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  1. Why should the electronics have all of the fun in this thread? Magico Q5:
  2. Sorry, meant Wavedream Net : http://www.rockna-audio.com/products/wavedream-net SSR's show up every couple of months on the used market.
  3. Will be picking up 4 of the inexpensive 8TB drives to make two separate copies of my library for offsite storage. Not quite as convenient as a separate NAS, but I'll pay half the price to spend a few more minutes creating the backups. I can't imagine the time it would take to do a full backup to/from cloud storage with that many TB. Who knows, maybe in two years we will have 20TB thumb drives.. Thanks all for the help & ideas!
  4. That's fantastic, looking forward to your direct comparisons once the SE is broken in!
  5. You may call me 505-918-7878



  6. CONUS is shorthand for continental USA, so shipping to you in NM is no problem. Please contact me via PM here if you'd like to discuss options, thanks.
  7. I don't know about that compatibility for that particular combo, but it sounds like any USB DAC would work in that situation? I have the manuals that came with the unit as shown in the photos and am the original owner.
  8. No problem. My first exchange was about using the Zenith as a Roon Endpoint with a Sonictransporter i7 so I could do DSD upsampling in Roon (the DAC in my Lyngdorf TDAI goes up to DSD128). Here was my response: " I hope you know that you can use the Zenith as Roon Core too... You don't really need the SonicTransporter for that matter. Whilst the Zenith does not have a powerful enough CPU to do DSD Upsampling, we did find we preferred the Zenith as a single unit upsampling to 24/384 PCM than the Zenith acting as Roon bridge only with a separate server (i5) doing DSD upsampling" I went with their advice and currently upsample to 352.8/384 PCM in Roon. I briefly tried upsampling to DSD64 in Roon with the Zenith and it seemed to handle it with no issues. Had I ended up using the Sonictransporter as a core, I probably would have slightly higher access speeds, but the slight delays in searching for music in my library (2-3 seconds usually) are no issue for me. It wasn't too many years ago when we actually had to get off our butts and walk across the room to change a CD.. Second question was about the background analysis speed setting while Roon was importing the library info from my NAS. Here was my response: " You can up the background analysis speed to 4 cores for the initial scan to speed things up (I wouldn't advise playing music during this time as it will have an effect on the audio performance). Once that is complete I would change it back to throttled as this is more than adequate for smaller imports." Next was a question about Spotify. Roon integrates automatically with Tidal, but I also have a Spotify account. Unfortunately you have to use the Zenith software to switch out of Roon mode and back into the Zenith playback software mode to use Spotify. It only takes a minute, but it is not a seamless process. Then next question was about DSD playback. One day Roon started to automatically downconvert all of my DSD files to 384PCM. The native DSD playback option had vanished from the menu too. I spent some time trying to figure it out, and even went as far as posting on the Roon support forum for help. I had a few suggestions there, but not even the Roon techs could figure out what was happening. I assumed it was an issue with the Zenith and contacted them for help.Nuno opened up a remote support session with me and quickly determined that I had set Roon to control my playback volume via the Roon app instead of the volume control of my Lyngdorf. Using volume control via Roon DSP disables the Roon native DSD processing and that is exactly what I had done. Interesting that Roon support could not figure out the DSP volume issue, even though I gave them a screenshot of that particular setting, but Innuos customer support figured it out right away. Fantastic customer service! My last question for them was about using optical isolation for the LAN input. I was told that they use an isolation transformer in the unit and didn't feel that additional isolation is necessary. Keep in mind that I am not the original owner of this unit. My first contact with Innuos was to let them know that I had purchased a Zenith MK II second hand and wanted to do whatever necessary to get it registered in my name. I have had several experiences with companies who do not want to help owners of second-hand gear, but I am incredibly impressed and grateful that Innuos is not one of them.
  9. Not a bad price. How long do you think uploading/downloading 15TB of data through them would take on a typical 25Mbps home connection?
  10. My goal is to have two offsite physical backups of my library. Expanding my NAS just adds more space to what exists, but if something were to happen to it (theft, fire, hardware failure, electrical surge, the toddler having a go at it, etc.), it's all gone. That's where having two other physical backups stored anywhere else comes in. I'm comfortable with backing up 12-14TB into a couple of portable hard drives to create a copy of my library. Maybe not the safest or most ideal way to store the data, but considering the odds of three sets of data failing at the same time (NAS + 2 offsite backups) are pretty slim, it's an affordable and easy choice compared to replicating my NAS at $1000+. Ends up costing less than a couple of years worth of cloud storage too.
  11. Agreed on all points of this with my own MK II. This is making the best music I have heard in my listening situation, after coming from an Aurender N-100 and Sonore Signature Rendu. The ease of set-up can't be overstated, this thing just works out of the box with minimal fuss. Mine has been running as a Roon Core unit and handles my 15TB NAS library with no issues. I have contacted Innuos with many questions regarding the unit and their customer service has been amazing. These guys really care about their products and customers. From my interpretations of the reviews, the comparison of the standard MK II and the MK II SE seems to revolve around the phrase "A bit more..", as in the SE has a bit more detail, a bit more background blackness, a bit more instrument separation, etc. I'm good spending half as much to get 95% of ideal, especially because my room has a higher ambient noise level that probably wouldn't let me discern that small difference between the two Zenith models.
  12. Just saw this, thanks! It's a no-brainer to split my library between two of these drives for half the price of the price of the 16TB Western Digital NAS, or even get four and have two separate offsite copies.
  13. No, I'm selling because I ended up not needing a multi-LPS option. I was originally going to use the three modules to power an Iso-Regen USB cleaner and two TP-Link boxes needed for optical LAN isolation. Turns out that my network renderer has a built-in LAN isolation transformer, so I'm able to use an existing LPS I have for the Iso-Regen. I'm sure Wyred 4 Sound could have made a unit that can handle multiple higher amperage modules, but it would probably come at a MUCH higher price point.
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