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  1. Will the 2nd choice perform better if no GPU involved with a 8086k CPU
  2. Is the latest build HQPlayer embedded focal only for amd ?
  3. Hi Miska.I noticed when i check about it says licencse trial.Reload license key still says trial.Did not make any changes ? The reason I checked music was stopping after half hour
  4. Can someone explain this one.In HQPlayer client I get ip address set in Roon all works well with Roon or HQPlayer by itself.When I go into router settings ip adress shows different then one found in HQPlayer client.How can that be ?
  5. I'm running sinc-l 44.1 to dsd 256 asdm7 runs fine.Drop outs with ec filters.CPU 8086K
  6. With sinc-l is 16gb enough memory.And is higher memory speed recommended ? Thanks
  7. Also should i always update the linux images and headers as they become available ?
  8. Dac is powered up all the time.Dont change input.
  9. With Roon or without.Happens every time the pc with HQPlayer Embedded is shut down and then restarted.
  10. Every time after a listening session.
  11. No just the NAA is powered on all the time.Don't close Windows NAA window.No when I hit play no music.Have to hit apply in web page then music plays.
  12. NAA on intel nuc windows 10 powered on all the time.
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