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  1. The help desk response time to my questions was very fast (120 minutes - at friday afternoon).
  2. Hi Flavio, test version Dirac 2.0 has ended. Is it going to be prolonged? I am not able to listen to the Dirac 1.0 anymore. When is the release date of the official Dirac 2.0 version?
  3. DiracProccesor 0.9.24 - OSX 10.14.x Thank you for adding the function of attenuating the input signal level, but it is not possible to save it in the set value! The attenuation value is not readable at higher levels.
  4. Hi Damien When using the Dirac 1.x or Dirac 2.x beta AU plug-in in Audirvana 3.5.x, switching a track from one sample rate to another sample rate causes Audirvana to crash. If I press STOP before switching, then PLAY is OK. If I resample everything at the same sampling rate it's OK. But in Audirnana 3.2.x it works perfectly. It has been tested on MacMini 2011, MacMini 2014, MBP 2014 and OSX 10.10.x 10.11.x 10.14.x
  5. Hi Flavio after your email I tried to set the microphone in Dirac Live, but in VOLUME CALIBRATION the microphone UMIK-1 is not active (not responding). In SELECT RECORDING DEVICE Dirac Live 2.2.3 is microphone UMIK-1 displayed and selected. I use OSX 10.14.6, DiracProcessor 0.9.23 and Dirac Live 2.2.3 on MacMini 2014.
  6. Hi Flavio, thank you for notifying the DL processor She discovered the possibility of changing the input signal level. Unlike version, the UMIK-1 microphone is not active even if it is present in the settings.
  7. I am testing Dirac Live 2.2.3 with DL Processor 0.9.11 on MacMini 2014 with OSX 10.14.6.Compared to DL 1.2 with Audirvana 3.5.15, I hear a softer and fuzzy sound. The biggest problem so far is that it is not possible to set the input signal level as with DL 1.2. Distorted sound is heard on loud records.I like the current sound while listening to the B&W 805D3, B&W DB3D, Hypex NC252MP, RME ADI-2 Dac, MacMini late 2014.Flavio, please add the possibility, to set DL processor input level continuously or stepwise (-2, -5, -10dB).
  8. For older MACs that do not install OSX Mojave, try an alternative installation option: http://dosdude1.com/mojave/. It works!
  9. I have the same problem with Dirac Live AU. When switching tracks with different sampling rate Dirac Live AU crashes. Audirvana 2.6. or 3.2 is OK. I've tried different settings but the problem won't be fixed. Can you fix this problem in future releases?
  10. It is also interesting that the www pages do not contain any data and links to Dirac Live v1.2 for Mac and PC. How does an inexperienced user know when reinstalling the SW to another computer? Let's see if the upgrade to V2 is finally free.
  11. It is interesting when Dirac Research is mistaken for more than a year with the announced upgrade date of Dirac Live v2. I do not remember that with another company. I think the base of paying PC or Mac users is wider than NAD, Arcam, Emotiva, etc., and Dirac Research lets them wait so long.
  12. I need to reinstall Dirac Live 1.2 to another computer. I can not log on to Dirac and delete the original installation of the license. Can you please advise me what I'm doing wrong? www pages are new and I can not login with the original data. Dirac's response is zero!
  13. Where do I sign a license set Dirac Live 1.2 on the new dirac.com website?
  14. milva

    Audirvana 3.1

    95/5000 It would be great to have Audiounits in Audirvana 3.1.x separately settings for each player.
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