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  1. Or, it's YOUR job to move on. If you already think AV sounds Superb, what is the point of your posts?
  2. I look forward to trying YOUR Software Player. When will it be available?
  3. Does Dither matter when up-sampling? I also use HQ, which has some dither options, but I never use them, as I upsample everything to DSD 128, as I do on AV.
  4. jimdukey

    HQ Player

    48K is definitely more important than MQA! But at DSD 1024, does it make any difference?
  5. jimdukey

    HQ Player

    I guess the ifi could also receive unprocessed DSD and PCM to get DSD 1024. But then the Advantages of using HQ would be lost. I don't know why Jussi doesn't seem to like the ifi, I know he likes the RME ADI2, much cheaper. I have read 3 rave reviews of the ifi, which got my attention. I don't have the Computer Knowledge to evaluate DACs, and their Promises... The ifi is said to be full and rich, I've seen the RME described as lean and accurate. Luckily both products can be returned for refund. That's Huge, because in the past , at Brick and Mortar stores, Store Credit was the best you could hope for in a Return. It's a bummer that the Firmware update broke 48K, I like that extra scosh of upsampling it delivers.
  6. I just noticed that I like the C Modulator more than the B7/8, upsampling to DSD 128 on Mytek or Lampi Dacs. Piano is Rounder, fuller in Body. Newest AV/Mac.
  7. jimdukey

    HQ Player

    OK, Thanks Miska-
  8. jimdukey

    HQ Player

    Is the ifi Pro Idsd Dac compatible with HQ, on Mac? Would it work to use HQ to upsample to DSD 256, then have the IDSD upsample to DSD 1024? I read a couple of positive reviews about the ifi, but earlier reviews seemed luke-warm to me.
  9. jimdukey

    HQ Player

    How do you access Internet radio through HQ? TIA-
  10. Is Volume Leveling the same as Normalization?
  11. jimdukey

    HQ Player

    There's a situation with the Music Notation Software "Finale", where one has to check a box to allow the Mic to be accessed. There doesn't actually have to be an actual Mic, just the Box needed to be checked. I haven't encountered it myself, but wonder if the Mic Messages in HQ are just needing the same approach.
  12. Anyone else using both AV and HQ?
  13. Since your Dac isn't compatible with El Cap, the last Mac OS that supported Direct Mode, moving to a Windows Computer is probably your best move, for DSD 512 and Direct Mode.
  14. If Windows and Mac OSs make no difference as to sound quality, then Direct Mode, which no longer works in Mac without the Hack, is/was Bogus. I don't see any other conclusion. I use AV anyway ( on Mac ), but not as much as HQ.
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