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  1. In Windows format only gives me ntfs and exFAT.Will exFAT work ?
  2. External drive is formatted in NTFS IS THAT SUPPORTED BY LINUX .
  3. Okay got to play.Do you have a step by step on explaining on how to find my external drive.Have basic computer skill but if given a step by step explanation I can follow thanks
  4. What’s best way to figure what’s best way to figure the address of rhe HQPlayer machine is ? Also my music is stored on external ssd drive .How to I configure it with HQPlayer embedded ?
  5. also what format should the usb thumb drive beformatted in for hqplayer embedded
  6. Cant get HQPlayer embedded to work with naa or hooked straight to dac.Also i see in start up script fail to mount run/media/sda5 ?
  7. tried connecting directly yo dac says still cant connect tp hqplayer
  8. Thanks for you help.I have had enough for today.
  9. Are you using a naa with your set up.I see in your set up in network audio backend device says current (naa combo384 amanero USB audio.i see my dac in that window but no option to include naa?
  10. i cant select null for network audio backend.All other settings look thesame
  11. do you have a screen shot of your settings.Use a a hqplayer naa .Cant find my dac in settings ? Cant connect to hqplayer
  12. also getting message cant connect to hqplayer.
  13. also said failure to run media/dev/.It cant find my music on external hard drive ?
  14. if i boot from the usb stick then how can roon run if im not running ubuntu and roon server which is on ubnutu 18:04.Missing a step ?
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