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  1. More than enough VA to power a DAC or some preamps like the Freya.
  2. If memory serves me well, one for powering the DAC and the other for keeping it warm while in standby mode.
  3. Not to put words in his mouth but I believe a better way to to describe it is he is optimistic that they will yield no benefit pending further testing of the production version.
  4. Gen 5 made my Carbon/L700 combo unlistenable. It was way too harsh in the treble. Swap over to AES and everything was golden. Edit: and this was with using my LH Labs 20G to feed the USB port
  5. The question is will it sound better than AES? To my ears, Gen 5 doesn’t cut it.
  6. Karin, Thank you for the reply. 6w of heat per LT3045 in that for factor would be a lot to dissipate in that form factor. Damn engineering trade offs! -oneguy
  7. It was going to cost me $30 to mail a 6.6 lb. package from TX to HI. I ended up not selling the item because the sale price was only $90 so factoring shipping and PayPal fees it just wasn’t worth it. Shipping from China to Hawaii would have probably only been $7-10. Ain’t that something. I will say though that USPS is quite expensive compared to EMS overseas. I moved back to the US from Japan last July and whenever I would sell stuff bound for outside of Japan to anywhere other than the US or Canada, EMS was always the cheaper option. I’d only use USPS for the US (because I had domestic rates there) or Canada because for some reason EMS was more expensive there.
  8. -Floating - not connected to ground -Switches - Cisco SG100D-08 V2, Netgear FS105 V3 and FS108 V3 -Additionally, the inputs to the LPS-1 and LPS-1.2 Other switches that more than likely work: - Netgear GS105 v3 or higher and GS108 v3 or higher. I may be wrong on the version numbers of the GS series switches but if you run a search you can figure it out.
  9. Jesus, I just sent you an email about this so it doesn’t take up bandwidth here.
  10. Just purchased one. I’ll make copy of the next one so I don’t have to spend $20 if the OS poops the bed again. And of course after I purchase it I gain access to manage to the uR after cycling the power twice... I have no idea why it’s being so buggy.
  11. I don’t think network errors are the problem because nothing else on the network is having an issue. What the easiest way to get the the OS reloaded on the SD card?
  12. Any reason why it cannot be accessed through the sonicorbiter.com page “manage” button?
  13. I’m having issues with my ultraRendu. - I only get the green status like 80% of the time on power up. The other times is stays amber - on the sonicorbiter.com web page it says my uR is connected even when it’s powered off - I currently have the green status slight but I can’t access the user interface of the uR. Any suggestins?
  14. Except for isolation from the access point that it is connected to unless the WiFi is internal. This is the same inherent problem with optical, you still need to complete the final connection with a wired solution unless your device natively reads the optical signal or has internal WiFi.
  15. I have misspoken is actually leakage currents and not noise. Here are are the posts in the FS series and Cisco switches. There may be some overlap. https://www.computeraudiophile.com/search/?&q=Fs105&author=JohnSwenson&search_and_or=or https://www.computeraudiophile.com/search/?&q=Cisco&author=JohnSwenson&search_and_or=or&sortby=relevancy ”The old Cisco is just slightly better, but very difficult to find, these Netgears are the current production models you can get almost anywhere. In addition the Netgears do not have the adjacent jack issue that the Cisco does.“ There may be another post about using the ports at the opposite end, i.e. ports 1 and 8, but the restriction on using may just be my interpretation of the above quote. The info may brain is kind of old but the links should clear it up. Here’s the only test I recall:
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