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  1. Thanks for the update re unit stopping! I hadn't been able to get back to my system after posting about the problem, and it's welcome news that it's being addressed.
  2. Aha! I have this problem too. I've had to shift upsampling to DSD 128 to my Sony headphone amp as upsampling from Roon into optical rendu using 2.8 will play for only a minute or so before rendu suddenly shuts down.
  3. Thought I'd tried everything too. Then I followed this advice: 2. Have you pressed Save in Settings. (solves most issues). And it turned out to be true. But maybe you did this. Scroll back a couple of pages in this discussion and consult the numbered list of stuff to check.
  4. This is helpful – thank you! Although I pressed Save in Settings after installing 2.8 and naming the DAC, I didn't do so again after an update, and touch wood, this seems to have worked - I'm 40 minutes into playing now anyway!
  5. As mentioned above, my experience is that 2.7 works perfectly with my Optical Rendu whereas 2.8 with the same settings and same chain, everything unaltered, will play for only a short time and then the light goes out on the Rendu. This is not down to the switch which is optical and is working perfectly with the main system and its Lumin streamer, it is not down to the SGC power supply which works perfectly with 2.7; it is hard to avoid the conclusion that this is a software problem. I have tried five or six times, swapping back to 2.7, and the behaviour is consistent.
  6. That's my experience too, 2.8 just shuts down after 5-10 minutes (optical rendu). Light goes out, and on rebooting sticks at red,. Revert to 2.7 and all works fine. Andrew ask me to return to SGC but sounds as though it's not just a glitch in the specific card.
  7. For someone who has two PSUs on his Naim 555 to say that 2 Ethergens is a bit over the top makes me smile...
  8. A late comment on this – in case it would help anyone pondering a similar move. I part-exchanged my Aurender X100L for a U1 simply so I could use Roon, which feeds from a server to my two other outlets. I hoped for a comparable sound quality. I was not prepared for an incomparably better sound quality, far more detail, much better separation. A bit too sharp at first but settled down. Of course that's not a top of range Aurender I was using, so to that extent an unfair comparison. Oh, aqd absolutely obviously bits are not just bits...
  9. This is a beautifully written article, and the account of the author's cognitively disordered child being treated with Mozart/white noise in Toronto is moving and caps the discussion of music's physiological effects (and pushes back against the idea that Neil Young is just cranky). It's too late to save my brain, but I'll cue up some Neil Young feedback on Roon nonetheless.
  10. Yes, it's a Luxman DA-06, I'll get an AES cable (another expense!). The wait is driving me crazy!
  11. 'Sound quality' is so much a matter of judgment/taste. For example: I have part-exchanged my Aurender X100L for a Lumin U1 and while waiting for the latter to arrive (out of stock at distributor, groan) I dropped the ultrarendu/ ultracap from my headphone system into my main system. First reaction was disbelief that everything sounds twice as fast and far more detailed. Then after ten minutes my ears started to hurt, and I realised the Aurender is turned to mid-range and the ultrarendu to high and low, and the high frequencies have a piercing and disturbing effect. I'm now using Roon to upsample to DSD which helps a bit but it's still uncomfortable. So I'm hoping the Lumin will split the difference (and arrive soon!). For now I conclude the Aurender may have been less detailed but was much more listenable... 'Better'? Well, for me yes.
  12. Well, I can say a bit but these things are very subjective. Quite a few top-rated speakers seem to me tuned for maximum impact rather than coherent and integrated musicality. I felt the Confidences absolutely had that, to a really unusual extent, completely engaging even at a show, and they have remarkable bass too for their size. When it comes to the highest-end speakers I like Gamut which also have that integrated feel as opposed to Magico which initially impress but become tiresome to my ears. Sorry to be less than articulate in description, but if I had the money in pocket I'd go for the Confidences without hesitation unless I had an enormous room.
  13. Agree the Vinnie Rossi room was great, enveloping, generous – if I were starting out and had the necessary in my pocket, and weren't a twitchy audiophile, that would be perfect. The Dynaudio Confidence 20s were something too, glad to have heard them. I became increasingly disaffected by vast boxes and cables like invasive pythons (not to mention monster loudspeakers playing small-group female vocal jazz, thwack, twang, brush), and the VR room was the antidote. Nagra plus Kharma was the best sound overall, but that's getting back into crazed audiophile territory.
  14. Apologies for the exasperated post. Now sounding very good.
  15. OK, cycled the DAC a few times and now it shows. Thanks!
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