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  1. Bump. Transformer is boxed up and ready to ship. The dimensions are 16”x10”x12” at 57lbs. PM me if interested.
  2. The case and the Roxul inside the case help dampen the noise which I would say is about the same as a mini-fridge. This is the second quietest (of 5) 1kVa and larger topaz transformers I have heard. The five being two 5 kVa units, two 2.4 kVa units and 1 kVa unit.
  3. Correction to the above post. The last line sh “This is the larger one in its case and it’s fuseholder. I didn’t snap many build picks of the smaller one.” Here are the only internal pics I do have of the one being sold. These were taken when I was in the process of trimming the stock Topaz case to shoehorn it in there. This highlights the lack of extra room present with the 91002-32 in this one versus the same model transformer in the larger case. The extra dead space would cost more to ship hence why I am selling my second cased build instead of my first one.
  4. It’s a stock Topaz in an aluminum case with an EMI resistant fuse holder. The idea was to provide extra shielding so that the power coming of the multiple outlets is as noise free as possible. This is actually my second one to build from a 2.4kva Topaz. My other one is in a similar looking case that’s larger. This particular case was bought off of a guy on head-fi but can be found on eBay in various sizes. The larger case I own was bought on eBay. This is the larger one in its case and it’s fuse. I didn’t snap many build picks of the smaller one.
  5. Yeah sorry, I copied my post from another forum instead of re-typing it. $300 + shipping and PayPal fees.
  6. I have one NEW AND UNUSED Topaz 91091-31 transformer left for sale. These are great for use with DAC, headphone amps and pre-amps to clean up the noise coming from your mains. It can be configured to input or output 120v/240v and can also be wired for balanced power. I am asking $111 shipped including PayPal and insurance. An example of one wired up can be seen below. I can wire it for an additional charge or provide the bulk wire and plugs and you can do it yourself.
  7. I am a selling one of my larger Topaz Isolation transformers. I have 7 total Topaz/MGE units so I am trimming down again. Please see below for specifics. The listed price is net to me. Shipping from 78414. Topaz 91002-32 2.4kVa 0.0005pF -Hospital grade receptacles all wired in parrellel with equal length wire so all plugs have the same amount of wire between them and the transformer -All wiring 10 awg milspec silver plated copper wiring with Teflon insulation -Rhodium plated IEC inlet -FHN55W Fuse holder 55lbs 8oz 12.25” long 8.75”wide 9” tall You can use these dimensions for shipping estimates. Packed it will be slightly bigger by about 2” in all directions.
  8. I am selling a Sonore ultraRendu, Sonore DC-4, and UpTone LPS-1.2 all in mint condition. The LPS-1.2 will come with the original box and all original accessories including the power supply. I’ll have to dig through my closet to see if I kept the box for the ultraRendu but either way it will be packaged very well. The total price is $1,025 including shipping and PayPal fees. If you have any questions, PM me.
  9. More than enough VA to power a DAC or some preamps like the Freya.
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