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  1. He had asked me about SJ when I ordered it, so I'm sure he'll like the photos.
  2. I'll have to dig back in my notes for the amps. I remember asking him for more than I needed. Sean made cables for the two 5V rails, but his contract with Innous would not allow him to make the mobo cables. I just sent the pin assignments to Ghent for those.
  3. Sure. I had to wait 3 months for mine, and probably was lucky with the timing of Sean's schedule. I think Innuos keeps him busy with builds. The 4 GX16 outputs are for ATX (3 rails), EPS, and two 5V for accessories. From Sean: "The transformer uses an over-size core, around 650-700VA, some of the output windings have the 2 wires terminated at opposite sides of the transformer - hence the unconventional wiring loom for the transformer wires, it worked out neatly enough though I think."
  4. Is PH back in business? Sean Jacobs just emailed me with photos of my new 6-rails LPS.
  5. Interesting. Btw, I saw your posts on WBF about the SOtM switch and I'm having some weirdness with my SFP sockets as well. A little off-topic for this thread though.
  6. Is anyone using this with the Sonore Optical Module? The switch is very slow to recognize it after startup. Here's what Andrew Gillis said: "No it's not normal but I have seen that with a few different switches. I'm not sure what causes that. I have see it with about 5% of the switches we have tested my guess is they all use the same switch chip and it has a problem. I seems like the switch manufactures are working on a fix. I have a Netgear switch taht has the problem it is labeled ver 1.0 I then purchased the same switch again (ver 1.1) and it was fine."
  7. Thank you for the kind help Emorante. I almost got the Pro-USB module, but based on input from several reputable sources, I decided to stay with the Renderer for now. I don't hear a difference moving from Ubuntu to Euphony+Roon Core, but no matter, I like the web control app, and hopefully there will be enhancements forthcoming like ramroot.
  8. I use the MSB Select II with the Renderer module.
  9. Hello, I just put Euphony on my server with Roon (to Ethernet DAC). Do you guys like Stylus better?
  10. I saw a post in the JPLAY forum about being "torn between Windows and Linux." He said he spent more time tweaking Windows than listening to his system. I wouldn't say I'm "torn", but I have similar thoughts. I work with Windows as a developer on a daily basis, and do not relish the thought of using it once again for my audio system: the dependency on hacky optimization products, the stubborn bloatware (unless you license a server edition), the forced updates (unless you have the elusive LTSB), the inordinate number of services/background tasks, and the frequent thrashing of the OS "drive" (I use Optane memory thanks to advice of some on this site). Perhaps Marcin would consider a Linux edition.
  11. Server is used exclusively for playback thru USB, no upsampling or conversion, files range from 16/44 to DSD128 (though my MSB DAC will play quad DSD natively). I currently use Roon with Ubuntu, but am looking at other players. A friend has strongly recommended Euphony (OS and player). I'm intrigued by the minimal linuxes (Audio-linux, Audiophile-linux) but I don't want any issues. Ubuntu minimal is very stable. OS will load from Optane.
  12. In looking at the supported memory for my new mobo (Z390 Phantom Gaming-ITXac) I see DDR4 2400 thru 4500 (OC). My current server has 16GB of 2400. I'm not certain how fast to go with memory. My DAC has a new fiber interface and a clock speed of 33 femtoseconds, and I want to push the envelope with this server as well.
  13. I like this color. Lucky you on a ground floor (or maybe not, if that ivy is on a roof gable). If I recall those bass cabinets were about 200 pounds each, and we had to use an electric lift to get them upstairs.
  14. Just looking for some input on RAM, the brand. Almost a year later and I'm going with the i9-9900 (with a little prodding from Nenon ;). I continue to find evidence in support of thinking bigger for the new server build.
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