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  1. I'm saddened. I was thinking of "Spain."
  2. Hi Claude, Good points. And my listening experience bears them out. Btw, I saw your participation in the Beethoven thread last year but your profile said you hadn't been around in a while. Hope you're doing well.
  3. For anyone interested, I found the blu-ray 24/96 extraction of the Kleiber/VPO Brahms 4 to be marginally superior to the older Esoteric SACD, and likewise the Schubert 3/8 to the SHM-SACD (2012 EBS remaster). My DAC generally favors PCM to DSD64. Special thanks to ted_b for his help with blu-ray.
  4. and one more (blame it on the Shunyata Everest ;)
  5. Plus the 24/192 of "Since I Fell for You" feat. Al Jarreau from:
  6. Nenon, can you please post once more all the spec info you have for the Taiko DC-ATX? Thanks.
  7. Isn't that the story of our lives with this hobby!
  8. Right, I keep an eye out for anything they do. I'll admit to a little bias though, as I went to college with the principal percussionist Andrew Reamer (a phenomenally talented musician).
  9. If I recall, most if not all of mine are from NativeDSD (like some earlier posts here), and all classical. The product manager for that site told me they didn't always make them available because of server space requirements, and to let them know you wanted them. Here are some of mine: Honeck/Pittsburgh Beethoven 5 & 7 " Beethoven 3 " Bruckner 9 T. Fischer/Utah Mahler 8 I. Fischer/Budapest Mahler 7 " Mendelssohn MSND Petrenko/Liverpool Shostakovich 7 Honeck/Pitt Shostakovich 5/Barber Adagio " R. Strauss Elektra & Rosenkavalier Suite
  10. I was intrigued by the ADNACO USB subsystem bobfa is using. It could work in my setup, but without Ethernet I couldn't go headless, and was wondering about any adverse sonic effects from long distance USB.
  11. What type of enclosure are the remote USB ports in? EDIT: disregard, I looked at your link again and I see the USB enclosure is part of their package. Kind of looks like a little FMC with USB out instead of RJ45. So its a souped-up USB system. I hadn't heard about this until today.
  12. I know how you feel ;) So I assume the server sees just the PCIe devices as if they were a "chassis extension," but yet the remote PCIe card is connected to another processor? I wouldn't expect it would see the entire remote computer.
  13. You got my quote before I decided to be a little less philosophical and inquire about the Adnaco stuff.
  14. Hi Bob, I'd like to know more about the Adnaco tech. In the DIY Server thread we've kicked around ideas for remoting without Ethernet. This looks like one. Do the devices see the others just as peripherals?
  15. I was tempted to stay with the Scheherazade theme, but since I'd done that recently, I decided to go with some other Russian music:
  16. I just now saw this thread for the first time as I was listening to some trio jazz. These early Michel Camillo albums really have some great and beautiful (Sunset) playing.
  17. I was only thinking about it in terms playback commands from a remote device, that limited scenario I described above where music is local, USB to DAC.
  18. Shunyata Sigma NR v1 Power Cable C19 1.25m View Classified Shunyata Sigma NR v1 C19 1.25m power cable for power distributor. This cable is in great condition and comes with a nice hard case. Seller Darryl R Date 02/01/21 Price 1,500.00 USD Category Cables
  19. This listing is completed.

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    Shunyata Sigma NR v1 C19 1.25m power cable for power distributor. This cable is in great condition and comes with a nice hard case.

    1,500.00 USD

  20. Ah yes, I used them years ago. The Bavouzet Debussy cycle comes to mind.
  21. For those who have a digital classical library at home, where do you like to go for downloads? It's interesting how things have come and gone, most recently Acoustic Sounds. Very early on I liked HDTracks, but not at all since the site was redesigned (and European sites closed). When not ripping, here's the ones I use (in descending frequency): - Presto Classical - Qobuz - NativeDSD - HighResAudio - eClassical - Hyperion - eOnkyo* - Mora** - Rechoku** * with help from a friend who still had an unexpired US credit card on file
  22. Thanks, I stand corrected. I frequently check it, and made an incorrect assumption based on a friend in Europe asking me to buy from the US site for him. It wasn't long ago I was impressed with how they seemed to be getting classical downloads they hadn't before. Deleting my shortcut.
  23. On Fire by Michel Camilo (from the "Essence" album) - YouTube
  24. Still up in the US, and I think one of the better options now for buying classical.
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