the DAVE. I'm headphone focused, with no prospects of a hi-end speaker system. I'd certainly like to audition one. Any Canadian dealers or support?
  8. When I get my new W10 comp, I certainly won't be using Roon, as it lacks even the basics of accessibility. I'm going to try switching to HQ, and see if it'll work with screen-readers. It seems the more one has to pay for audio software, the less likely it will be blind-usable.
  9. New T+A DAC/Ap and HPs. https://www.innerfidelity.com/content/ta-announces-new-planar-magnetostatic-solitaire-p-headphone-and-ha-200-amplifierdac
  10. Makes sence. But, I'm a little confused. Wasn't the whole schtick behind MQA's press, that it also does some peculiar 'compensation for different DAC's various faults and differences'? So, they'd supposedly need to do something in the DAC, itself. Not that I ever plan to use MQA, but I'm just curious as to why SW over HW.
  11. Great to finally find another leagally blind person on this site. Perhaps one day, I can pick your brain to find out about your use of various hi-end sources and/or streamers. Meanwhile, I'm O.T. So back to lurking.
  12. Oh! I get so tired of neh-sayers telling me what I can't hear, what I don't need, hi-res is BS, etc. I hear differences in resolutions! So, replace 'You' with 'I', and be done with it!
  13. Thanks guys. May you lose your sight.
  14. First post on this site. So, please forgive if a bit obtuce. After reading this thread, I'd like to try upsampling DSD64/128 up to 256 using FB2K. I use a program that permits me to move my mouse with keyboard commands, which also allows me to read what's on the screen with speech. So, my simple question is: How is it done?
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