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  1. But for all out "low impedance", it looks like the Dean's ULT might be the best: 0.13 milliohms is nearly an order of magnitude less impedance than the GX-16.
  2. Yes, very much interested to know your findings. With the giant LiFePO4 batteries I have here, without spending a lot of money, you can buy these 6awg DC cables terminated with ring terminals on one end (to connect to the battery) and PowerPole connectors on the other end to connect to the power supply. These connectors are genderless and very securely snap on. They can also be crimped instead of soldered for a more secure fit without the coloration that soldering adds. https://www.impulseelectronics.com/power-cable-75-amp-powerpole-to-eyelet-terminal/ h
  3. Boulder amps use 250V 32A connectors and that connector is just massive: Even though the Neutrik PowerCon 32A connectors can pass 32A of 250V AC, the contact resistance of that connector is only still about 3 milliohms and so with regards to contact resistance for low voltage power supplies like the ARC6, this connector is not really an improvement over the GX-16:
  4. According to Paul Hynes: Gold-plated DIN connector: 5 milliohms impedance Silver-plated XLR connector: 3 milliohms Jaeger: <1 milliohm According to Sean Jacobs and Farad: GX-16: 3 milliohms With the GX16 4-pin connectors, if 2 pins are paralleled, you can cut impedance in half to about 1.5 milliohms. Neutrik Speakon connector (according to Neutrik): ≤3 milliohms (https://www.neutrik.com/en/product/nl4fc) So the Speakon not really better than GX-16. The GX-16 connectors currently being used in the ARC6 proto
  5. The Taiko GaN DC-ATX converter can handle any DC input between 16-40V and so as long as it sees voltage within this range, regulation is not important.
  6. Emile tried powering an Extreme using his GaN DC-ATX converter and a giant 24V battery and the results were not positive. Personally, I think I am done with batteries for directly powering digital components. As for a GaN-based inverter, I have not seen one. The problem with DC-to-AC inversion is that the DSP involved introduces distortion, sometimes >10%. I would not automatically assume, for example, that a giant Tesla 13.5kWh Powerwall battery that people can buy for their homes will sound better than AC power from the grid because the inverters used are not audiophile quality.
  7. Yes, lots of possible options for DC wire but those high-impedance barrel connectors are instant turn offs and make the whole setup look cheap. I think the connectors are potentially more damaging than the wire.
  8. When we were dealing with batteries that could discharge up to 1000A and 6AWG DC wire between the batteries and the DC4, we looked at a variety of connectors besides the Jaeger. @Nenon liked this one from Amphenol Industrial but we never got around to trying it. With the ARC6, the only connectors we have to worry about are with the umbilical that connects the ARC6 to DAVE but the limitation is the Molex connector which cannot accommodate anything bigger than 15.5AWG wire and so the ARC6 prototype that I have is using the GX16 connectors. Among the worst connecto
  9. The cable capacitance you're talking about is a different story. As Dana himself is fond of saying, unlike a power supply, a cable is a passive device and its only job is to get out of the way. A perfect cable that will do no harm will have zero resistance/impedance, capacitance, and inductance but the only cable that would approach this would be a super conductor. Since super conductors also require super cooling (to zero degrees Kelvin), this impracticality makes all audio cables inherently imperfect and so all cables will add something to the signal, whether it be digital or analog.
  10. Steve, the Neotech single-crystal copper that Sean uses as his standard wire is a very competent wire and if it's all you heard with an ARC6, I'm pretty sure you will be pleased and wonder if you really need anything better. This is how I felt. But then @Nenon lent me his Mundorf Silver/Gold (MSG) umbilical and that proved to be an expensive mistake because once I heard it, it was difficult not to go with it. Performance-wise, it offers a bit better resolution but it was really the tonal qualities of this wire that I like. Tonally, the sound is more intense and more alive without sounding
  11. It's been awhile since I've posted on this thread. I like to post when I feel I have something meaningful to contribute. Hopefully, some of you will find this to be meaningful. If you have no interest in the Chord DAVE or in power supplies in general, then feel free to ignore this long post. It is the storyline of how the ARC6 DC4 for DAVE came to be. In November of 2017, while in he U.K. visiting Rob Watts, he was kind enough to share with me the necessary specifications for building an external PSU for DAVE. In exchange, he had expressed a desire to hear this PSU during his
  12. In my case, this has nothing to do with hearing things that the artist/producer didn't hear. Some performances / recordings / masterings are just so bad that they do not sound good in a transparent and resolving system by today's standards. You actually want a veil to make then listenable. Growing up in the 80s, I enjoyed bands like Duran Duran, The Cure, The English Beat, Depeche Mode, The Smiths, China Crisis, etc. Yes, the 2nd British invasion. I saw these bands live on many occasions and I enjoy listening to them even today but only in my car. Back then, for many of us, our audio sys
  13. I have some music that I enjoy that is better left as mp3s and listened to on my car's audio system. Sometimes, transparency can be a bad thing, lol.
  14. I never specified sample rates. This prototype server is making the rounds to different systems and not all servers, players, and DACs being tested are capable of 16fs.
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