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  1. I need to buy a new turntable, nothing to expensive but I would like a decent turntable. I have an amp with phono preamp so I dont need the turntable to have a built in preamp, I dont need usb or bluetooth. However I play alot of 12" E.Ps as well as albums so I do need a simple 33/45 rpm switch, also I dont mind manually putting the tone arm down but I do need autoreturn when the record finishes, this is because my wife also play records whilst doing things in other rooms and often she just totally forgets about the record when it has finisihed. I really like the look of the Pro-Je
  2. SongKong 6.9 Mercury Music tagger now released, Full details at https://community.jthink.net/t/songkong-6-9-mercury-released-24th-april-2020/8975
  3. SongKong 6.5 Doolittle now released, contains more than thirty fixes and improvements
  4. SongKong 6.4 Treasure is now available This release contains more than twenty bug fixes, but we have also added a number of nice improvements.
  5. Songkong 6.3 Psychocandy is now available. Reports now has Browse by Artist/Album In this new release we have introduced a new section called Browse by Artist/Album. This group the songs by the album artist and album metadata and lets you browse the songs in this grouping. This shows all songs processed by Fix Songs, not only the songs that SongKong actually modified. We show artist and album artwork if SongKong has it, and also add badges indicating how many songs exist for this metadata and how many change. This new section of the report mirrors the kind of view you would
  6. This may be of interest to you @julsay SongKong Music tagger now supports adding artist images (as well as album images), and this includes images for composers and conductors and performers not just the main artist
  7. SongKong 6.2 Hunkpapa now available with major performance improvements, please see http://blog.jthink.net/2019/06/songkong-62-hunkpapa-performance.html for full details. We are offering 20% discount for purchases of SongKong Pro, reducing the cost from £40 to £32, the promotion is for two weeks just enter code AUDIOPHILEZZZ to get discount, any questions please ask.
  8. We are delighted to announce that SongKong is now available for the unRAID OS
  9. SongKong 6.1 Elephant now available. This now includes support for finding artists images, these can be added to the music files themselves but also if you have your music organized by AlbumArtist/Album it can store the albumartist as a folder.jpg within each artist folder. For example using MinimServer and browsing by folder it can now pickup the folder images and display them instead of the default folder icon. Screenshot below shows Kinsky control point being served by MinimServer
  10. SongKong 6.0 Fumes now available, includes: - multiple configurations known as profiles - reworked modern bootstrap reports - better performance Available for Melco N1 Music Server, PC, Mac, Linux, Docker, Synology Intel Disk Station and QNAP Nas Please see this link for more details: http://blog.jthink.net/2019/03/songkong-60-fumes-now-with-profiles.html
  11. Its not any kind of standard, just a decent free tag editor. Your example/tutorial is very readable and thorough - but to me it just highlights the problem with manual tag editing, its time consuming and error prone. Generally it would better to use autotagger for this kind of work but you say this was a problem with an evaluation Cd , and online databases are incomplete so maybe that is not a possibility. Adding to the list of Mac taggers are our own SongKong and Jaikoz. Note that SongKong provide manual editing for free, and Jaikoz allows access to all functions but just limits
  12. SongKong 5.15 Crocodiles now available, includes - splitting of IsCompilation to IsCompilation and IsGreatestHits fields - rename masks for HD albums - improved song only matching - improved Albunack Disc Id matching Please see this link for more details: http://blog.jthink.net/2019/03/song-515-crocodiles-released-5th-march.html
  13. Hi One and a Half Firstly, thanks for taking the time to take a look at Jaikoz. You are correct it would have made more sense to label the records starting from one rather than zero, unfortunately this decision was made back in 2007 and whilst it is planned to set to one that planned change always seems to get usurped by other developments. But it is simply the record number rather than the track number, the track number is a separate editable field. Now if you load some songs into Jaikoz it will show the existing metadata so if the Track No field is empty that simply means that these so
  14. paultaylor

    Why Roon?

    You do have to add the add credits either at recording or release level in MusicBrainz, you cannot add to groups of tracks but apart from that timesaver I don't quite see how MusicBrainz prevents you adding the data you want to add, how the data is actually displayed either by MusicBrainz or Roon may not be quite as you like it but the information can be added to MusicBrainz.
  15. Its worth noting that even if you have the metadata in the Wav file dbPoweramp may only convert the standard basic metadata correctly. Custom metadata such as stored in an ID3 TXXX field will be converted as is which may be incorrect. For example the standard MusicBrainz identifiers are different for ID to Flac so if you convert to Flac you'll have the field converter but it now have the wrong field name. e.g. a MusicBrainz enabled application will expect the ArtistId to be stored as MusicBrainz Artist Id (within a TXXX field) for Wav for Mp3 but as MUSICBRAINZ_ARTISTID for Flac or
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