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  1. I'm in exactly the same boat as you, using AK70 mk II. i think a good alternative is chord mojo/poly. but it is relatively new and is buggy. some have reported that it has been working with roon and audirvana smoothly. quite a few posts in the thread in head fi.
  2. I tried BDP LX58 and also doesn't eject like you. seems like Pioneer LX88 and LX58 should be taken off the list?
  3. Could someone please confirm if this works on Pioneer BDP LX58? So far i only see success on Oppo and CA, and Pioneer 160 and 170. Thanks
  4. Regarding gapless playback, sorry this may be a basic question but using android tidal app, this is not even supported, so you wouldn't expect gapless tidal via chromecast audio. this is the problem of tidal, not chromecast, is that correct?
  5. Just for information, it works for IOS (which i am using) but i hear not yet for android.
  6. Thanks for your explanation. i found it strange why there were a number of MQA partners which disappeared since CES 2016 and there was never any explanation. i do understand your difficulty with NDA.
  7. sorry i'm posting another link. hopefully it will work. i tried total 4 switches/routers which are 10/100, no gigabit, and they all still have stutter issue. strangely only the sonos connect is ok which is also 10/100. i'm not planning to use that as a permanent solution, so will still ask the service centre to follow up. anyway don't you think they should be able to do a firmware fix for that? https://onedrive.live.com/?id=6ACBE27A3D6FF3C4!3419&cid=6ACBE27A3D6FF3C4&group=0&parId=6ACBE27A3D6FF3C4!159&authkey=!AnIYYjIf9_0flcQ&o=OneUp
  8. i have also a second issue where i get loud static sound which starting a track. i need to pause, then play and then it plays fine. it doesn't happen very much, perhaps 5% of the time. here is a link with an example. pls turn up the volume. i experienced this even with usb playback, so probably not related to network issue. https://onedrive.live.com/redir.aspx?cid=6acbe27a3d6ff3c4&resid=6ACBE27A3D6FF3C4!3422&parId=6ACBE27A3D6FF3C4!159&authkey=!ApFswDiUe8iZ-c4&Bpub=SDX.SkyDrive&Bsrc=Share&ref=button eric, have you experienced this issue? anybody else, any
  9. i tried also, but have mixed results. initially i only had a sonos connect (which has 2 ethernet ports) on hand. when i used that in place of the gigabit switch, i also experienced no more stutter. but i just bought a new 10/100 switch, and replaced the sonos, and have stutter again. i will look to see if i can find some old switches or routers and test.
  10. i previously raised my issue with tech support - my ticket number was 14905 but they closed it with no resolution. i'm based in hong kong and i contacted the local service center as the machine is still under warranty. they passed my issue to UK and are following up.
  11. i also used mp3tag on a windows pc to reduce the size of the image from ~1MB to 100KB or less. i still have the stutter issue.
  12. can you please tell me how to check the size of the image file? i understand the image is embedded in the music file. i am using audivarna plus on a mac and cannot see any option to look at the image size, only to replace it with a new one. Thanks
  13. ok, mine only stutters when skipping and when playing random tracks and not sequential in the queue. anyway i'm asking the service centre and if there is any progress i will let you know.
  14. Do you experience this stutter when playing tracks sequentially in a queue? I experience the stutter when I interrupt the queue i.e. when I skip tracks or when i replace the queue. When I turn on the player and play the first track it stutters. When I leave the player streaming tracks in a queue I don’t experience stutter.
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