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  1. Do anyone have the latest RBCD release of Andre Previn's RvW Symphonies? If so, can you please PM me? https://www.amazon.com/André-Previn-conducts-Vaughan-Williams/dp/B019STIIHA/ref=sr_1_1?crid=2Z2V9HFJGEJXF&dchild=1&keywords=previn+vaughan+williams&qid=1589642891&sprefix=previn%2Caps%2C162&sr=8-1#customerReviews
  2. It is a shame. A few of us had been discussing it here:
  3. As you know, and IMO, #5 is probably the most popular and accessible, followed by #10. In this catalog I like #7 because of the history. Admittedly some are hard to hear, and I don't even have any after #11. For mellower symphonies in this catalog, Kees Bakels did a good job with the Vaughan-Williams (maybe #7 Antartica not so mellow at Ye Ice Falls!). Marin Alsop also did a nice job with some of the Dvorak. I bought the 24/96 download with #6 just for the beautiful Nocturne.
  4. If the seller doesn't mind, I'm a fan of this unit and can tell you it has two rails each selectable between 5, 7, 9, and 12v. It is very well made and supported by Uptone. Mine powered an 8700T based server and another smaller device for years. When I upgraded my server I still just couldn't part ways with it. I suspect this will sell quickly. https://uptoneaudio.com/products/js-2-linear-power-supply
  5. I'm going to assert the same thing I've thought all along, the quality of the recording itself! I sometimes marvel at how good my best RBCD recordings sound, in a collection with every format up to DXD and DSD256. EDIT: I now see this was already said by Ralph11. I suppose most of us are trying to think positively these days, but the other side to my last comment would be how comparatively disappointing some "hi-rez" can be even on a fine system 😬
  6. Here's Qobuz's response: "We are also saddened by the untimely demise of FindHDMusic. It was a terrific resource. Unfortunately we have been forced to limit our API access to hardware partners for the time being."
  7. Too many to paste in all the jpegs, but here are some long-time keepers: Borodin/Schwarz - Syms 1-3 Dvorak/Suk/Capella Istropolitana - Serenades Liszt/Scherbakov - Beethoven transcriptions Liszt/Cohen - various transcriptions Rachmaninov/Grohovski et al - Piano Trios Schumann/Brahms/Jando - Quintets Shostakovich/Petrenko - Syms 4 & 7 (2xHD) Tchaikovsky/New Haydn Quartet - String Quartets and Naxos also imports others. Don't have time to look into that.
  8. Thought I'd post HDtrack's response to my inquiry, and denial they knew anything about this site: "We're a small company. So I see the back-end and all that happens. We shut down our old US and UK websites last week and maybe they decided to shut down their site because any links to our old site would lead to a "blob not found" message. It looks like the site may have been run by a hobbyist rather than a business entity. If that is the case, there is no way they could have gone through and re-cataloged all of the new URLs in a week." It is interesting that the site owner would've thanked HDtracks for "all their support over the years" without HDtracks knowing about it!
  9. Hi Rajiv, I seem to recall you had an IT background as well. I was thinking of writing a little consolidated search, but I would need web APIs for those sites, which could be a bigger task than one would first think.
  10. A friend and I noticed FindHDMusic.com was just turned off. We both found that so handy to stay in touch with recent releases. That url now just displays a message thanking Presto, Qobuz and HDTracks. Anyone know what happened? Sure, it's most likely a funding reason, but I'm not interested in speculation.
  11. Does anyone have the OOP SACDs of the Rubinstein Nocturnes on RCA? https://www.hraudio.net/showmusic.php?title=10801 Please PM me if you're interested in some kind of trade. I only need the ISO or DSF tracks. Thanks in advance.
  12. Ghent Audio - Gotham GAC-4/1 11301 UltraPro Star Quad DC(JSSG360) Cable, 1.5m, 2.5/2.1 straight plugs. $95 new, asking $65. Perfect for an EtherRegen or Sonore Optical Module. US only and questions via PM. Thank you.
  13. Reduced to $50. This is a great release if your DAC plays quad DSD.
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