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  1. The Myth of an Audiophile Press...
    The Myth of an Audiophile Press...
    27 minutes ago, gmgraves said:

    Go to Stereophile.com, and enter “George Graves” into the search window at the top  right of the screen (look carefully, the window is small). You will get a number of my reviews (mixed in with other stuff that the search engine dredged up that has nothing whatsoever to do with me). Happy reading!


    Thanks, but I was interested in any specific reviews where you came to the conclusion that "this is butt".  Too many results to comb through  -I was hoping you would provide something specific.  I like how you tell John Atkinson the way it is in one thread from 2011 where he attempts to explain audiophile digital cables with the "but it's all analog at the physical layer" argument.  Just above that he comments:




    John, are there currently anyone on the Stereophile staff that is an audiophile cable skeptic?


    Probably Jim Austin comes closest to that description, but to be honest I steer clear of anyone who describes themselves as a "skeptic." They tend to be joyless, small people who deplore what they can't understand, envy what they can't appreciate, and feel they gain status by trying to rob others of the same.

    John Atkinson
    Editor, Stereophile





    Just as Mr. Quint does on this thread, this reveals what these guys really think of consumers who do not go along with the current status quo of radical subjectivism, industry first/trade promotion, and overall "hear no evil, see no evil" technical incompetence.   The Old Guard really has built themselves an intellectual and ego redoubt from which they cast judgement on "skeptics" and the like.  MQA has revealed like nothing else just who is in fact "small" :)


    Which brings us back to the question:  Why would any audiophile bother to read this sort of "Audio press"?


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