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  1. The sotm Tx-USBexp with the sclk-48 clock sounds very good in my server. It costs around 750 dollar/euro with and 350 without clock. You can power the USB card and or clock externally to lift it up even more. I’ve red that the jcat (750 euro, no external clock) is better then the sotm card without the sotm clock, not sure how it compares in combination with clock to the jcat.
  2. The modified Hdplex 200w has finaly arrived. The build feels very solid and internal inspection didn’t result in any flaws. The custom made atx cable from Ghent had arrived in januari already and was waiting eagerly to be tested, though it will have to wait a little bit longer (see picture) I tested the “regular” 12v output on an old media streamer which only handles 12v and it worked. Then I tested the modified 12v, which originally was 19v. Larry from hdplex modified it, because I need 2 x 12v outputs, one for CPU and one for atx. The other 2 adjustable outputs will be set at 3.3 and 5v for the atx conversion. The midified 12v worked on the media streamer as well. The next step was to power a celeron itx pc running Windows 10 by one of the 12v outputs. It uses an dc to atx converter. This pc looks a lot like my dedicated music server, though the latter is much more advanced and tweaked. This test is running flawlessly now (see picture). The next step will be running the spare celeron pc, but this time with the full atx conversion, using all 4 ouputs from the 200w. This will be a long test of at least 4 days in a safe environment to see how stable it will be using Jriver upsampling flac to 24/192. After this test I will use one 12v rail to power my entire supermicro x10sba based music server. This way I can compare the hdplex with the sotm sps500 on which it is running now. After that I will install the full atx on the music server and see what kind of an improvement it will bring. If all goes well I’ll might sell the sps500 and buy a second hdplex 200w to power ssd, sotm usb card, sotm clock and in the future a jcat network card. For the record, I use a one box, low profile windows server 2016 machine. No dsd, no Xeon or Intel core, no audiolinux or what so ever and plan to stay on this boat for at least the next few years. So far, HDplex and Ghent Audio have bin really supportive and a charm to work with. Last but not least, thank you @LTG2010for your support so far, could not have done it without you.
  3. Hello @activist38 welkcome to the forum and thank you for sharing your experiences
  4. The general consensus is that it does degrade soundquality. To what degree I can’t answer that. I’ve used a Y-split cable to power an sms200 and an uptone regen and could not hear an increase in sound when I powered them separately. A phono pre-amp on the other hand is quite sensitive, so a combination with a pc would not be my first choise. I would definately separate digital from analog.
  5. Volt x amperage = watt. So the hdplex is rated 19 x 10 = 190 watt. Look in the specs of the devices you want to power, do the math and keep it below 190 watt. For pc look at the TDP value (watt) of the processor and multiply this by, say, 1,5 for the rest of the components. Pm me if you need further help.
  6. The configuration of an audio pc (both hardware as Operating system as software) and therefore the sound quality of an audio pc can range from bad to top of the bill. It’s no use to compare an audio pc in general to a sotm sms200.
  7. The SMS200 (with music on an NAS) has bin in my chain for almost 2 years. Then I started experimenting with Windows Server 2016 with Audiophile Optimiser feeding my DAC directly. It was a simple passive cooled Celeron PC. The soundquality outperformed the sms200 and realised it had huge potential. From there on I started optimising the server and this is still ongoing. Besides the high sound quality and the flexibility it is very much fun to do.
  8. This OEM power supply is not for the consuming market.
  9. Larry informed me the earlier mentioned problems are being solved by a lower current limmit and a bigger heatsink. I feel confident they’re taking this seriously. This has caused some delay, shipment will be next week.
  10. Yes I do. It now runs Jriver without issues, before that I used HQplayer without any problem. Upsampling to PCM 24/192 works like charm. The processor never reached 25% load. It runs with 4GB ram and an old sata2 ssd in Windows server 2016 I have no experience with higher upsampling in PCM or with DSD or AL
  11. Thank you for your respons. A good friend of mine, who is an engineer, basicly said the same. The addressed problems are below what one would expect, at least in “western” standards. In case of low current the risk of fire is estimated very low so far. Nonetheless, I will test/ burn in for 200 hours in a safe environment. Still looking forward to it.
  12. The 200w I’m expecting somewhere at the end of this month will be on 24/7. This worries me a little bit since we’re having small children. Is this project work risking the safety of my family? To answer this I must estimate what the risks are and how big the chances are they will occur. Is catching fire one of them besides failing? Before used in my home I’ll probably let it run around 200 hours on a spair system in my garage with no combustible material in a range of 1 meter around it.
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