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  1. Bumped. $50! Anyone? Get rid of your generic crap if you haven't already!
  2. Bumped. Reduce to $350 plus shipping and Paypal fee. Use Zelle for no transaction fee. Thanks!
  3. $60 for the whole lot including Paypal and shipping in the US. Paypal verified with confirmed address only.
  4. Selling my Venom PS8 with original double box, excellent condition with some minor scuff if you look closely. This is the best bargain for power distributor. SOLD
  5. Selling my original Sonore microRendu that was used with my Sonore ex/D. It has original v1.3 board, and v2.3 Firmware. You can order v2.5 for $20 from Small Green Computer. Price includes iFi power supply. Mint condition but some of the silk screen came off from using sorbothane pads. mR comes with USB adapter (not shown). Original boxes for both. SOLD
  6. Selling this wonderful Sonore ex/D USB DAC, work perfectly with microRendu. No driver needed for Mac. You can search the web to get Windows driver if needed. Near mint condition, only a hairline scuff on top plate. I am also selling microRendu that was paired with it Come with the DAC only, no power cord was provided original, no room in the box. SOLD
  7. Selling a bunch of brand new Belden Bonded Pair Cat6+ patch cords. I've replaced all my old basic patch cords and these are left over. These are similar to the BJC's Cat6 except these are factory terminated and tested by Belden. The molded RJ45 connectors are very nice and rugged. These bonded-pair are a true step-up over the generic stuff. It outperforms Leviton Cat6 easily. http://info.belden.com/hubfs/ESD-Assets/Product-Pages/Copper/Patch-Cords/patch-cords-cat-6.pdf https://edesk.belden.com/products/techdata/english/pdf/C601100000.pdf All brand new in original sealed packages: - ALL SOLD -
  8. Thanks for the explanation! So have you heard the Hugo 2? I would definitely be in the market for the next Qute!
  9. I am also interested to learn more about the difference with the new Hugo 2. What's new and improved in the Hugo 2 other than PCM768 and DSD512? Is there better improved FPGA coding in addition to higher rates? Is the 'crushing' done on regular PCM and DSD64? I do own the 2Qute (2 actually) and enjoy it immensely for what this little thing is. I have bought and sold quite a few DACs in the past year and still kept this little guy around. I have just returned a Sonica despite all that it can do. So I think buying a 2nd hand 2Qute is a right move indeed. PS. No, I am not interested in spending hundreds and definitely not thousands to mod a Sonica.
  10. Hello, I am interested and am also in the US. RAM and HDD type and size please? Thanks!
  11. Glad you can use some! I don't think there is any patch cord for $3 free shipping, let alone Belden Bonded-pair. But be forewarned, it's from eBay!! ;-)
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