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  1. Review from David Robinson of Positive Feedback https://positive-feedback.com/audio-discourse/impressions-the-mola-mola-tambaqui-dac/
  2. I think Mola Mola designed the Makua and Tambaqui thoughtfully, in order of increasing performance, and of course price Tambagui = straight to power amp Makua = preamp with integrated DAC Tambaqui = to external preamp And of course selection of input / output & power cables makes a big difference. By the way Mola Mols just introduced a major software upgrade for the Tambaqui and the control app (for your iPad) which is much more user friendly.
  3. Interesting review of the Tambiqui http://www.audiophile-magazine.com/bancs-d-essais/mola-mola-tambaqui/
  4. I experimented with HQPlayer and Roon on a MacBook Pro connected by USB to a PS Audio Directstream DAC, which upsamples internally to 20X DSD. I had fun playing wit HQPlayer but after trying countless combinations I concluded the Directstream DAC sounded best without any processing by either HQPlayer or Roon. Here’s a link that discusses the issues with pre processing before inputting to a DAC. https://www.psaudio.com/article/this-is-the-article-title-here/ In the Tambaqui “...all incoming digital audio is upsampled to 3.125MHz/32 bits and converted to noise shaped PWM” Given this internal processing, which seems unique and to my ears makes the Tambaqui sound very special, I doubt that pre processing the digital signal with add anything, and more likely will subtract from the end result. But if you try HQP let us know what you hear, one never knows unless you try it for yourself.
  5. Perhaps you should call the single port, the “dedicated port” since that port is dedicated to sending the cleanest signal to your dac or renderer.
  6. I have the Mola Mola App, which you can download off of their webbsite, on my iPad. The app can set all of the Tambaqui functions, control volume (i’m running Direct since I use a presmp) and download software. The Tambaqui communicates via Bluetooth with my iPad, so there’s no need to connect the Tambaqui directly to the internet for new software. Clever design...
  7. I’ve been really enjoying my Tambaqui since I got it in December. Tonight I upgraded the firmware to their latest Version 1.0. A pleasantly surprising enhancement in performance. Improved clarity and depth of soundstage Highly recommended.
  8. I just re read this interview of Bruno Putseys from April 2014 in which he describes how he came upon the design of his DAC and some hints about how it works. https://www.soundstageultra.com/index.php/features-menu/general-interest-interviews-menu/465-searching-for-the-extreme-bruno-putzeys-of-mola-mola-hypex-and-grimm-audio-part-two And 4 2/3 years later it’s finally available! LOL, it was worth the wait...
  9. Wireworld lists on their web site USB 3.0 and 3.1 cables available in “Winter 2018”
  10. Hi Marcel: I can’t answer your question because I have not A/B’d the Makua preamp versus Tambaqui DAC. But I’m a believer, to optimize sound quality, in using a preamp as opposed to using a DAC direct to an amplifier. I already have a great preamp, an Audionet Stern. if I had known it would take 2+ years for Mola Mola to introduce thier standalone DAC I would have bought a Makua with DAC board and just used it for the DAC board, bypassing the preamp functions. To get an answer to your questions, I suggest that you call Bill Parish at GTT Audio, who is the US distributor for Mola Mola. He really knows their products. Fior example, I know he has been working directly with Mola Mola to help them perfect the Tambaqui over the past 6 months. As far as I’m concerned the Tambiqui is a must hear, try product. I will let others who do so speak to how it compares with all of the other “hot” DACs on the market.
  11. I just received mine, fresh out of the box, WOW, eveything I had hoped for. Major leap in performance to my PS Audio Directstream DAC with Snowmass. Increased clarity and dynamics with no digital harshness. If this is like other digital I’ve owned, in 500 hours it will sound even better. Auditioned the the Makua with DAC board this Summer but I’m glad I waited for the Tambaqui.
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