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  1. bellhead

    HQ Player

    OOPS, I misunderstood, and the SDM Pack Method does indeed work! I am getting (it says during playback) 2.8224M resolution.
  2. bellhead

    HQ Player

    Thanks again Miska. OK, I will try the SDM Pack method. [EDIT: I tried SDM Pack and 256k but all I got was a distortion buzz and a quick move of the playback indicator sweep. I then dropped the SDM Pack method but still tried 256k and that did work, but the playback format says it is playing at 192k.] As far as I can see there is only one single Win 10 Chord driver download available for DAVE and other Chord DACs, and that's the WASAPI one I have. I have a question into Chord about this; I'll see if I get an answer. (There was some chatter about an ASIO driver for the Hugo, but it was said to be unstable and no longer available.)
  3. bellhead

    HQ Player

    Thank you for all your help. Although I am still using WASAPI, I at least am getting 768k PCM output now, and the sound is excellent.
  4. bellhead

    HQ Player

    If I select ASIO, I just see my Creative soundcard, not the Chord. (I also see a list of Jriver versions.) I see no other devices or anything about Chord.
  5. bellhead

    HQ Player

    Thanks Miska. I have a fairly powerful core i7 870 running at 2.93 GHz. For some reason, the Chord driver seems to always be in WASAPI no matter what software I use. Thanks.
  6. bellhead

    HQ Player

    Ha ha, I was afraid of that. OK, how do I get DSD output from HQ player? Are you sure? In the DSF/DSDIFF settings, the Direct SDM box is checked. (The Conversion Type is "traditional" and the Noise Filter is "standard" and the Integrator is IRR.) Thanks.
  7. bellhead

    HQ Player

    I am finding that Windows 10 HQ player is sounding very fine on my collection of dsf files. Any tips on the settings people use are welcome; my settings are below. (I just let HQ player default to whatever it does on installation.) I looked up the settings in effect and I see: Backend WASAPI (that's my Chord Driver). Device: Default Endpoint. SDM Pack: none. SDM Defaults: Oversampling: poly-sinc Modulator: ASDM7 Bit Rate: 48k x 512 When playing music, I see Format: 2.8224M/1/2 -> 96k. I bought HQ player a few months ago but I am new to it. I was using Jriver. I find it more focused and ambient than Jriver on dsd, with better staging and plumper textures. My DAC is a Chord DAVE (in DSD+ mode). I am mainly doing listening through headphones (Focal Utopia and others.) Thanks for any suggestions. So far, HQplayer is pretty awesome and does seem to be a significant sonic improvement to Jriver (and Audionirvana,which I also tried.) (I was using bit-perfect mode for playback in Jriver.)
  8. Just as an aside here since I think others in the thread might be interested, I tried HQ player for my dsf files and I'm really liking the sound of it. It seems more focused. I'll go to an HQ player thread to read and post more about this so as not to clutter up this thread. Thanks.
  9. Is it possible to create a physical SACD disc from my dsd or dsf files? I have an SACD player which is not currently set up as a DAC and requires actual SACD discs. (I also have a desktop setup with a DAC, but I want to use my SACD player too.) Thanks.
  10. Cambridge 752BD works like a charm. (It's an Oppo OS , so it's kind of an Oppo Clone.)
  11. As as aside, could anyone point (with a link) to a thread here on CA for opinions/recommendations on DACs that do well with DSD files? (I thought this thread would have people who are interested in that.) Thanks. (I don't want to derail this thread; I just thought a link or two would be helpful.)
  12. Thank you. Would you have any quick impressions of the Rossini with DSD-encoded files? (I have .dsf files.) Thank you.
  13. Any thoughts on this EMM vs. a Chord DAVE? (Please, anyone who has heard both EMM and DAVE sonics, you're impressions would be welcome.) I've been a fan of EMM since their first cd players. I have a DAVE for my desktop system and an EMM XDS1v2 for my old-school CD-based system. Somehow, I still like the EMM player better. There is more non-fatiguing sweetness and silkiness and more transparent bass and a sense of a more natural sound with more definition of texture. And the bass is more detailed. I never heard the Blu2 with the DAVE. I use (mainly now) Focal Utopia headphones for listening and do some speaker listening too.
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