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  1. After reconfiguring some network things I decided to give Euphony a try and love it.  They've really done a nice job.  What I like best are the lower level options that allow preloading OS and play queue, and the fact that I no longer need tags with file view.  And the UI is actually quite good now.  I'm just about done with my testing and am more than ready to can Roon.

  2. Soul Analogue ULPS (for Taiko DC-ATX) - 120vac

    US customers only (thanks for understanding).


    This beautifully made Soul Analogue unregulated linear power supply (ULPS) is specifically for the Taiko DC-ATX.


    - 120vac

    - output is 36-30vdc depending on load (10a)

    - silver front plate

    - included 1m dc cable for 6p connector on Taiko DC-ATX


    I'm only selling this because I have a 2-rail model on the way.  It's actually a new unit.


  3. 10 minutes ago, derBen said:

    Hello all,


    I am willing to make my CAD data available to the forum community.
    However, I assume that most people will not be able to do much with the data.


    My cases are built exactly around the existing computer components.


    Using a different mainboard would require changes to the CAD data.
    Using other USB or NET cards instead of the JCAT would also require changes to the CAD data.
    In addition, the PSU chamber is also designed exactly to the size of my local PSU.


    Furthermore, some processing steps that I did myself after laser cutting are not included in the current CAD data (but I could provide this).
    These are mainly grinding work and the milling of chamfers on the edges. I did that myself.

    After anodising, some more processing steps were necessary:
    First of all, some threads had to be cut, which should be electrically conductive (anodised aluminium is insulating).
    But also blind holes, which should be drilled only 3.5 mm deep and should not go through the whole sheet.


    The construction is not trivial and not self-explanatory.


    If there is still interest in the data, I would be happy to provide it.

    Kind regards




    Hi Ben,


    If you did the edge breaks, that's a lot of additional work.  Do you have a background in machining?

  4. 6 hours ago, Dev said:

    Is anyone using this with M.2 to PCIe adapter ? The Z490 motherboards doesn't have a direct to CPU M.2 slot. Hence, currently I use an adapter for my Optane OS drive. I haven't tried different ones and compared to see if there are any SQ differences. Wondering if anyone has experience with a good one and find a difference with this NVME audiophile SSD from @darkforce  ?


    Looks like @Exocer is 


  5. 1 hour ago, AudioDoctor said:

    Don't forget, Samsung has released their 980 Pro PCI gen 4 NVMe drives as well.


    Thanks Doc ;)


    Those are fast, reliable drives (see my link above), but the community has pretty well panned them for adverse impact on SQ.

  6. 12 hours ago, kelvinwsy said:

    I use the Gigabyte Z590 Aorus Ultra / intel 11900k which has the M.2 1st slot directly linked to the CPU . I am about to try my Intel Optane M.2 here but I still find a LPSU powered SSD still edges out M.2 drives for SQ.

    As for PCie 4 gen Looking at the WD SN 850 black 500gb for my OSdrive or for music storage


    Thanks for the response.  The WD seems to have good feeback from gamers, except there are the LEDs.  Unfortunately the Sabrent Rocket performance didn't seem to stand up, and there are some concerning allegations about responses from customer service on Amazon.  There is always the option of falling back to Intel 660P/670P for the time being, and still benefitting from the PCIe lanes to CPU.

  7. 17 hours ago, AngeloVRA said:

    When it finally becomes available, it might be a good step up for me to change to the HDPlex H5 case so I can plug in the cards directly to the motherboard.



    Like others, thanks for the meticulous documentary of your build (I always admire anyone who can keep the thermal goo neat on the side of a Streacom ;).  Keep in mind Anwar's thread that Streacom is finally going to make an FC10 rear plate for the desired brackets by year's end.

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