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  1. Once I enable Cuda - I don't have a problem with running this filter - I guess it's better leave the reserved core settings the way it is. I was just curious as to why it was behaving differently. Thank you for the explanation.
  2. everything is at 44.1 if I try 48X512 - 100% CPU for over a minute, I had to kill HQP. I am not sure if T+A Dac 8 dsd supports 48Khz base rate. I'll try and find out. Update: The Dac supports 44.1 and 48Khz base clocks. I tried 96Khz PCM and it worked fine oversampling to 48X512
  3. I realized that when I did my tests earlier, I had the multicore setting set to Checked which resulted in stuttering on my i7-9700k with redbook to ASDM7EC and xtr filters at dsd 256. With Multicore set to "greyed out" I get no stutter and the CPU stays at 55 to 70% with no overclocking, running at clock speeds of around 4600 Mhz. The same settings were running at close to 100% on my i7-7700k overclocked, running at clock speed for 4700Mhz to 5000 Mhz (no stuttering) I ran some additional tests on my PC (i7-9700k + RTX 2080 ti) with and without Cuda, all three s
  4. Thank you Jussi for the results. I got really impatient over the weekend and upgraded CPU to i7 9700k - that didn't help at all. So, this morning I ordered 2080 ti, just installed and ran poly-sinc-xtr-lp from 44.1k to DSD at 44.1k x512 Success! Its running CPU at 28% and GPU at 48% - very similar to your results. I could have done without the CPU upgrade the GPU made all the difference.
  5. Thanks @Hammer. The cpu upgraded didn't help at all. So was a bit nervous before ordering the 2080. Couldn't decide if I should get the super or ti. I guess at 60% gpu on 2080 super, the TI will be an overkill, given the considerably higher price.
  6. Jussi had posted earlier that HQP recognises HT and as such it should not make a difference. @Hammer are you able to play asdm7 non ec with dad 512 with xtr with your 2080 super?
  7. I just upgraded the CPU to i7 9700k with z390 board and 3200 c16 ram. To my surprise it is stuttering on dsd256 asdm7ec xtr and using about 90% CPU overclocked at 4900mhz. The pc was only detecting one of the ram modules. So I opened it up to check on the second ram module. Disaster struck! My 4 year old managed to spill a little bit of hot chocolate on the motherbard while I was working on it. Now its not booting up I should have just stuck to my i7 7700k!
  8. 90 to 95% CPU without Cuda. With Cuda it comes down to around 50 to 60% on both GPU and CPU
  9. I too get stuttering when I turn Hyper threading on. With HT turned off, I can get the above settings to work with and without Cuda on my i7 7700k.
  10. On my Intel i7 7700k without Cuda - running XTR ASDM7 512 from redbook - I noticed that if I turn on Multicore DSP in settings, the CPU hits close to 100% on all 4 cores (I have Hyper threading turned off). If I disable Multicore DSP the CPU utilization comes down to around 58%. With Multicore enabled and Cuda enabled the CPU utilization comes down to 48% with GPU at 80 to 85% The audio stutters in all three cases.
  11. Direct SDM Enabled. I managed to solve the problem. I had Matrix Pipeline enabled to swap Left-Right channels. Disabling that fixed it. The T+A Firmware I installed for Linux flips channels for DSD. @miska any thoughts on which way to go - CPU or GPU upgrade for 512 xtr.
  12. I tried Hqplayer pro to generate DSF files upsampling redbook to dsd512 xtr asdm7 512. Strangely, the dsf file when played Direct DSD also stutters.
  13. Thank you. I really appreciate it. If I have to upgrade, I would rather upgrade my Processor/Motherboard than the GPU as the my Noctua HD15 with dual fan keeps the CPU very cool and runs pretty quiet as compared to a GPU running at something like a 70% load. But, if upgrading the GPU is a safer bet to get xtr @ dsd512 to work, I don't mind changing the GPU to a 2080 super or a TI
  14. Conversion from 44.1k to 22.5792 (I have auto-rate family checked).
  15. When I am converting from redbook to DSD512 with Poly-sinc xtr. The CPU stays at ~45% and the GPU is at ~80%. If I turn off Cuda, the CPU goes up to 95%. These settings result in constant stuttering. If I switch to xtr2 filters, then CPU usage is around 35% and 8% GPU - no dropouts.
