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  1. Got V2 installed and running. And the sound quality is very nice. I was running v1 and the betas before and I think I have something much better than what I had previously realized. Which I would attribute largely to the v2 and a small bit to measurement technique (which I kind of adapted from the walk through on V2 by mitchco) I note a couple of issues and am posting to figure out whether it is windows / my set up or it is something that I should flag to the Dirac helpdesk. (I am running v2 on a win10 pc, with Roon and VXThost) 1) switching filters creates an audible click and a red clipping indicator comes on, on one of the channels (on the VU bars in the vxthost panel) 2) Likely as not the system does not make the swtich but gets "stuck" on playing a small bit of music What do you think ? thanks gr
  2. Roon, Schiit Gumby+saga*+Vidar/monobloc into Magnepan 1.7i, REL t9/i (*I know, there was a time when I said xlr ? me?) Dirac have written back to me. Hope to have it running again this evening
  3. Did that. Switched back to v1, but there is no going back, really. Staging and bass esp. are much better in v2. GR
  4. Thanks Flavio. Will do that. I have been working with the channels grouped will try out your suggestion. GR
  5. @flak Hi I continue to be in like with v2. I miss the gain and delay there was on V1. I have an acoustically horrible room, and find that the image centre is slightly off to one side. I had settled for using the delay slider to try and sort that out. I suppose that was not the best approach. But that kludge/solution is not accessible with the beta. How to sort that out ? I also have a query about level matching before the measurement. The improvements to the interface make it more intuitive and informative. I find that it difficult to get both channels exactly the same, I suppose that the number presented is the average level, the best match I manage is +/- 0.2 db with the mouse. Does this matter. Finally is this the place to post these or is there another preferred and proper way. GR
  6. Doh. Roon outputs to VB Audio Virtual Cable. Then VST host grabs this as an input and sends to my Gungnir through Dirac Live Processor. I had not set the Roon output over WASAPI exclusive mode. With that done Roon shows the signal path as lossless. gr
  7. I rather like this v2 much. Spent much of today enjoying my listening. It is a nice SQ gain over my v1 filters, my maggies never sounded better This is a more an audiophilia nervosa point than anything I suppose, I can get only a green light on in Roon because the Vb audiocable is OS mixer and not lossless. Any way to get that purple light signal path ? gr
  8. A little RTFM, some searching and deleting in Windows Explorer followed by a reinstall and I have it going. It probably helped that my fluid audio enhancer was not involved. The error was in choosing the wrong dirac live and created by me. Doh! It sounds much nicer than my v1 setup. gr
  9. I'm stuck with the beta After installation, I fired up the dirac live processor in Audio settings I see asio (device type), asio for generic usb device (device) and the test button produces a tone. I left the sample rate and buffer size untouched. When I tab to create new filter and click on measure, it brings up DLCTS ver 1.1.0 And then nothing happens after I close DLCTS. I'd expect a newer version of the filter creation program to start up, which for some reason is not happening. Uninstall and reinstall did not help. How do I get past this and create filters ? gr
  10. Hi Flavio, I am on the older licensed version. I downloaded and installed Dirac live v2 for win last night, however it will not allow me to login, with my existing I'd/ pwd. I proceeded to reset my password but the new one will not work either. What did I miss doing correctly ? Could you please let me know. Thanks GR
  11. Flavio, Reviving an old thread, which had most of what I was looking for to ask "but what about the sign on the y-axis ? . I see that in comparison to the before, the corrected green line has "moved upwards". How is this to be interpreted. My apologies if I am missing the obvious. The graph above is the impulse response from the filter I have currently settled at. While I really like the sound post Dirac, I would also like to know if there is any further improvement to be had, with Dirac that is gr
  12. That turned to be bigger than expected ! I listen to my music through Dali Zensor 5s. The manufacturer recommends no toe-in, but I figured that these are not ribbon equipped so maybe I can turn them towards the listening position a bit. Which led to a total rethink of my arrangement (which was based on pre Dirac considerations), a remeasure with string, tape and mic. The new arrangement resulted in a bit of furniture reflecting the sound back at me, sorted that out, and finally a new set of measurements for Dirac. That was two evenings of slog. The results ? I've finally got the speakers to almost disappear. Bass, depth, soundstage, a bit of shimmer, a centre image that is palpably real, all there now. It is ofc, not quite there with DAP off. So I think I can tell myself in a Arthur Hoggett voice "That'll do pig, that'll do" and settle down to listen to some music. gr
  13. Thanks. Got back home, post work, late in the evening with a plan of a) deep breaths to look calm and composed and uninstall and reinstall Dirac b) do something drastic to windows. By then, Flavio from Dirac had mailed me saying he is looking into the issue. Happily the reinstall worked flawlessly with no issues. To check if things were indeed, all peachy, did a measuring session and created a filter for DAP, which obligingly showed up in settings to claim default device status. I'm quite happy with the target curve DLC proposed and that's what I listened with last night. I agree with your observation on sonic benefit derived. gr
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