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  1. Fully agree and to be fair, all of the items I listed, I bought used or at least ex-demo, and I would resell my own mint condition equipment to fund the next purchase. Rarely have I spent more than a couple of thousand out of pocket on a new item, taking into account the sale of the item it rplaces. The list also describes 20 years of HiFi purchases...
  2. I have definitely bought a lot of gear over the years based on reviews in the English language audio press (Stereophile, TAS, Hifi News, Hifi + and many others), including Thiel 3.6, Classe 15, Parasound JC2 BP, Mark Levinson 39, Thiel CS7, Bel Canto Ref1000m, Hegel h390, Devialet expert pro 220, Marten Django XL, etc...
  3. Yes, like I said 'under the name HFN&RR'. They changed the name and the format and the layout to the Hifinews it is today (I subscribe to that oner as well).
  4. I remember it well, but HFN&RR stopped publication quite a few years ago, at least under that name. There's also HiFi Choice, HiFi+, HiFi News, etc. None of them come close to Either Stereophile or TAS in my opinion.
  5. I subscribe to both, as they are (combined) for me the most complete source of information on all things high-end. I also continuously discover new music because of their reviews. I read and speak multiple languages and I can say that there is no equivalent anywhere else that I have seen to the quantity and quality of the reporting in TAS and Stereophile. Much of the reporting in other languages is either pandering to the manufacturer (reviews of X are often in correlation with who advertises in that month's issue) or the reporting is lightweight, with the possible exception of the German magazine Stereoplay. In both TAS and Stereophile, I can read in-depth reviews and analysis, both from a perceptual and from a purely technical perspective. I will continue to read both as long as I can.
  6. have to concur with mfaoro. I have used various apps in the past (JRiver on a PC, Minimserver on a NAS, Auralic Lightning DS, Lumin, Linn Kazoo, ....). I switched to Roon over a year ago and never looked back. My streaming hardware and associated setup has changed as many times as the apps you see listed here. But since I installed Roon on a fanless NUC, with my music stored on a NAS, all 'playing' hardware (streamer, DAC, integrated AMP with built-in DAC, ...) has been chosen in function of Roon support. For sh*ts and giggles, I still have Minimserver running on my NAS, to drive a NAIM MuSo 1st gen in my home office. The interface is so clunky (no auto updates in the library, no sorting the library by date added, etc). I always go back to Roon, because it does everything I want and it does it simply and automatically. YMMV as always.
  7. I have the Synology DS1819+ 8-bay drive with 8x10TB. It holds all my music (31000 albums give or take, including many Hi-Res and DSD/DSF), all my video files (sizeable movie library) and all my photos. I run Roon on a fanless NUC, freeing up the NAS to do only storage related tasks. I migrated from an older Synology DS1513+ with 5 bays and wanted to make sure I would need to migrate again in the foreseeable future
  8. Sure, but that adds another link in the chain, another conversion from one interface to another and that usually is not conducive to improvement in the sound. You could just get a top USB cable and connect the NUC to the T+A that way. I'm just trying to avoid USB as I am not a fan. YMMV.
  9. Coming back to DSD support via ethernet: I just read the review of the MP 3100 HV in Stereophile, which seems to confirm my earlier info I got from T+A themselves. The higher resolution DSD/DSF files (DSD128, DSD256 and higher) are not supported via ethernet. Only via USB. So my understanding is then: if I run Roon from NUC to MP3100HV via ethernet, Roon will down-rez the DSD128 and up. If I run Roon from my NUC via USB to the MP3100HV, the resolution is supported. Is the SD 3100 different from th MP 3100?
  10. FWIW: I had the Altair first gen and loved it. As I have a large library, the Lightning DS library management system was getting a little sluggish, so I added a NUC and a lifetime subscription to ROON instead. That in turn removed the need for some of the Altair's features and I replaced it with the excellent Vega G1 Network DAC. All this to say I like Auralic products. You will not find better bang for your buck than the Altair G1 (especially if you like the Lightning DS software, which is one of the best in the business, but if possible you should audition it along with the Mytek. Those are the only two in this price range that I am aware of and that are worth auditioning.
  11. doesn't appear to have a preamp / volume control option
  12. Apologies. I responded based on this part of your post: "My budget is $2000 or less used or new." In that case, stretch your budget a bit and get the Altair G1 (reviewed on this very site with glowing results)
  13. Thanks for that. That was both informative and helpful.
  14. I use roon on a NAS (with Roon ROCK running on a fanless NUC). The whole os connected via ethernet to a Network DAC (in my case the Auralic Vega G1). Would the SDV 3100HV slot in the place of the Auralic and accept DSD over ethernet in this config (and become the Roon endpoint)?
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