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  1. Hi Ben, If you did the edge breaks, that's a lot of additional work. Do you have a background in machining?
  2. Very interested to hear it too! I've been following his releases ever since he recorded the Rachmaninov concerti here in Dallas.
  3. (DSD) Tower EMI 4 SACD: - Brahms 2, Bartók 2 (Maazel/Paris) - Grieg, Schumann (Matačić/Monte Carlo) - Dvořák (Kleiber/Bavaria), Prokofiev 5 (Maazel/London) - Beethoven 3, Mozart 22 (Muti/Philharmonia)
  4. Thanks to @mikicasellas for confirming he is using an Optane M10 64GB boot drive in M2_2 (CPU controlled) on the ROG Maximus XIII Hero.
  5. Does anyone have experience with an M.2 Optane boot drive on Z590?
  6. Second that. There are many friendly, helpful people in this community, but Rob is a standout :)
  7. Thanks Doc ;) Those are fast, reliable drives (see my link above), but the community has pretty well panned them for adverse impact on SQ.
  8. I wasn't sure what you guys meant until I found the thread: NVMe SSD designed for audiophiles - Disk Storage / Music Library Storage - Audiophile Style
  9. Thanks for the response. The WD seems to have good feeback from gamers, except there are the LEDs. Unfortunately the Sabrent Rocket performance didn't seem to stand up, and there are some concerning allegations about responses from customer service on Amazon. There is always the option of falling back to Intel 660P/670P for the time being, and still benefitting from the PCIe lanes to CPU.
  10. Has anyone built with Intel Z590 and an NVMe 4 SSD? On the ASUS board I like, Optane needs a PCH slot, but 2 of the 4 NVMe slots use the 11th gen CPU. I'm planning another build and was thinking of the storage. 8 Best PCIe 4.0 NVMe SSDs - Buying Guide (2021) - ThunderboltLaptop
  11. Anyone get this and able to comment on SQ? CDJapan : Beethoven: The "Middle Period" String Quartets (No. 7-9 "Razumovsky No. 1-3", No. 10 "Harp", No. 11 "Serioso") <Tower Records exclusive> Alban Berg Quartett SACD
  12. Like others, thanks for the meticulous documentary of your build (I always admire anyone who can keep the thermal goo neat on the side of a Streacom ;). Keep in mind Anwar's thread that Streacom is finally going to make an FC10 rear plate for the desired brackets by year's end.
  13. Wow, that's going to be a big project for them. For the last ten years I worked at a company that made aircraft parts with CNC machines, and we had a staff of people to program them, and another staff to plan the parts for programming (coding dimensions and tolerances off of the drawings).
  14. Hi Dave, For fanless ATX cases it seems most would go with the HDPlex H5 or the Streacom FC10 (I currently use the H5). Power supplies are the can of worms, and I can only suggest you read as much as you can. TimF is a new member who seems to learn quickly, and you can see where his similar questions have already taken him in Here's an interesting company that would combine both within your price range: CORE AUDIO PRODUCTS. The ultimate power solution is going to be the Taiko setup discussed in this forum, but that's probably going to take you a good bit over your
  15. Looking forward to seeing how that Core Audio stacks up. Will you be posting your results in the "Best Audiophile USB Card" thread?
  16. Very interesting. I didn't even now about the FC12 (don't see it on the US distributor's site).
  17. Same here, plus I also like the silver finish. But Larry has been very responsive to individual requests, and really cared about customer input. As I understand it, at a minimum, he modified the H5 rear plate removing the curved edges at the top and bottom (so no more screw alignment there and potential interference with pre-attached I/O plates), and the low-profile PCIe bracket slots at the bottom, all to ease assembly. He was also wondering about attachment of the PCIe brackets at the top, where customers had complained about stripping threads. I'm not sure what, if anything,
  18. I saw him here in Dallas years ago and he did a Chopin encore. Can't believe it took me so long to follow up on that. I just got two of his recent Brahms downloads, and they're great too. Tremendous artist.
  19. Streacom is a good option if you need to go now. But I think the HDPlex is more flexible if you can wait (mid Sep in the US), esp. since you have the HDPlex power stuff. I've always used Intel with the integrated graphics. I'm using the ASUS ROG Strix Z490-E now, but am eyeing the Z590-E, though it would need the pricier 11th gen processor for best results.
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