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  1. I get it now.My modem was set to bridge mode so just using as modem.I could change back to default and do what you recommend.Thanks
  2. Okay didn't know you could hook a switch to modem before router or wifi access point.
  3. Working so far with latest release
  4. Miska any ideas. Worked fine with previous version ?
  5. Trying latest version of HQPlayer embedded OS.Every time i try to play music my naa device the network audio window closes ?
  6. Miska looking for your opinion .I was thinking of using a wired router from my modem and connect my HQPlayer PC, My Roon Rock PC,and and my naa nuc to it .Then run cable to my wireless router for wifi and remaining connections.Thanks
  7. No i mean two routers.Main router would be wired then second router hooked to wired router as a access point only for wi-fi
  8. Would there be any advantge to running a wired router.Thinking of running a wired router to my hqplayer pc,roon rock pc and the intel nuc naa.Then connecting my wireless router to wired router for wireless.?????
  9. It boots up and runs fine just get the error message when Hqplayer O/S finishes booting up,
  10. Another ? .When I was trialing HQPlayer O/S on my asus motherboard i was getting error code 00.The code says not used.Also when i was trialing had to go back into my bios to correct time and date.Everything works as supposed to when running O/S ?
  11. HQPLayer 4 Embedded for linux license also covers HQPlayer O/S
  12. Outlaw

    HQ Player

    Had this issue a few months ago and today.Couldn"t get music to play.Went to my nuc with naa and the screen kept rolling saying discovery then dissconnet in a continous loop ?
  13. Outlaw

    HQ Player

    Well good for you
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