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  1. Speakers and room treatment first. Once that is done right, the rest is much much easier.
  2. An android remote app please please please
  3. Because as stated earlier, I buy all my cables second hand so my money goes a LOT further
  4. MSB Analog with quad rate usb interface, gets my vote, guess that is why i plonked my hard earned down on one for my own setup but YMMV. Home audition what ever you can and let your ears decide for you is the best advice i can offer.
  5. no more than 5% of the system value should be in cables and that is the max for me. I prefer to spend up big on speakers & a front end rather than cables.
  6. Don't listen to anything but the music, let your ears and brain make the decision, not popular or unpopular opinions. That is my advice, whilst being serious about this topic.
  7. I buy all my cables second hand, all Kimber, Select level now days, all sounded wonderful on day 1 of install, must be burned in already
  8. does Christmas rave music count?
  9. heres my submission, found it last night but played it 3 times since then
  10. don't forget your cable lifters, they need burning in too!
  11. I dont think his ears are resolving enough
  12. Hendrix gets my vote. Good to see Angus Young get a mention, his work on songs like Baby Please Dont Go are legendary.
  13. My theory on burn in is, the suppliers expect that over that time you get used to the sound of said cables/equipment and learn live with them (or not in some cases)
  14. i am in a very lucky position to have an awesome volume pot in my DAC, as well as 2 world class pre-amps and have done some serious listening with all 3 combos. The MSB volume pot is very good, there is no doubt about that but my Ayre and Audio Research pre's do sound better by a clear margin. However being able to remove my 4 shelf rack and just use a 1 tier with DAC and AMP is a very nice combo as not having kit in the middle of the sound stage helps remove smearing the 4 shelf rack seems to induce but now that I have added a TT, I had to go back to using my 4 shelf rack to accommodate it. I still alternate between my 3 pre-amp options on a semi regular basis because I enjoy each and every one of them for different reasons. They all do certain things very well and at this level it comes down to good old personal taste.
  15. 1 x Digi design RM2 active monitors 1 x NAD M51 1 x QED Balnced Cables 1 x Kimber 8tc's 2m 1 x Ayre KX5 2 x Squeezebox touch 1 x woo audio 6 with full upgrades 1 x Grado rs1i's 1 x Black Cat COAX Theres other stuff but nothing of merit.
  16. Which is one of the reasons I love my PMC MB2's, even at very low volume they sound right.
  17. sjay

    What.cd gone

    a very sad day indeed.
  18. Shadow Protect is pretty cost effective but you need to partition your setup in line with the vendors best practice. Cloudberry is also very cost effective and hooks directly into online storage options like Amazon s3. Or there the native backup stuff from Microsoft.
  19. Adding a good quality SPDIF converter to the M51 DAC will fix the sibilance. I had the same issue with my M51 and used a Jkenny MK3 SPDIF converter to address it. Much nicer sound and eliminates upstream electrical noise by isolating your source. Your imaging issues will be directly related to speaker placement and the room they are in.
  20. The extra power in the separates alone makes them worth it to me because my 91db efficient speakers lap that extra bit of pure power up like a man would a 30 yr old whisky . Then there's the separate chassis benefits...the list goes on. The KX/VX combo is considered next level because it is. All that said, i am looking forward to comparing the QX5 to my current MSB stack but I dont expect the QX to beat it.
  21. I recently added a TT to my setup to see what the fuss was about, and added as Ortofon 2M black cart to do it justice along with a good phono then promptly went out and bought some 180g vinyl to test with. Sure the TT sounds nice and all but IMHO my MSB dac leaves it for dead, same everything else, just differing sources.
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