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  1. So the 300 ohm Senns were bypassed because the Asgard has "only" 600 mw available? A few bazillion people own cans (many are true reference) over 150 ohm.
  2. Your use of Acopian caught my eye (I see this post is from December; just reading through this thread prior to trying an Allo Sig for a semi portable rig). I use an Acopian Gold Box "A" in my desktop rig's unDAES-O (24v) for Dante Ethernet/AES feed to Yggy. The Acopians are terrific, and I like their "form follows function" ugliness, lol.
  3. Thanks for the SEED OF MEMORY! The voice is still there!
  4. Wonderful priorities and great work Chris! We are dog rescuers too; 3 live with us now.
  5. Metrum Octave or Bifrost Uber, in both cases fed by bel canto mlink USB (which I really liked). Now I've set the bel canto aside and am going into Yggy Gen 3 USB.
  6. Just getting into jotting impressions, so it will be a week or so. Thanks for the interest!
  7. For me, Yggy break-in was crazy. Performance was "good" for about 300 hrs (150ish playing music). I've "somewhat" believed in break-in before, but in the past it's been "yeah, I think I hear a difference now". In this case, however, a switch was flipped, taking me instantly to truth of timbre in real space. Never before did a component say "OK, now I'm ready, let's listen to music". Which I am now doing, re-listening to everything.
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