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  1. Looking to add a DAC to my system. I've read, read, read lots of discussion, but am having a hard time finding actual comparisons of my top three choices. I'm bouncing between PS Audio Directstream Junior, Bryston BDA-3, Schiit Yggdrasil. Hard to try them all here in rural Iowa, but any insights, thoughts or experiences to fill in the picture for me would be helpful. My system currently is Roon (server on Linux) > Sonore > Parasound Halo Integrated > B&W CM10s. I'd like to add a DAC between the Sonore and the amp. 45% of library is ripped CD FLAC, 45% is hi-res PCM, 10% is DSD. My current setup doesn't seem to play DSD well, so I'm looking in that direction, BUT since I convert now, I could be convinced to go without.
  2. I'll try the dCS route this weekend as well. Not sure how it decides to send files at what rate. The files themselves are DSD64. I've struggled with this for a while, so I'm fine just letting Roon convert the tracks to PCM (I only have a few DSD albums). Thanks again for your help and direction. I'll let you know if I make a breakthrough.
  3. Hmm...I've confirmed with the manufacturer that it does, and there's no firmware update available. Specs 'up to 384kHz/32-bit PCM; DSD Native: DSD64, DSD128, DSD256; DSD over PCM (DoP) at 384kHz'. (http://www.parasound.com/pdfs/halo-integrated-manual.pdf). Tomorrow I'll try taking Roon out of the equation to see if the SOSE will send a DSD file straight from the NAS to the DAC.
  4. Well, I thought we were on to something! I just got home and tried again. In the system output for my (mac) Roon server, I set 'Fixed Volume' and checked 'Max Device Volume'. I set the SOSE to DoP (and clicked save). The signal path now shows bit perfect lossless, but I'm back to just a very quiet static while the track is playing. No music. Perhaps I'm just destined to not play DSD files. Thanks again
  5. Here's a two-part pic of the diagnostic screen with the Roon Ready setting at DoP: Here it is at native DSD: Thanks for all the help!
  6. Yeah, I might be causing confusion in my attempt not to flood the thread with images. This shot, with native DSD selected, will play DSD files, but they aren't listed as bit perfect (see pic 1 in post #44). Maybe that's normal, but seems not. If I change this drop-down to DoP (I can send a pic, but trust me, I set it, click save...) it just plays a very soft static. The 'progress bar' looks like it's playing. It at first seems silent. If I crank the volume, it is just a soft fuzzy static. So to recap, 'native DSD' plays the DSD file, but the signal path looks like it is converting DSD to PCM. Just checking to see if this is normal or not? If it's set to DoP, I get nothing (but static). If it's set to 'none', it plays, but also shows converting to PCM in the signal path.
  7. Hmm...Roon 1.2 build 157 (the latest, I think) and I did do the Settings/Roon Ready on the SonicOrbiterSE hitting save...pic attached:
  8. Hello, I currently have a mac mini and SonicOrbiterSE based roon setup. QNAP NAS -> MacMini -> SonicOrbiterSE -> Parasound integrated amp (via usb) -> B&W CM10s. I may add a Yggdrasil DAC in between the SOSE and amp, maybe not... Works pretty well, but I'm tinkering. I'd like to move the mac mini out and onto other duties. I've considered building a linux based NUC, but am leaning toward the sonicTransporter solution since I keep reading there's a touch of magic (or, super focused audio build that I probably don't have the skills to compile in linux on my own). Two questions: I have around 15K tracks on the NAS. Can't imagine I'll add 9K more in the near future, but is the only difference between the regular sonicTransporter and the i5 the size of the internal SSD? I see SGC has a nice package with the ST and the microRendu. Will I get a significant improvement by swapping the SOSE with the microRendu, or are the very close to similar? Thanks for any insight...
