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  1. Personally, I have waited for 16 months and I'm prepared to wait for another 16 months. I like that Paul is willing to open up my slot for others and refund me at any time if I so desire. That actually ensures I don't lose money, and I don't have to go through the hassle of posting on a forum and having to try and sell it myself. These products aren't for everyone. I value the customisation aspect of things (aka not scaleable), and hence am prepared to wait as a result. Also I can understand why, since they are customised, people can take over builds- this is not like all of us are
  2. Interesting. Previously when I tried it sample rate follow did not work without rednet control open... is your Dante controller open?
  3. So sample rate follow works without Rednet Control running?
  4. Let me preface this post by saying I only listen to headphones (not speakers) and so the drivers are next to my ears and I hear way more than you’d typically detect with speakers. But to my ears the power supply to the Lps-1 makes a difference. One good change ive found it putting an ifi ac ipurifier before the Lps-1’s energiser, to the point that as I have three Lps-1 I now also have three ifi ac ipurifiers. I put the lps-1 on a separate power line from my audio gear to reduce the effect of the switching power leakage, and the chain now looks like this on the distrib
  5. The past few posts in particular have been rather distracting. Layout matters; shielding matters; impedance matters; and length of DC cable matters. In particular, the MSB Analog may or may not have an optimal circuit layout but not sure how this relates to the Ref10? Perhaps those interested in that component can open a thread to talk about it in exacting detail, with pictures and graphs and 1000 word essays... But I'm more interested in the Ref10
  6. Since we’re speculating I have a question and apologies if it’s been answered- but why did ref10 take a few years to make it from prototype to final product, in an obviously different form?
  7. I agree on discussing this on another thread. Besides, there's not much we can do to help. What we were doing was simply spec-ing out the models we want. I've seen SR7's with single rail, dual rail, and multi-rail. I've seen dual regulation (two rails for one output). I've seen a 9-19v rail, a 2-12v rail, and all manner in between (heat is the limiting factor). I've seen one trafo per rail, or one really huge trafo for all rails. We also got a choice of which output module to use (S, HD, EHD), and IEC sockets, DC wire leads, etc etc. You can even choose your own custom chassis, which I did. Re
  8. Here you go: fob69 found it a good improvement over his modded tplinks.
  9. Nope. But I just got the Delock, following fob69’s lead. Expect that to have a nice improvement over the switching regulators in the tplink.
  10. Currently planning to power my server, mutec, rednet and FMC. Four rails, four trafos total.
  11. Yes that's the plan- and also one of the reasons I upgraded my SR4 order to SR7
  12. As one of the happy 29, I must admit I knew for a while that Paul was planning to wind down the custom business. I don't blame him- it obviously causes much angst, only applies to a select part of the population, and doesn't apparently make people as wildly happy as a ~$500 PSU. But then that's what the SR4 represents, which happily for Paul he's been able to get out quickly, efficiently and on time. Purely from a commercial perspective if I were him I'd also choose that angle as the future of my business
  13. I have this problem too. Sometimes the sample rate stops changing as well if it stays this way for too long. Let me know if you find a fix!
  14. If anything, that tells me that the SR4s and SR7s are being manufactured differently, ie assembled and tested by different people. The SR7s are all hand-built by Paul himself, but the SR4s are not.
  15. For those who are looking at the SR7 (as opposed to the SR4). The SR7 can be adjusted downwards, at 0.1V increments, by up to 10V. So for example if you're looking to use 3.3V or even 5V, you may as well get 12V for more flexibility. When you adjust the voltage downwards the excess is given off by the regulator as heat so there may be some heat management issues which may necessitate a different chassis like the Streamcom FC9 or FC10, however Paul will calculate these for you and give you the best suggestion for what you're looking for.
  16. Was your build very customised? What did you order?
  17. I think the required parts got lost in transit for a while but they have been found again and their tracking has been updated so Paul feels confident he can get them soon.
  18. You are setting the sample rate of Rednet Control, not DVS. DVS is the sample rate on your computer, set by your player. This is saying you cannot set your computer to follow the rednet, which is the opposite of what you want to do. Yes I am using Windows. I don't touch my Rednet control in my listening sessions which includes songs at 44.1, 192, 96, etc. It takes about 2 seconds to change the sample rate, and it does so automatically, for each song with a different sample rate. Hope this helps!
  19. Yes, it is. It's been available in previous versions, though.
  20. Under sample rate follow, you can choose global or for just the rednet device- choose your computer to follow. They pretty much specifically built this feature for us audiophiles!
  21. I was exchanging PMs with someone from the JPlay forums and he mentioned he installed the PCIE R card to good improvements, and with that he no longer needs to use DVS either. Too bad my mini PC has no PCI slot.
  22. Does it?? Is it auto? I went from 2.1 to 2.03 and heard a decrease in SQ before going back up to 2.1.
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