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  1. Well, I can say a bit but these things are very subjective. Quite a few top-rated speakers seem to me tuned for maximum impact rather than coherent and integrated musicality. I felt the Confidences absolutely had that, to a really unusual extent, completely engaging even at a show, and they have remarkable bass too for their size. When it comes to the highest-end speakers I like Gamut which also have that integrated feel as opposed to Magico which initially impress but become tiresome to my ears. Sorry to be less than articulate in description, but if I had the money in pocket I'd go for the Confidences without hesitation unless I had an enormous room.
  2. Agree the Vinnie Rossi room was great, enveloping, generous – if I were starting out and had the necessary in my pocket, and weren't a twitchy audiophile, that would be perfect. The Dynaudio Confidence 20s were something too, glad to have heard them. I became increasingly disaffected by vast boxes and cables like invasive pythons (not to mention monster loudspeakers playing small-group female vocal jazz, thwack, twang, brush), and the VR room was the antidote. Nagra plus Kharma was the best sound overall, but that's getting back into crazed audiophile territory.
  3. Apologies for the exasperated post. Now sounding very good.
  4. OK, cycled the DAC a few times and now it shows. Thanks!
  5. No, did this, doesn't work. The DAC which had been listed and is connected has gone, refreshing just tells me there's no DAC connected.
  6. OK, I was stupid enough to do this upgrade and now nothing will find my ultrarendu. The Sonictransporter is fine and my other Roon endpoints show up on my iPhone and iPad, but I have rebooted time and again, updated the Roon app on the rendu, re-signed into app switch, rebooted my computer, restarted the roon software, tried everything I can think of, but my headphone system is totally inaccessible. Why didn't I just get another aurender...
  7. Qobuz sound is better than Tidal, and I found Roon sound inferior to Audirvana Plus until I detached from the laptop, splurged on an ultrarendu, ps and NAS and voila, Audirvana now pales in the shade...
  8. Before I write to Qobuz to inquire about transferring nationality I'm wondering if anyone knows whether the US version has significantly more files withheld for copyright reasons than the French version. Or for that matter, knows anything about comparative pricing, since I buy quite a large number of highres albums from Qobuz.
  9. As a matter of interest and as an original French subscriber living in the US, why did you transfer to the US version? And how? I continue with the French version which works perfectly with Roon.
  10. Had an interesting experience when decoupling my headphone system from Mac Book Pro by using Ultrarendu. I have a Sony TA-ZH1ES headphone amp that upsamples to DSD, and I found that running Audirvana without upsampling and using the Sony for upsampling produced much the best sound quality. Switching to the Ultrarendu with a network server I was dismayed by the flat sound and digital hash. Then to my relief I discovered that upsampling to DSD in Audirvana was transformative (I'm using SOX). Whether or not I leave upsampling selected in the Sony is immaterial as it doesn't do anything with incoming DSD. You just never know... (at least I don't, as I have no idea about the reason for these contrary results). John
  11. As obsessional audiophiles we move rapidly into kvetching, wish-lists, error-identification. I just want to say thank you for this new version. MQA files through my Mytek Brooklyn sound sensational, significantly better than through Tidal's app. And I agree that the sound improvement is across the board. This software is a great achievement.
  12. Compared just one track, Beyonce's Hold Up, first streaming from Tidal desktop app on Mac, Tidal Master, through Brooklyn DAC. MQA light doesn't show, but does indicate 32/44.1 resolution and sounds very good. Then Tidal hifi version via Audirvana also through Brooklyn DAC. MQA light comes on! Shows 16/44.1, but sound is definitely superior to desktop version. In fact it's wonderful. Problem is that via Audirvana can't find Master recordings – have to check out on Desktop first... Just an update – Dr John's Gris Gris sounds mesmerising in MQA.
  13. I've been enjoying my Brooklyn very much and as I mentioned before I'm using iFi USB3 as well as Qualia Physic. Just wanted to mention that in an exploratory moment I removed the expensive USB cable I introduced between computer and iFi and put back the stock cable that came with the iFi. And yes there was a significant, unmistakable difference. The stock cable is much better! I have swopped to and fro and there's no question. Could this be because the replacement was USB2 and the stock is USB3? Would that account for it?
  14. Dear Simon In answer to your ps, I'd say probably. I was delighted by a recent power amp renovation. I've reached the point with my main system where it seems well-balanced and sounds great (need to updare my signature line), and if I were to upgrade to the speakers of my dreams I'd have to upgrade the power amp very expensively, and that's not going to happen. I started playing with the desktop system having reached that point. I could try swapping my Mytek and all its bits and pieces into the main system, and who knows, it might sound a mite better. I can't really be bothered. I'll wait until the field has changed enough to make a DAC upgrade on the main system look necessary rather than a nice possibility. I had the psu on the Mytek before the iFi. The iFi made the more immediate difference, but then, the psu has a long run-in time. I expect it will all sound better in time. I just posted a pic – tomorrow the last bit of USB cable should arrive to replace the iFi stock. That's it. Really.
  15. Middy - here's an image, I hope... https://imagizer.imageshack.us/v2/640x480q90/r/923/ZzEjdH.jpg
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