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  1. Server is used exclusively for playback thru USB, no upsampling or conversion, files range from 16/44 to DSD128 (though my MSB DAC will play quad DSD natively). I currently use Roon with Ubuntu, but am looking at other players. A friend has strongly recommended Euphony (OS and player). I'm intrigued by the minimal linuxes (Audio-linux, Audiophile-linux) but I don't want any issues. Ubuntu minimal is very stable. OS will load from Optane.
  2. In looking at the supported memory for my new mobo (Z390 Phantom Gaming-ITXac) I see DDR4 2400 thru 4500 (OC). My current server has 16GB of 2400. I'm not certain how fast to go with memory. My DAC has a new fiber interface and a clock speed of 33 femtoseconds, and I want to push the envelope with this server as well.
  3. I like this color. Lucky you on a ground floor (or maybe not, if that ivy is on a roof gable). If I recall those bass cabinets were about 200 pounds each, and we had to use an electric lift to get them upstairs.
  4. Just looking for some input on RAM, the brand. Almost a year later and I'm going with the i9-9900 (with a little prodding from Nenon ;). I continue to find evidence in support of thinking bigger for the new server build.
  5. Chris, Great choice! I've loved mine for a few years. I must say I'm envious of your crates, which look much nicer than mine I periodically marvel at the detail, imaging, and more recently the bottom end of these (with thanks to Maier Shadi's meticulous setup). I've owned Wilsons before, and this model seems to be a sweet spot for inheriting tech from pricier siblings. I use the Shunyata Sigma throughout.
  6. Very cool Elan120. For my cheapie home LAN, I'm hoping for other benefits as well, like Windows share performance.
  7. Well, I'll try it and let you know. It's going to be several weeks until I get the new 6-rail LPS and then build the new server. It occurred to me because my home network is about as cheap as you can get (builder wired and the AT&T U-verse router), and I've always had trouble using Windows shares. I'm currently populating the NAS with the web API and it's slow. Also, I read an article asserting little to no benefit replacing HDDs with SSDs in a NAS because the network is the bottleneck (for the average home network). But we have the acoustic concern as you state.
  8. I have very little time for forums as well, but something occured to me yesterday that should be within your parameters. As a friend and I are working on our latest servers, both attaching to DAC/renderer via USB (a change for me), I was wondering if the second connection on our JCAT Net cards (bridged for direct connect as before) could be used for the NAS. Why? For the same reasons it benefited the Ethernet connection to the DAC/renderer: better latency and lower noise. If plausible, I would then consider how to deal with the proximity of the NAS to the server and listening position, and would consider replacing hard drives with SSDs on the NAS only (that's actually a single SSD for my current Synology DS119j for those cringing at the idea of buying several, expensive SSDs). Thoughts (preferrably from those currently using bridged Ethernet)?
  9. Nenon, you're power mad! Or should I say "power bad."
  10. Would you mind taking this offline? Sending PM ...
  11. A well-known music server source has asserted that DC input on the mobo is a significant improvement over the pico, in terms of noise reduction, and I wanted to corroborate that. I only need to serve files to a renderer, so I'm not particularly concerned about CPU horsepower. I currently use the JS-2 with the i3-7300T on the Gigabyte H270N. I would stick with a lower powered CPU then (though that i3 is no slouch). I'd like to assess the power noise aspect specifically.
  12. When is there ever a straight answer to anything in this hobby? Any input is welcome. As I research I'm finding the choices are very limited if you want to use a new Intel CPU with DC input, which appears to be synonomous the the Thin Mini-ITX form. And if the answer is no difference in the power noise reduction, which is often the concern with audio servers, then so be it.
  13. Hello All, I'd like to rebuild my server and get rid of the pico (actually I use a Streacom nanoPSU) on the mini-ITX 24-pin connector. Would a mini-ITX board with DC input be an improvement over the pico? If so, does anyone have a favorite mini-ITX board with DC input? Thanks, Darryl
  14. Do you know how to order from them? Also, the Trinia appears to have been replaced by ....
  15. ... maybe the question is, "is any of this worth it?" If such a disc does come out, I recommend waiting until a sucker like me or David buys it first and can tell you. But if you like that Giulini/Wiener Bruckner 9, it's two thumbs up for that one.
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