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  1. This is just information for dCS. But to the rest who is asking why i am eager to sort out the bugs is because of the following: I i am using Roon also, but if a function like Airplay is implemented i think it should also work. I got some friends who just want to play a track through Airplay or sometimes i like to link my Apple TV 4k if i am watching a movie or a concert to the NB through Airplay for example, but it becomes very frustrating when Airplay does not work as it should.
  2. @AMP just for your information the AirPlay function still stop playing for 1-2 seconds every 30-40 seconds, so the same bug is still there. Hope you can look into it and sort it out in tve next SW/FW release.
  3. Yes its only gapless playback you will find bettered from the last update 👍
  4. It does not remember the position in the album list as it should from my testing. ;( If i scroll through a list of albums and then gå in to one album to view the tracks, and then go back out, then the App jumps to the first album in the list again. ;/
  5. What do the rest of us in here think about the latest SW / FW update for the NB ? @AMP I think it is much better, but the NB have locked up a few times for me, and i have been forced to perform a mains resets, so it is slight more unstable , but everything else like the MQA clocking , gapless playback , AirPlay , etc etc is perfected. So i think if dCS looked over the coding and released a small update for the stability would be great. Then if it would be possible to sort your favorite albums in Tidal so you see the latest added albums instead of alphabetic order in the NB App would be great. Then the NB would be almost perfected for now. SQ performance will not be adjusted according to AMP if it should play bit perfect , but i guess there is slight more to perfect in some other areas, but then it should performe more like the more expensive models in the range maybe.
  6. Now the Bridge does not re-clock after every MQA track within the same album as before, and Airplay works , more stability etc, etc bugfixes. 1. But the app did crash when i played MQA track and was searching for another track. 2. when i was playing an MQA 192 khz album Coldplay X & O and then moved to a 44.1 album the NB freezed and hang it self, so i needed to restart the NB, hope it does not happends again. 😬 then it is a new bug
  7. the complete PDF of the FW upgrade https://www.dcsltd.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/dCS-Network-Firmware-Release-Notes-406B.pdf
  8. @AMP New update for the dCS App and FW for the Network Bridge is aviable from today!🙏🏻
  9. Often when a HiFi hardware / firmware company take the step into software and try adapt to the new technology , they 99% of the times fall on the finish line because they often contract a external software consulting company to make the app and interface etc. Why dont make a finished product before relesing it insted . The only way to make improvmemt is to contribute and pinpoint the issues to give the chance to the developers to correct and sort the bugs out, otherwise nothing will happen most probably untill a mark II version will be released. I work with this for a living on a big tech company and i contribute whit assistance to the developers every day, when i find bugs and performance flaws, so they can improve our products, thats the way it works. So neither we or dCS need an guardian angel here, we all know that you are happy with you product and the rest of us alsolike the product, otherwise we havent bought it in the first place, but the pearl needs to be polished, and we got the rights to make our point here.
  10. The SW/FW is far from finished , it is not just the unstable App . - USB input. Where ditched - Antenna Ditched - Airplay does not work correctly - The NB needs to re-clock every MQA track , after the latest update, that is frustrating if your master clock does not got simultaneously 44.1 & 48 khz word sync functionality - Higher MQA unfolding compability MQA Studio unfolding No etc, etc .. please take the time and solve some of the issues would be highly regarded - Some tweaking to the sound as a compensation would be something, because i know there is a few drops lefts to sqeeze out in comparison with the exact same song on a CD vs played on the NB from USB memory or NAS / Roon so yes put on the blindfolds and drive your half finished car and be happy
  11. Yes i expect this from a High End company ;);)
  12. Many bugs to sort out , and some functionallity , hoping for and update of the NB app also Hoping the release will come out soon 🙏🏻 I have a few Nordost Valhalla 2 power cables home for test, and maybe the NB sounds slight better after just 1 houers listening with the Valhalla 2
  13. My question was adressed to dCS if the NB in fact is read out of a RAM memory because you can pull the RJ45 cable and it is still playing for about 30 seconds. And a conclution is then if it read out the file from a RAM , then the RJ45 does not have significant impact at all, technically speaking. @AMP And yes the Airplay is clipping every few seconds so it does not woriking since the last SW/FW. So it would be great if you could look into the few bugs and imperfections in my list and the AirPlay issue if you haven't already addressed them in the comming SW/FW update?
  14. @AMP would be great if you could just verify that you have taken notice of my questions and answer the ones you like i would appriciate, i think other users want to have answer to my questions also
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