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  1. Hi, thanks, and sure. My gear is listed in the system tab of my profile. To stay on topic here, the room acoustic treatments are the thing I'd neglected, and ATS makes them affordable for everyone. The bass traps made a big difference.
  2. Interestingly enough after further listening, just the bass traps have improved the focus of all registers, and I didn't get the full-range traps. No doubt it has much to do with the rear-firing ports on the Alexia. The Alexia II just gets better with age.
  3. I have the same speakers as Chris, and thanks to some kind advise from him I decided to get bass traps and panels for the 1st and 2nd reflection points from ATS (and very affordably). With just the bass traps installed today my bottom end is much more focused.
  4. Thanks. Forgot to put the on my post, and didn't convey the fun of it. I was excited Paul Hynes Designs is going to offer a 4-rail SR7.
  5. Anyone have a chance to compare some of these, particularly the Pink Faun Bridge?
  6. Getting to that point, but there's a slight uptick:
  7. A few thousand One of MSB's objectives for the ProUSB input module was to take the server variable out of the equation, but a number of MSB customers are now advocating for the SGM.
  8. Just now saw Mr. Romaz's holiday update. Like everyone else here I really enjoy reading content like this, and this one was so well done, full of useful info. This is the most compelling write-up I've seen for the SGM Extreme (and I've been so on-the-fence about getting it, rationalizing it will be better to wait for Emile's B lineup he says he'll have out in a few months, or to settle for a pair of PHD SR7s with my own ASRock/i7/Streacom server). For me this year, it's either the SGM or the mono powerbases for my MSB Select 2 DAC -- I can't do both. I wish Emile had a demo unit. EDIT: I scanned the quoted post another time, and somehow keep missing the amps he liked with his Alexias.
  9. Has anyone posted their experience with a PHD unit? I'm leaning towards trying a pair of them.
  10. Since I was notified of this response and have some experience dCS, I'll throw in my two cents before Rajiv comments. It comes as no surprise to me a reviewer would allege Roon sounds better. dCS is not a software development company, and based on my experience with the Vivaldi and Network Bridge (which I owned before trading up to the MSB Select II), their interface engineering leaves something to be desired (track pops with rate changes and DSD track transitions, track start skipping, and basic performance problems with their streaming software). That said, their DACs sound fine, and they may have improved their software in the interim. There are many variables to consider. Btw, you say you want just a DAC, but I wouldn't build a system around an optical disk player. For digitial systems, you're going to need interfacing hardware (e.g. bridge, renderer, EtherREGEN, Alpha USB) and software (player), especially if you want to play hi-res PCM. In the price range you specify, I think the Berkeley DAC is a good buy.
  11. Please communicate via Audiogon: https://www.audiogon.com/listings/lis9j3h4-jcat-net-cart-femto-music-servers-docks?utm_campaign=website&utm_medium=email&utm_source=sendgrid
  12. Two years old, perfect condition, original packaging, $350. Ships from Frisco, TX to US addresses only. Please send offers via PM. http://www.jplay.eu/ml_post_slider/jcat-net-card-femto/
  13. Thanks Ricky, I'll check it out later. But I've really got my eye on these guys. They invested in highly-sensitive audio and RF detection gear, and spent at least a year of R&D on this (not to mention the TDY to Mike Lavigne's room in Washington). With that kind of risk taking and persistence, they deserve a rich reward.
  14. I love that fact that Emile and company have used their God-given freedoms to create something remarkable, and at the moment seemingly inscrutable. Even if I come to the conclusion I can't afford it, I'm delighted it's there for some to enjoy. That said, this doesn't provide greater clarity for me, not that I insist on having it right now. I still come back to MSB's statements about the isolation of the ProUSB module. Jonathan tells me he uses a Roon NUC at home and a Mac at work, and that's all he needs. John Swenson also minimizes the role of server tweaks in certain scenarios with his groundbreaking EtherREGEN. But there's something more, and we come back to the the basic question of "what is going on?" For now, I suppose we can refer to the seminal thread and read about manipulation of "RF soup" and "DRAM refresh", all a certain amount of which is going to be the undisclosed intellectual property of Taiko Audio: https://www.whatsbestforum.com/threads/taiko-audio-sgm-extreme-the-crème-de-la-crème.27433/ EDIT: Emile told me he plans to produce a "2/3" version in a few months. That will be interesting to see. I'm reminded of all the Wilson Audio videos I've recently watched about so many of their products which benefited from pricier offerings.
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