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  1. Thanks for this Rob! As we'd discussed I'm on track to have very a similar setup (though I am interested in Nenon's ULPS too). Just to clarify, the only difference in DC cabling is the EPS run in Ghent, and the rest are all Hynes silver in both A and B? So many variables to evaluate. I'm also interested in the types of music involved. In my experience orchestral, chamber ensemble, solo acoustic instrument, electric instrument, and vocal detail can all vary.
  2. (SHM-SACD, DSD downloads @e-onkyo and mora)
  3. Hi Roch, Tacet has just released this and 53 other albums, so they should show up in a week or so.
  4. For those with Z590 boards, what are the best options for NVMe SSDs? Last I checked, pricing for large Optane SSDs was exhorbitant. I'm focusing on the M.2 slots, as I don't need more than 2TB for data, but do we still want to separate the OS drive? Thanks for getting me up to date on this.
  5. Tacet has released some 54 hi-res studio masters of past recordings to their on-line retailers, and they should be showing up in the next few weeks. This and other recordings of the fabulous Auryn Quartet are among them (24/96):
  6. Makes me think about even the next generation of data interfacing. Only five years ago we were screwing SATA drives into the chassis and buying expensive SATA cables. Then came M.2/NVMe ...
  7. Thanks for this info. Not having had a Maximus, one of the angle shots on the website sure looks like the heatsink is a good bit higher than on the Strix. Regarding the M2_1 and M2_2 slots on the Strix, I'd been waiting for this and was looking at it yesterday. For those of us without gigantic libraries, we should be able to dispense with the Hyper M.2 card. Another thought. For those few of us who don't stream online, and have local music, and only need Ethernet for playback commands, I'm wondering if it would be helpful to move the fiber LAN card to a chipset slot,
  8. For anyone using the ROG Maximus, will the HDPlex heatpipes clear that VRM heatsink?
  9. Anyone in Japan who could help me with an out-of-print track? I found it available used but shipping is a problem now. Track 10 is the Japan-only bonus track. Thanks. オブ・ザ・セイム・マインド [SHM-CD][CD] - デイヴ・ウェックル・アコースティック・バンド - UNIVERSAL MUSIC JAPAN (universal-music.co.jp)
  10. In the track after my home state "Texas" fusion jazz-rock meets country-western, with some latin moments south of the border (well, when we had a border) ...
  11. Another sampling from my Gil Shaham binge (I don't think I cared about the Bartók until now): PS - I was blown away by the cadenza in the new Beethoven. His chords sounded like more than is possible for one person, and the sound quality was so fine.
  12. Shaham's Strad is gorgeous in this recording. I think this reviewer sums it up well: Bach: Sonatas and Partitas - Gil Shaham | Songs, Reviews, Credits | AllMusic
  13. So well played and recorded, also enjoying some of the earlier quartets ...
  14. When running Linux headless without a web UI, can anyone recommend a good way for VNC viewer to work without a monitor attached? As a Linux lightweight, I'm reluctant to try the software hacks. On the other hand, the HDMI emulator/dummy plugs seem to be a waste of processing when you only need to connect once per week for updates. As usual it may be all about compromise. Thanks all.
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