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  1. He was so great ... (Japanese remaster, unfortunately only 16/44)
  2. Starting wtih Coconuts: Doubleheader, next with this SAC rip:
  3. Didn't have time to get to this one last night, so not exactly an album of the evening, but I really like it too. I've come to prefer artistry over flash in Liszt, but everything seems to be in place here.
  4. Thanks. Back in 2017 there were the Oppo's and more expensive Pioneers, and then the budget Pioneer BDP-170/80FD, according to Ted's original post. A quick search reveals you found out about the Denons about a year ago. Good for you. I was curious about new findings as much as cost. I suppose I'll scan the thread for a list of units when I have time later.
  5. After about 4 years my Pioneer BDP-80FD just died. Any other budget machines available these days?
  6. Not really ;) You still have the slots at the bottom (and the thin metal that's sometimes a little warped, and the curved bottom edge that barely clears pre-attached I/O plates, which is why Larry said he's going to change it).
  7. This is very nice work. Larry said he was going to make a backplate without top and bottom edges this summer, but I thought he needed to lose those slots where the bracket bottoms snap in as well. I'm so tired of taking that backplate off to mess with expansion cards. I always wondered why he didn't do it this way to begin with. If you redid the bottom plate, this might give the Taiko DIY chassis (which we haven't seen yet) a run for the money.
  8. It was a wav thing; I could do it with flac. And as I recall, I only exceeded 2GB with the tracks from the Honeck Strauss Elektra album in DXD.
  9. It's been a "managed" off-on in my area for the last 3 days. Many, esp. in the Houston area, have it much worse. The power infrastructure management in Texas does not plan for severe winter events like this week. So this is interesting. Once I'm confident power is stable again, I'd like to compare the 24-bit and 32-bit on the MSB and report back my impressions. It does then bring up that earlier question of why I wasn't able to work with wav files larger than 2GB, but that shouldn't be an issue with Beethoven.
  10. Disregard the above post. The format of this new version is a proprietary extension anyway.
  11. Thanks Tom. I think the booklet correction will be very helpful, as that question comes up from time to time with RR. On the wav files, I seem to recall one of the reasons I went with all flacs on my server is because of those large tracks on the Honeck Strauss Elektra album. Even though in reading now I see wav can be up to 4GB, something kept me from saving large wav files (>2GB) on Linux or Windows (I can't test it now because we're having these wonderfully "green" blackouts in Texas).
  12. I received an email response today from my undergrad classmate and friend, principal percussionist Andy Reamer: Hi Darryl, ... I loved playing Beethoven 9 with Honeck. I think he gets the passion and emotion. I had the BD [bass drum] played on a 28” drum I made because that would have been similar in size to what the Turks carried and what Beethoven heard. Tighter head too. Cymbals 15” approx old K zildjians pretty thick - also quite “ Turkish “
  13. And who could've said it better? I think it finally sunk in for me this time Tom. ;) Regarding the Opus 125, the challenge, at least in my several versions, is to have a clean delineation of the chorus with all of the simultaneous orchestral excitement. My current favorites, Szell, '77 Karajan and Wand, all now in excellent DSD64, still suffer from this to some extent. The I'd heard most recently that had what I was looking in the choral part was the new Kirill Petrenko/Berliner 24/96. I'll certainly be getting the Honeck though.
  14. Have you had the opportunity to compare the retail DSD256 and DXD of any recent RR? Switching back and forth between recordings has never been my thing. I have both and both sound marvelous, though the MSB Select 2 DAC favors PCM at lower rates.
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