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  1. Hi everyone, a question for Allo: I'm deciding whether to wait for the release of the new 100 W btl or buy Volt + D now How long will it take around the time the new product is released? last thing; it is possible to buy the bare Volt + D card, without case, potentiometer and various outputs. Thanks
  2. Sorry Phil, I expressed myself badly, I meant to say that the 2 services (Dhcp, nsi) must be enabled to allow assigning the Static IP Hello Anto 😊
  3. If you use the router you don't need static ip, if you connect 2 pc with cross cable you have to assign static ip before disabling the network, the network services however are the following: Dhcp, nsi Greetings AntoπŸ˜‰
  4. Tutti i servizi di rete possono essere disabilitati, ma Γ¨ necessario connettere il PC al router utilizzando un cavo Ethernet Greetings Anto
  5. Hi everyone, My experience is that AO version 3.00 is the lightest and fastest proposal so far! The sound is precise and natural, perfectly balanced! the right perfection between the maximum detail and an exceptional body. Very easy to install, it makes the system very light and fast with granitic stability. Great job Phil Greetings Anto πŸ˜‰
  6. I can't wait for the final version to be released... πŸ˜‹ will still be so much... 😡 Ciao Anto
  7. The function "ao - save_config.gfg" or similar would be very useful, so that with the next clean installations, you can reconfigure everything in one click with a command like this: "ao - my_config.cfg" or even with a service_tool.exe function Greetings Anto πŸ˜‰
  8. Hi all, for me the current version i.e. beta 36 is solid as a rock, I keep the secondary impiantino turned on even for several days! Another very important thing and that Phil has solved I think almost 100% of the problems of using any DAC on the market! Last thing, the sound quality; I have not yet managed to test it on the main plant, as it has no network card, but I am fully sure that it will not disappoint me!!! On the secondary system is very good! Greetings Anto 😊
  9. Simple curiosity... 😊 How much longer is it, roughly... To the release of the official version 3.0 Thank you Anto
  10. Ciao, probabilmente perchΓ© non hai disabilitato la firma del driver all'avvio (F8) Saluti Anto
  11. Each file has its own fingerprint. Thanks to a particular algorithm we can extract the MD5 code of each file that is made up of 32 alphanumeric characters. So each file has its own specific MD5 code that identifies it, just as the fingerprint of a finger identifies a person. https://www.board4all.biz/threads/microsoft-windows-server-2019-re-release-13-november.734959/ Have a nice day
  12. So the ISO that would sound better than the this: SW_DVD9_Win_Server_STD_CORE_2019_64Bit_English_DC_STD_MLF_X21-96581 I also use this ISO, and this is the MD5 value: f1222583e87a979c516e431d10ae0b16 As far as I know, standards and datacenters are the same, except that datacenter has more features unlocked, I don't think this can bring a SQ improvement. The best, or different sound could be attributed to the fact that this ISO is more mature. Confirm if you have the same MD5 value Greetings Anto 😊
  13. press F8 repeatedly on boot and this screen will appear see yellow instructions HD Driver, it's not strictly necessary, but it's not bad! Yes, use Driver installer helper to install your dac, The installation order jplay and Jriver is indifferent. Greetings Anto
  14. Hi all, I just tested the preview of the Beta 35, the audio drivers are no longer a problem! Now you no longer need to disable the driver signing at startup! Phil did a great job, he turned Server 2019 Core, from very grumpy is difficult, to a system affordable for everyone, and especially amazing from the standpoint of sound Quality! I think short version 35 will be available for Download. This is the procedure to follow: 1-Install FOD 2-install Ao 3-reboot by disabling the driver signature, then Service_tool and install Hd Audio driver, allow 6 red windows, exit. 4-Install the drivers of your DAC 5-Start Audiophile_core, proceed with optimization by allowing "Install Kernel Streaming ", go all the way, and then reboot. 6-on reboot, type DEVMGMT. MSC and verify that the audio drivers are installed correctly! Greetings Anto😁
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