  16. I am able to run 7EC with DSD 256 with GTX 1080 at 60% CPU and 60% GPU load. Much better! This runs without any dropouts. I have tried everything, but can't seem to get ASDM7 + 512 with poly-sinc-xtr @ 512 DSD to work. I am wondering if it would it help to upgrade to RTX 2080 or upgrade to i9 9700k processor instead.
  17. With Hyper threading enabled, the CPU usage comes down to around 80% and there is constant stuttering, which is a bit strange. I was a bit hasty in posting my earlier results, with Hyper threading disabled, I do get some stutter, but once or twice in a song and sometimes no stutter at all. i9 9900KS is not yet available in India. I could try upgrading from my GTX 1080 to 2080, or wait till the processor becomes available in India.
  18. Thank you for suggesting GentooPlayer. I was struggling to get my USB Sig to play DSD files without clicks and pops. I just tried Gentoo and it's playing perfectly all the way to 512 without any clicks or pops. I tried most of the OSes suggested on this thread and the only other OS that worked glitch free was Ropiee, but I couldn't install HQP on it and it didn't sound as good with Roon bridge. Thanks again Clipper for the suggestion.
  19. I managed to get 44.1 PCM -> DSD 256 working with ADM7EC + poly-sinc-xtr-lp running on my i7-7700k Overclocked to 4.7ghz with hyper threading disabled. CPU running at 98% with CPU temps around 69 C Now, I need to find a reasonably priced CPU which will run the above settings at 50% load!
  20. When I try 44.1 PCM to poly-sinc-xtr DSD 512, I get a lot of dropouts on my I7 - 7700k + GTX 1080 PC. The CPU runs at about 62% load without Cuda off load and with Cude off load, I get 25% CPU usage and 80% GPU usage. If only 62% of the CPU is used, I was wondering if the bottleneck is with RAM speed. I am currently using DDR 4 2400Mhz RAM. I am on Windows 10 home edition running HQP 3.25.6 The xtr filter at DSD256 runs without any problem and sounds wonderful.
  21. Yes, I am working with support to sort out the issue. Will update here, once it's sorted out.
  22. Thank you. I am using T+A Dac 8 DSD. As mentioned earlier, it was working fine with USBridge all these days.
  23. Hi @allo.com Very excited to get my hands on USBridge Sig after having used USBridge for over an year now. I just switched over from my USBridge to USBridge Signature, unfortunately, I am hearing drop-outs from time to time on 44.1 PCM and with DSD I am hearing a lot of dropouts. I am running diet-pi with HQP NAA over a wired network and everything else in the setup is same as it was with USBridge. FYI: USBridge was running DSD 512 over HQP NAA with zero dropouts all these days. Should I be doing an OS Update?
  24. I have been using Shanti since end of July to power my Allo USBridge. The USBridge is connected to SOTM txUSBUltra powered by SOTM SPS500 psu which connects to T+A Dac 8 dsd. The improvements with the SOTM txUSBUltra infront of T+A was significant and now the improvements with Allo Shanti on the USBridge is pretty significant too. I am not describing the improvements as its improved evrything! Can't wait to get my hands on the USBridge signature expected to be released this month.
  25. I am running PC (HQ Player) -> Allo USBridge -> SOTM TX-USBUltra with SPS 500 PSU -> T+A Dac 8 DSD The USB Ultra does take things to the next level and so did adding the recently released Allo Shanti LPS to the Allo Usbridge. After updating the firmware a couple of months back on the T+A, I have been up sampling to DSD 512 with no glitches at all.
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