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  1. My listening impressions fall in line with other owners are saying. Initial observations were the outstanding clarity. My wife thought the sound lost some body and warmth. I think we are both correct. When musical notes are a tick smeared in time that can be perceived as warmth. The Etheregen gets the attack (transient) sustain (tone) and decay of each note timed accurately. Very audible depending on the recording. A net gain in my system. Thanks guys!
  2. As usual, my Yggy is playing music. Most of it sounds fabulous. Some recordings suck. Others present more sonic truth through the recording problems than ever. Yggy reveals. As to the graph, that shows one Yggy on one test. I wasn't there. Is the house across the street white? On the 2 sides I can see from here it is. That is all I know until I walk around it. Do all Yggys glitch? Does my Yggy glitch? I haven't tested. Don't have the tools or skills. Mine sounds remarkable. Sorry yours doesn't. I took Yggy to my audiophile club for a DAC shootout. Very hi-res system. DACs from $2k to $10k. Yggy received the most positive comments. All of the DACs sounded quite good. Lots of nice DACs around.
  3. Just got the Mutec last night. I have CAPS, REGEN, Yggy. Pulled Regen and added Mutec for now. Very very nice. Question: Did you set the CAPS server to bring all input up to 24/192 or do you have it staying native to the file? The manual lists this and I did not do it: Click on the »Advanced« tab and select under »Default Format« the clock rate matching with your set-up. The optimum maner is the entry »24 Bit, 19200 Hz (Studio Quality)«. Under »Exclusive Mode« check that the two tik boxes are selected. Click »OK« to store your settings. I left that setting at 44.1. Mutec shows 44.1 for redbook and 192/24 for my high res files. Just wondering. I will test it soon. Kevin
  4. I refrained from stating since it was my 14 month old Ayre QB9 DSD. A great DAC. Then I heard better Schiit.
  5. I received my Yggdrasil in August. Thought I should let it settle for a week before making a decision. Right out of the box, about 3 beats into the Punch Brothers on Tidal and I was just laughing and not believing ALL THIS MUSIC was coming out of my system. I sold my old DAC for a bit more than the cost of the Schiit. I liked it, but it was no contest in my system. Last night I played a ripped CD of 'Wish You Were Here' and listened all the way through. The sound was fabulous. Natural, detailed and you really get the what the musicians are doing. It just communicates. You can follow each instrument. I have heard the Lampi and Totaldac at shows and been impressed. Yggdrasil is the way to go IMHO. California company, easy to contact and great people.
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