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  1. With my current DSL internet, my setup is modem ---> router --->Telegartner M12 Gold Switch ---> dCS streamer. I also have a Roon Nucleus with an SBooster power supply. The sound is quite good but I'm hoping the move to fibre will allow even better quality of sound. I've already gone down a rabbit hole which has afforded many hours of joyful listening...
  2. Thanks, Bobflood...Dou you have any links or book suggestions?
  3. Thank you for all the input. I confess: I am a neophyte when it comes to the finer points of internet connection. Perhaps unnecessarily, I was thinking that having a separate pathway, in this case ATT's fibre optic, sans phone, etc., would provide a cleaner signal. Not true? How does one go about making sure the network inside our home is tuned well? Thank you!
  4. We have a DSL line for phone and internet with a local company, Sonic, employing a modem and router. ATT is installing a separate fibre optic line with an ONT which I will connect to my streamer. Our neighborhood supports DSL, cable, and fibre optic. Is that more clear?
  5. Currently I have DSL (via phone line) with a local provider which we will be keeping for phone, email, etc. This weekend we are having ATT fibre optic connected for audio streaming only. I'm not sure of the data plan. Thanks for your response!
  6. There is probably a thorough discussion on the fibre optic vs. cable vs. DSL question as it relates to streaming for a two channel audio system. If not, for those who have thoughts on this I'd appreciate hearing what are the advantages and disadvantages to each. Thank you!
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