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Audio System

Merlin VSM, Blue Circle BC204, Cardas Speaker wire, Blue Circle Balanced ICs to & from BAM. APL Denon3910 Universal Player, Audio Sensibility 1.5 SPDIF COAX cable, F-1 USB to SPDIF DDC, Sonore/Cardas USB adapter, Sonore ultraRendu, Sonore/Cardas DC4 cable to Uptone LPS-1, LPS feeder is a TeraDak LPS 60w 9v DC. 1.5m Generic Cat7 cable to receiving TPLink CM200mc FMC, 30 ft of Fiber to CM200mc sender & 1.5 CAT7 to TPLINK 8 port switch. QNAP 6TB, 8GB RAM quadcore NAS running miniMserver & LMS.

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