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  1. I typically post things here I really like, or even love, and think others will enjoy too (if they haven't already). With regard to Lazar Berman, I find a few things he did like nobody else. One such track here is the Liszt Rhapsodie Espagnole: PS - another is his Hungarian Rhapsodie No. 3, but I can't find a digital copy of it.
  2. In case you're wondering where the song is, it's "Tiempo de Festival" at 6:40 ;)
  3. I still get occasional PMs from site members wondering about their PHD orders. But as I told the last gentleman (and they're all gentlemen!), life is too short to spend any more time on this and he agreed. But let me also say here what I said to him: If you're looking for a great LPS from a fine businessman with integrity, contact Sean Jacobs. Many here already know this. [email protected]
  4. Actually, on DG No. 3 is 1967 and No. 2 is 1974.
  5. (24/192) Though the strings are still a bit steely, this is by far the best this has ever sounded, and I've always liked it.
  6. Hi EuroChamp, The DG is the 1967 München recording we were noting here a week or so ago, also just out in 24/192. I agree with you that the 1965 EMI (London) 24/192 has a very big sound. Now just listening to the two back to back, I prefer the sound on the new EMI. It's not just louder, but there seems to be more depth and fullness to the instrument. No need to get the new DG unless you want the other Scherzo and Polonaises. Either one is great though, and I'm keeping both ;) EDIT: as if that weren't enough, I should take time to compare this one too (it has No. 2
  7. LOL, I had the 24/96, which I believe was from old HDTracks, but I no longer see that one anywhere. Very clear, but a little on the hard side. Didn't have a chance to compare it with the DG 24/192 version yet though. Looks like Warner didn't want to be outdone.
  8. I liked this much better than his 5th.
  9. Liszt Elegies (24/44): Paganini Rhapsody (24/96) - I hadn't heard this hi-res yet, and the sound is great:
  10. Haven't heard this one, but love the piece. Dare I say, every time I hear this I think of the scene in "Amadeus" where Hulce is hiding under the table, and after some scatalogical vulgarities and an affectionate "U-EVOL-I-TUB" to Constanze, his music begins to play without him!
  11. Chandos hi-res for MP3 prices at Presto thru 5/31 (or 31/5 for you Europeans ;) This cycle is terrific in every way (as is his Debussy cycle). I have Vols 1-3:
  12. Very much in keeping with the subject of this thread, let's also remember this is the same individual who has taken thousands of dollars from customers of his "custom business," and has yet to honor some of those orders for up to 4 years! None of this should come as a surprise (I speak as one with an outstanding PHD order).
  13. For years Japanese have been the go-to sites for the latest and greatest. They never seem to stop tinkering and reissuing. It always intrigued me they were so much more interested in great recordings from the West. Glad you were able to get in. I had to translate the pages first to understand them, then switch them back for them to work. The downloads are cheaper, and using a credit card without foreign trans fees helps a little more. Btw, a few years ago I spoke with the tonmeister at Emil Berliner Studio who does these DG remasters, and he told me he goes from tap
  14. Bingo (as we say here in the southern states). Others have come to me in private, and wish to remain so, but the list goes on with stories of shipments said to be "on the way" but then communication stopped. Too many people let this guy do this for too long.
  15. I only recently found this out. I know a very kind person with a working e-onkyo account who helps from time to time. Much easier to have a friend already set up. I know Emil Berliner produces 24/192 downloads for these legacy DG releases too, but PCM isn't in as much demand in Japan. Nowadays, they often show up later in the West.
  16. Hi Piano1, Download from mora.jp. I periodically check for new releases on a site like CDJapan and note the release date. Then around the release date I check e-onkyo or mora for a download. Another way is to get the Universal Japan catalog number from CDJapan and Google it to see the download retailers: ラヴェル: 夜のガスパール、ソナチネ、高雅で感傷的なワルツ [初回生産限定盤] [SHM仕様][SA-CD] - マルタ・アルゲリッチ - UNIVERSAL MUSIC JAPAN (universal-music.co.jp) Now the whole Japanese download thing is problematic from the West. You'll need to VPN into it for access, then comes the payment problem.
  17. (new DSD64) Had my eye on this remaster for months and just now downloaded from Mora. Purely coincidental I now see you guys listening to her! I too like the other 24/192s of her DG stuff, but this hi-res is only available in DSD to my knowledge.
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