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  1. yes, I can scan the air, the network is found, bur after inserting the correct password nothing happens. It ends up with the same factory configuration. I have also tried to do it manually. No way. It seems a bug, as I have no issues with other devices connecting to my netgear orbi mesh network.
  2. I have been following the instructions on the "Dietpi_wifi.pdf" paper, but the DigiOne Player cannot connect to my wifi network. Each time I try it remains stuck on the factory preset "SSID : MySuperDooperWiFi | 0 Mbit | Strength: 0". What am I doing wrong? Where can i read a log of what did not work?
  3. Hello, I am trying to connect to the DigiOne to a device that has a 9 pin mini din input. I have a 9 pin mini din to male 3.5mm adapter, but I have no 3.5mm female to RCA adapter. What could I do? Does a 9 pin mini din to digital RCA male adapter exist? Are the Mono 3.5mm to RCA adapters good for a digital connection? Best regards
  4. I see intermittent uploads on regular periods. See the picture below: Beware that the upload traffic is indicated in red with a reversed axis (read top-down). Anyone is having the same?
  5. Hello, I have subscribed the Amazon Drive unlimited plan. I am now using the official AD app for the mac but syncing is slow so badly that makes the whole service useless. The problem I see is that the upload proceeds full-steam for few minutes and than the transfer speed is cut to 1 KB as if there was a limitation imposed by Amazon on the data to be uploaded. Does anyone know what is the problem?
  6. Yes I am, it cleans the signal but does not isolate completely as the ISO-hub and the ISO-regen. This is the reason why I say that it does it partly, and it is the reason why I started thinking that its purchase could come first.
  7. The endpoint has its advantages, but I could sit the server close to the dac initially. It is a fanless NUC running roon rock. The fact is that the microrendu, beyond being an endpoint, also breaks the ground loop, so it partly covers the isolator role. Of course their combined use is the best option but it becomes expensive. I started with the idea of buying the isolator but then I discovered a lot of threads raving for the microrendu and I read about its inherent capability of delivering a clean USB signal to the dac, not affected by the noise produced by the server. So I started wondering t
  8. Hello, can anyone help guiding the decision? I cannot afford both the microrendu and the USB isolator/regenerator. Which one should come first as an investment? Where would you put your money first to improve the quality of the audio system?
  9. I am novice about SACD ripping, so I have an exploratory question. The Oppo BDP-103 can output the DSD stream via HDMI. Isn't there any possibility to inject the DSD stream into a PC/MAC via an HDMI Audio de-embedder + some other hardware and record the pure digital stream on the hard disk?
  10. Hello Mr Wicked. I have just stumbled into this thread. Did you manage to produce the drives? Can they still be ordered and what would be the delivery time?
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