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  1. Speakers and room treatment first. Once that is done right, the rest is much much easier.
  2. An android remote app please please please
  3. Because as stated earlier, I buy all my cables second hand so my money goes a LOT further
  4. MSB Analog with quad rate usb interface, gets my vote, guess that is why i plonked my hard earned down on one for my own setup but YMMV. Home audition what ever you can and let your ears decide for you is the best advice i can offer.
  5. no more than 5% of the system value should be in cables and that is the max for me. I prefer to spend up big on speakers & a front end rather than cables.
  6. Don't listen to anything but the music, let your ears and brain make the decision, not popular or unpopular opinions. That is my advice, whilst being serious about this topic.
  7. I buy all my cables second hand, all Kimber, Select level now days, all sounded wonderful on day 1 of install, must be burned in already
  8. does Christmas rave music count?
  9. heres my submission, found it last night but played it 3 times since then
  10. don't forget your cable lifters, they need burning in too!
  11. I dont think his ears are resolving enough
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