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  1. It’ll be interesting to hear what they have to say. I tried again this morning and had the same result. Thanks for taking another look at this.
  2. The advice is appreciated! I will check them out.
  3. Looking for a decent patch panel. 24 or 16 Cat 6 or 6x ports. Nothing expensive. Just something that has worked well for you. Any suggestions?
  4. I started another thread to see if anyone else might have some thoughts.
  5. I asked Kirk about this in his The Problem with Apple’s HomePods thread. He was able to get this working, but I haven’t. Here’s my problem: Updated to Catalina. Using Apple Music. The Remote app can see the music library, but won't start playback (tapping play or a song selects it, but won’t start it ). Anyone else having trouble with this?
  6. I’m still having trouble with this: Will keep trying. Thank you.
  7. Is there a way to remotely control Apple Music on the Mac that is similar to the way iTunes Remote controlled iTunes?
  8. All the best to you in your 75th! Hoping it brings you good health (and good speakers).
  9. Ha! They might be right about that (but old school doesn’t have to be bad). I don’t have any Sonus products. They are supposed to work with Roon. https://kb.roonlabs.com/Partner_Devices_Matrix Hope all goes well with your home and your music!
  10. I enjoy this too. Roon has a number of different ways to do it: https://kb.roonlabs.com/Displays
  11. Updated to Catalina. Using Apple Music. The Remote app can see the music library, but won't start playback (tapping play or a song doesn't do it). Is there a way to get this working?
  12. How did you get Remote to control Apple Music?
  13. That is too bad. I understand that Apple can and will do what they want. I do not understand the benefit of this limitation. Thank you for the information.
  14. Does upgrading to Catalina remove this limitation? If it does, great. If not, will the Apple Music app on a Mac be able to stream to a stereo pair of HomePods?
  15. Thank you. iOS streaming worked, but I couldn’t get anything from the Mac to the stereo pair without using iTunes.
  16. Thank you. iTunes was the only way to stream local files to a HomePod stereo pair. I’m glad Apple Music will do this and that the Remote app can control it.
  17. I’m using iTunes to stream my local files to a stereo pair of Homepods and Apple’s iPad Remote app to control it, but I know that will not be an option when I update. Have you heard how the Homepods in a stereo pair will work with Catalina? Can you control Apple Music on a Mac with an iPad app like Remote or only stream to the Homepods from the iPad? Thanks!
  18. Try here: https://community.roonlabs.com/t/how-do-i-move-my-library-over-to-roonserver/3195/2
  19. I would like to make it eight for Chopin Polish Songs. Thanks for this.
  20. Hello Dave, If you still have the iFi stuff, I have a PM for you. Regards, Jeff
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