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  1. This thread is not for you obviously. What are you trying to get in the end? The declaration that Ethernet cables can't sound dufferent? Ok, they can't but they do for us, so can we please continue the conversation with the rest of the believers?
  2. Thanks for your feedback! Could you please share your findings regarding the difference between the Vodka & Diamond? Since I own Vodka and waiting for the delivery of WW to compare but also maybe will look at the Diamond in the end.
  3. 3 outstanding DACs could be found used for about $5k are: Bricasti M1, DcS Debussy (best USB in class), Rockna Wavedream (hard to find used), Or maybe, Mytek Manhattan. Then you have to find those around to have a listen those first since any of them could sound not good enough for you.
  4. Looks outstanding! Jesus, would you also trade-in the silver ones for the black?
  5. Yes, you know everything obviously. What I know is when I've tied to incorporate the tube pre from Quad, my monitors (Focal Twin 6BE) threw avery bit of distortion and dirt which tube amp had. But whatever since you decided that I know nothing about audio.
  6. Just use a plain USB cable (unfiltered)?))
  7. Hi jtrelin! Be careful with the tube preamp since you have a really transparent path including the powered monitors. The tube preamp most likely will blur everything and make it sound dirty.
  8. stvc, thanks for your feedback! Less dynamic, smaller headroom than with ifi PSU?
  9. Yesterday I've installed my optical isolation stuff into the music path (2x TP-LINK MC200CM & Duplex Multimode 62.5/125 Fiber Patch Cable (SC/SC), 10M). Everything works nicely but I haven't noticed any improvement. Maybe my local network is clean already since there are no devices connected directly to the router except for the Internet provider and microRendu.
  10. Thanks everyone for your input! Unfortunately, this thread is all about the microRendu and probably, Jesus is mad about us discussing usb cables right now. I would like to apologise but my favorites goes from the bottom to the top: lightspeed 10g, curious, totaldac d1, aq diamond. Unfortunately I haven't tryed the Audience or beloved in Russian audiophile community - Synergistic Active (literally, everyone who tryed one, loves it). While I didn't liked the Curious as well as the Lightspeed at all, they sound the same to my ears.
  11. Is not quite what I expect. Each and every cable I've tried and owned like AQ Diamond USB has made a huge difference in sound-staging and details retrieval at least.
  12. Well, now I have to carry an external USB drive where my music stored, which makes it not that portable and I have to be extra-careful to move the laptop around. But that bit of freedom costs around $1k which makes me think.
  13. Thanks for your input, firedog! I'm more interested in high-end line of USB cords since I've owned some and found them to sound much better than average. Also have tested Curious and TotalDac in the "pre-uR era" and didn't liked them either.
  14. Hi Carsten! I'm in the same situation trying to find the best server for my uR. Yet got no answer in this thread. It seams that nobody bothered yet to compare) At the moment I use my MacBook Pro + Roon via WiFi over Airport Exptreme and I'm pretty happy but have to decide pretty soon whether to get a MacMini to use it headless with Airport Extreme over LAN or to get the Sonic Tranporter. Yet and based on it's functionality I prefer the idea of MacMini
  15. Hello everyone! Has anyone preferred the fancy USB cable to the hard adapter? Asking because I'm about to get the WW Platinum 7 to try with uR while constantly reading that most prefer the hard adapter.
  16. You are correct:) But anyhow I'm still curious to see any benefits of it. Not to bully or something like that but to make the right decision.
  17. Thanks for your input, Al but it's not that ridiculously affordable comparing to similarly costing MacMini which can do the same + Backing up my music library to the cloud. Yet there are no mentions that this dedicated music player optimized for that purpose only can and does sound better than Mini in the same application (Roon server via LAN). Does it in the end? Is there a difference sound-wise?
  18. No one has compared these two solutions? My concern is that SonicTransporter costs the same as the Mini 2012 while the first is limited in it's functionality.
  19. Guys, what's the benefit to use Sonic Transporter as Roon server vs Mac Mini in the same chain (LAN Airport Extreme to microRendu)? Since today for the first time I've failed to hear any big reason to use HQplayer with Roon I'm thinking maybe the SonicTransporter would suite my needs and will sound better than Mini?
  20. I would love to see any comparisons of SOtM mBPS-d2s to any high-quality LPSU. Preferably to Sonore Signature or Uptone LPSU.
  21. I really liked ATC SCM19 while having in the past some studio monitors from Focal so I can see that we have sort of similar tastes. SCM19 sound wonderful with tubes! I didn't liked them with Krell Vanguard — too cold and too clean for me. So I would recommend a powerful tube amp like I have at the moment —*McIntosh MC275, which is pretty clean but with the tube signature. Also, a friend of mine is using his SCM50s with Plinius 150 and he describes the sound as tubie but with the power of transistor.
  22. #4 actually is quite predictable since you have typical "Ethernet packet noise" as far as I understood. And when you've removed your LAN cable it reduced number of packets to 0 while mR still trying to ping the server (1 sec interval). But the question is why your mR pushes that noise over USB...
  23. Ok, now I'm curious on the difference between the JS-2 and Sonore SPSU. Although I'm pretty happy with my SOtM mBPS-d2s.
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