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  1. So , has anyone received the new hdplex?
  2. Hello. My current digital setup consists of : a mac mini 2012(not anymore) as roon core and general web browsing , running windows server 2019 installled on an old intel 64gb slc ssd. sotm sms 200 ultra as roon endpoint powered by sotm sps 500 brooklyn dac+ Yesterday i bought a nuc8i5BEK2 in order to replace my "aching" mac mini as it cannot cut it anymore. Total absence of intel hd 4000 hardware acceleration makes poor dual core hit 80% usage even on 1080p youtube material. No question about 2k or 4k videos... Also dsd upsampling while browsing is tot
  3. Tried both 4.50-4.51 with 2 sd cards , all flash methods (image usb , fat32 , eunhasu update , etc) always same results : eunhasu system general lagging - constant loading . Waiting up to 2 minutes for simple function changes , mpd with bubbpleupnp and minimserver takes forever to load. Kazoo track adding is funny slow. occasional audio stuttering Maybe the hardware is not up to task with the new linux version. Also ,as we can see from disk partition tool , eunhasu utilizes only 8gb so no point to use a bigger sd card.
  4. Hello, from my experience : dd utility won't recognise the sotm sd . you must first format it (e.g fat) to be able to restore the sotm image. restore session always ends with failure message for me at least. ignore it and proceed normally. sotm will boot fine. windows utility does not have all this issues
  5. Has anyone succeed connecting to Tidal by using credentials(user/pass) from MPD & DLNA settings tab? This does not seem to work in Kazoo or bubble upnp(android) , seems they do not "call" the credentials from SOTM . Connecting manually from either program tidal implementation works ok.
  6. Are you sure you are not having any drawbacks from moving to battery power? I have the 200 ultra (upgraded to neo) powered by sps 500 and because my job is related to energy , i ' ve tried powering sotm with several types of 12v batteries even expensive ones using good quality dc cable , but always with disappointing results : hazy sound and "wooly" bass. Not even a contest for sps500 I am not questioning your findings , but the truth is i never liked consumer class batteries on audio devices except switches which you can hear the improvement over stock ps
  7. Trying to stream Tidal via Kazoo mpd-dlna/bubbleupnp with no luck. I correctly filled Tidal credentials in mpd config page , Kazoo recognises Sotm sms 200 as room but cannot connect to Tidal showing "Service login or communication failure" Any specific advice?
  8. I have the same problem with mac mini. Windows 7 laptop can access the drive just fine , so this is a macOS - eunhasu problem.
  9. Keep in mind i am talking about alteration , not upgraded or better sound . I am sure i can hear the first , the last is 100% subjective.
  10. I found that switching between boot sd cards significantly alters the sound of the streamer. For example samsung pro 32gb sdhc has faster/ better transients/ dynamics but adds a glaze to the timbre which i dislike. Samung evo 64 sdxc has a more soft character like adding a tube buffer .. Overall i think the default 8gb sandisk is well balanced , but keep wondering if adding a slc micro sd would upgrade the sound of the streamer. I know that slc has positive effect as music storage but how about boot os ? Any experiences?
  11. Is there any way to stream mac mini sound output directly to sms200 over ethernet? Instead of roon endpoint , sometimes I want to use sotm as a "virtual sound device" for my mac in order to stream youtube , spotify free , etc . I tried shairport but doesn't seem to work as i cannot find sms 200 in the airplay list. Any ideas?
  12. My opinion about regen , after testing for 1 week. My chain: pc->supra usb->regen->mytek 192->balanced i/c -> cayin h80a -> b&w 805 The very good : Vocals obtained a liquid - "classy" feeling .Especially in some ethnic tracks with atmospheric vocals , this thing 's doing some serious magic , for my setup at least. Almost like a different (better) dac. The good : Soundstage gained more depth, some more width , and this blends nicely with the vocals i mentioned above. It also restrains mytek's aggressive character which is good for some productions , but not alw
  13. Hello , i am the mytek 192 owner who had the chance to audition Totsipaki's brooklyn at his home, and I can roughly confirm my friend's findings. For me , Brooklyn now sits at the same place as mytek 192 four years ago , being very competitive to much more expensive devices for its time. In a few words ,Brooklyn not only maintains its older "brother's" gifts , but upgrades them in every aspect , while sounding far more balanced and musical. Some of these "upgrades" : - Bass has great precision like the 192 , but its stronger and feels more organic. It may be a tad warmer too
  14. Even from the old stereo 96 dac , this company proved that has the "know how" to deliver really competitive products . I believe (and hope) that the brooklyn issue will be addressed soon , but its really fishy how they launched their product in such a beta state... Its not acceptable to launch your 2k$ dac with source input problems.
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