  9. Hi, I'm having some trouble with DSD files...I have a Roon -> Mac mini -> SonicOrbiterSE -> Parasound Integrated Amp (which does DSD) If I have the SOSE set to DoP, I just get soft fuzzy static while the song plays. When I have it set to native DSD, it plays, but appears to convert to PCM. Is this normal? (see attached) When I have SOSE set for 'non' under DSD, it shows the same converted chain as in pic 1. Since it's working as 'native DSD', I guess that's okay and really more of a curiosity, but I neurotically worry about the non-bit perfect path reported, though. Thanks
  10. Thanks for the advice so far. Yep, already threw my name into the Mr Wicked project, just in case. Not sure I need another DAC. Happy with the one built into my Parasound. (Only other DAC that's caught my eye is the Schiit, which doesn't do DSD anyway, so to leverage SACD, it's back to ripping or a player.) Also, straight up 2 channel audio...no need for surround, video or hdmi. That's why I was hoping to get a sense for the CD layer on SACDs and it's relative quality to otherly-mastered CDs or the DSD layer (albeit at lower sample rates, etc.). Hoping to save the player and loss of space (which is nonexistent) in the rack. But if I player is the best route, I'm not opposed. Knowing those requirements (2 channel, audio only, high quality) are there *smaller* options than the Oppo 105?
  11. There seem to be many well reviewed recordings available on SACD. I don't have an SACD player. I have the right PS3 for ripping SACDs to DSD, but the firmware is at 4+, so no go. And regardless, my DAC like's PCM. SO. Are the hybrid SACD's worth it, for ripping the redbook layer? I think I understand that the mastering is usually the same, so a well regarded SACD should be a pretty decent 44.1/16 set of files, correct? Thoughts on the value of a well regarded hybrid SACD vs. a regular CD or a 96/24 hi res download? Or should I bite the bullet and explore an SACD transport?
  12. Diving deeper into high end audio… I have a nice AV surround setup for movies. Onkyo TXNR818 driving 5.1 JBL Studio speakers. I really want to improve the quality of my stereo listening (which I now do more than movies). I had been planning on building a second, stereo only system. I still may. But reading everywhere has led me to HT Bypass as a concept to utilize much of my current setup and space. But I need a head check to make sure I understand it all. The Onkyo has pre-outs for all 7.1 channels. These are RCA plugs. If I understand correctly, I can use dedicated *stereo* integrated amp with pre-in and home theater bypass functionality, correct? So here’s what I’m thinking… Same Onkyo/JBL setup for movies/tv/games, but replacing the left and right fronts with better speakers. I’m leaning toward and trying out B&W 683s and GoldenEar Triton 5s (or similar). I’m thinking around $2K-$2500 for speakers. I route the pre-outs for left front, right front, and sub from the Onkyo to a separate stereo integrated amp. For this I’m leaning toward the Parasound Halo Integrated or the Cambridge Audio 851A. Not sure the 851A has bypass, but it seems like it. Can anyone confirm? Are there other amps I should consider? I like the sound of the Class A, A/B of these two… I’ll be using a Mac Mini dedicated to music usb’d right to the system, probably with Audirvana. I am considering a separate DAC. I like the Schiit Yggdrasil or maybe the Mytek Stereo192-DSD. First, would those be an improvement over the built in DACs in the aforementioned (or similar) integrated amps, or overkill? Thoughts on a Mac Mini -> Schiit/Mytek DAC -> Parasound/Cambridge Audio amp [looped with Onkyo 818 for video] -> B&W/GoldenEar? Am I close to respectable, missing something, overshooting, or overlooking alternatives? Thanks for any advice…planning for an interesting, hopefully exciting winter...
  13. Using Mac Desktop client, I can play individual tracks just fine. If I play an album or playlist, it will play a song, and at the end of the song, the 'play/pause' icon changes to a spinning wheel and just spins, failing to advance to the next song in the track. If I click on the next song, it will play fine, then repeat the spinning at the end of that song. Is there a trick to getting Tidal to advance on it's own through a playlist?
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