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  1. Too bad there's no hi-rez of the piano concerti (except I will try the sample of No. 1 from HDTT later).
  2. For recent versions, I think she gives Fröst a run for the money. Both are beautifully played and recorded, but I prefered the pacing of her Rondo. But for the quintet, I like this one:
  3. While I'm at it I'll post this too because I wasn't familiar with the piano quartets and enjoyed them as much as the quintets.
  4. (24/96) Some Amazon reviewers have called the Dvořák Piano Concerto a dud. I don't think so. This fine recording is the strongest evidence I've heard to the contrary (along with the Richter/Kleiber of course ;).
  5. Thanks. These are in my queue. Looking forward to them. I already had the No. 1 release to which you refer and liked it.
  6. I've long been a fan of Yefim Bronfman and his concerti here and in the Arte Nova releases (which some say sound the same despite Sony's ambiguous 24-bit stamp typical of this series). Recently, I've taken to Tetzlaff's violin concerto as well. I haven't listened to the symphonies and overtures in this set.
  7. I didn't study things enough to know exactly why you have the hard drive, but you could get rid of that, esp. with the 1TB NVMe SSD.
  8. Here's one I had my eye on, but now have on hold: アルバン・ベルク四重奏団/ベートーヴェン: 中期弦楽四重奏曲集(第7-9番「ラズモフスキー第1-3番」、第10番「ハープ」、第11番「セリオーソ」)<タワーレコード限定> (tower.jp) I thought some of these Tower exclusives made their way into normal label releases later. Maybe that's the "complicated" part. If anyone knows the inner workings of the Euro-Japanese label relationships, please let us know. I speak mostly with reference to Universal Classics. To be fair, this Warner was terrific, the DSD here better than a later PCM download (#1 only): ジョン・バルビローリ/エルガー: 交響曲第1番、第2番、序曲
  9. Yesterday I praised a new release of Richter's classic Liszt concerti with Kirill Kondrashin and the LSO (1961) from HDTT (https://www.highdeftapetransfers.com/products/liszt-piano-concerto-no-1-and-2-sviatoslav-richer-piano-kiril-kondrashin-lso?_pos=325&_sid=5169a9f9c&_ss=r), contrasting it with the recent DSD release from Tower Japan. I'm starting another thread here so as not to detract from that excellent HDTT offering with my negative thoughts. This was by no means the first dud I'd received recently from the "Tower Records Definition Series." Among others, I thought the new Bö
  10. (24/352) High Def Tape Transfers did a very nice job with this release from their new Redux Series. Richter's Liszt magic shines brighter here than in any of the many prior releases from Philips. And it's in a different league than the more expensive Tower Japan SACD just released last November.
  11. Thumbs up for all things Sylvia McNair!
  12. I typically post things here I really like, or even love, and think others will enjoy too (if they haven't already). With regard to Lazar Berman, I find a few things he did like nobody else. One such track here is the Liszt Rhapsodie Espagnole: PS - another is his Hungarian Rhapsodie No. 3, but I can't find a digital copy of it.
  13. In case you're wondering where the song is, it's "Tiempo de Festival" at 6:40 ;)
  14. I still get occasional PMs from site members wondering about their PHD orders. But as I told the last gentleman (and they're all gentlemen!), life is too short to spend any more time on this and he agreed. But let me also say here what I said to him: If you're looking for a great LPS from a fine businessman with integrity, contact Sean Jacobs. Many here already know this. [email protected]
  15. Actually, on DG No. 3 is 1967 and No. 2 is 1974.
  16. (24/192) Though the strings are still a bit steely, this is by far the best this has ever sounded, and I've always liked it.
  17. Hi EuroChamp, The DG is the 1967 München recording we were noting here a week or so ago, also just out in 24/192. I agree with you that the 1965 EMI (London) 24/192 has a very big sound. Now just listening to the two back to back, I prefer the sound on the new EMI. It's not just louder, but there seems to be more depth and fullness to the instrument. No need to get the new DG unless you want the other Scherzo and Polonaises. Either one is great though, and I'm keeping both ;) EDIT: as if that weren't enough, I should take time to compare this one too (it has No. 2
  18. LOL, I had the 24/96, which I believe was from old HDTracks, but I no longer see that one anywhere. Very clear, but a little on the hard side. Didn't have a chance to compare it with the DG 24/192 version yet though. Looks like Warner didn't want to be outdone.
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