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  1. Jussi believes dCS has only partially implemented their Windows driver, as evidenced by the rate enumeration in the sound control panel (Advanced tab). Oh well, the joys of being in the middle
  2. Hello all, I started a separate thread because this is very specific and most may not be interested. I'm unable to play DXD (352.8) flacs with the dCS WASAPI driver (Windows 10) in HQPlayer. Everything 192 and below plays fine. Jussi has not tried the dCS driver and Martin of dCS only has experience with JRMC (which works fine on my machine too). Has anyone played DXD files thru the dCS WASAPI driver in HQP? Thanks, Darryl
  3. This statement makes absolutely no sense.
  4. I don't remember exactly what I did, but what I concluded was relevant was to restart the system and try again the next day. Jussi has since told me he has had other problems with his third-party Windows licensing module, at the root of the problems with the Windows 10 "creator's update", and that he had plans to replace it with his own. Hard to imagine the same thing is happening with JRMC.
  5. Question for those using Server 2016 Core: I was able to drag tracks between Total Commander and HQP in 2012 Core but not 2016 Core. Any WS experts with thoughts on this? Thanks.
  6. Darryl R

    HQ Player

    I had the same problem and everything seems to be fine with 3.16.3 (tracks segue), but I don't use Roon, and I'm now using WASAPI with Phil's new WASAPI injector. Unfortunately for us WS editions are not supported by HQP, at least not officially.
  7. Darryl R

    HQ Player

    I'm trying 3.16.3 on WS 2016, and I'll post my findings later this evening.
  8. Up and running, and sounds great! Indeed I had to reinstall the driver. I didn't know about the driver helper until just now after I had to add another reg key for the uninstall program (ignorance our worst enemy as you've already covered all the bases). Berkeley uses Thesycon. Maybe Gordon Rankin could update his driver at some point. Quick question: when AO installs Kernel Streaming support, and we subsequently remove it, are modules previously installed removed from the HD?
  9. So just use SACD_EXTRACT again to extract DFF or DSF files for the tracks: sacd_extract -s -c -P -i"isoname.iso" sacd_extract -? (explains options) Then I convert my DFFs to PCM with my favorite PCM tool. I believe you'll want to use DSF. We just got in the habit of using DFF when there was a DSF bug in the extract, now fixed.
  10. It's a modern marvel isn't it?! Ted Brady has been so very helpful to me, and I'm fortunate to parrot back things others have passed to me.
  11. Great! Can't wait to put it on. I'm looking forward to hearing WASAPI. Perhaps not the ideal thread for this comment, but the only moderate challenge for me with 2016 was manually adding registry keys to install my DAC driver in Windows 7 compatibility mode (Berk requires that). So tedious I ended up putting the command in cmd file for reuse.
  12. I found a very cheap license on eBay. Don't be afraid to try the digital-only, emailed license keys if they allow refunds.
  13. I've been looking forward to this update ever since seeing Phil's very cool video (where he serenades us into his new release with a Hollywood quality video trailer :)). Does any know the commands for invoking the Audio and Device Manager consoles in 2016 Core? I didn't see any doc updates and the video is too small to make out.
  14. Scar972, Sorry I wasn't available sooner, but we are likely in very different time zones. Yes, use the AutoScript folder from the BDP160 zip, which you can get via a link from Ted's post on about page 3 of this thread. There are other links to that code, maybe the original, but I wasn't sure who controls that target (someone in the Ukraine maybe, if you're comfortable with unkown "Russian" sources these days ;). Your issue was documented in this thread, albeit too long for comfortable browsing now. Also, sacd.cmd is optional, as you may run sacd_extract directly from the comman
  15. My 80FD was $229 new from Amazon. The Oppo 103s are now going for about $400+ used, and $1000+ new. Some say SACD is dead. I say it's very much alive in the classical catalog, particularly Japanese releases, which have been single layered for the last several years. This is a subject for another thread, but one does have to balance the expenditure here with the life of the format. I can live with some minor anomolies in reading hybrids (hybrid releases fewer and farther between for me as a classical collector) with the prospect of spending hundreds on a player I wouldn't otherw
  16. Thanks for those bits of info on your experiences. I was very ill last year and missed all the initial fun. By now, unfortunately, the better built Oppos have inflated. Must be fun for those owners experiencing the unheard-of phenomenon of financially appreciating home electronics!
  17. I promised to report my findings yesterday, but Amazon didn't deliver the BDP-80FD until today. As so many others have found, SACD ripping with this new configuration is one of the easiest things I've ever done on a computer: 1. Turn off Autoplay 2. Connect to LAN (WPS not necessary) 3. Copy Autoplay folder from BDP160 zip to root of USB stick and insert in front of 80FD (FAT32 not necessary, and you can leave other files on the USB) 4. Insert SACD 5. Get IP from File Explorer and run SACD_EXTRACT on PC (static IP not necessary) I also didn't f
  18. also, here is a link to the latest version of sacd_extract for Windows, just in case https://github.com/sacd-ripper/sacd-ripper/releases
  19. Hello Hellenback. You and I are in the same boat for now, as I won't have mine until tomorrow. However, I spent a good bit of time going thru these posts yesterday, and here are the important things I discovered: 1. Yes, many declare you need the BDP160 variant of the Autoscript folder for the USB drive. At a minimum there were some buffering tweaks added to the code for this device. I pasted that link from posts in this thread, but I cannot vouch for the content. I recommend using this link from Ted's long post on the third page of this thread https://www.dropbox.com/sh/gnpm
  20. Gents, This thread is miles long. Could someone please repost the link to SACD-extract-BDP160.zip? My search comes up empty. I just ordered a BDP-80FD. Many thanks. PS - I believe I found it going thru post by post https://www.dropbox.com/s/1yl8cffq273ebah/SACD-extract-BDP160.zip?dl=0
  21. For the record, I finally got the license key to validate. I played around with some things, but in the end it may have been a glitch in the license validation service. Either way, it's nice to have this in a server core -- much improved bass, quieter background.
  22. All, Forget about HQPlayer in WS 2016 Core. The author refuses to support any WS edition.
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