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  1. I've found the Triode Wire Labs 10+ to be an excellent match with the Paul Hynes supplies. Made in America, too. These come up on AudioCircle occasionally for about 1/2 price of retail. Set a trigger in HiFi Shark and you will probably have one in six months. There is a used 10+ there now that just got listed - it may well be too short at 0.75 meters though.
  2. I am guessing a Sonore opticalModule would sound hella better. So: SFP from rack switch->optical fiber->opticalModule->ethernet->Bridge II. Assuming it works in this application - ksalno - do you think it would? I heart my opticalModule.
  3. I started with Paul's copper DC cable. As you say, Highstream, silver would be even cooler.
  4. And perhaps most importantly, the DC cable!
  5. Not my experience. I found the LPS 1.2 to be definitely warmer than the standard SR4. In the systems I have tried it in, the SR4 is neutral in tone, maybe even a smidgen on the cooler side. All this can be tweaked with fuses, power cords, and AC receptacles.
  6. Good point. But based on a lot of people's observations, something in the AC field is directional. I haven't actually tried reversing fuses yet myself to see if I can hear a difference.
  7. I have four Orange fuses in my system, all placed with the lettering in the direction of the current. Based on your comment, I will try the other direction now also. Thanks. I don't currently have Orange fuses on my two SR4s -- I am using Hifi Turning Supreme Cu fuses there. I figured they are warmer sounding ,what with the copper and all. The SR4s in my system lean a bit to the neutral/cool side, so warm power cords and fuses help to balance that out. But I haven't tried an Orange fuse on an SR4 yet, and do plan to do that. I have one in my preamp that I can try in the SR4.
  8. The current runs from the top of the SR4 fuse holder to the bottom. So you want the direction of the letters on the Orange fuse to go from the top of unit to the bottom.
  9. Barrow, nice post. I think the bottom line here for users of the opticalModule is to get a really really good power supply for it. And maybe a good power cable and even an audiophile fuse if you are so inclined. I would think the Sonore PSU would be an excellent choice since Barrows optimized and tuned it for the Sonore products.
  10. Barrows, keep in mind that I can clearly hear the basic characteristics of each power cord through a digital optical link. TRIPPY!!!
  11. Paul Hynes Design SR4. See the link in my signature for full system information.
  12. I've been playing with different power cords on my opticalModule power supply. It is really trippy that I can clearly hear the signature of each power cord. What is the physics mechanism for THAT? P.S. Love my opticalModule into an opticalRendu
  13. The video market for the EtherREGEN is potentially bigger than the audiophile market!
  14. I have a good recent experience with Paul Hynes Design. I ordered an SR4 on August 6th. It arrived last week per the original schedule. Communication with Mark was excellent, the PSU sounds excellent, build quality is excellent, 'nuf said.
  15. Indeed. So there are two different trade initiatives here. The first is to block imports from firms using child labor or forced labor, either in China or elsewhere. The second initiative is a blacklist of certain Chinese high tech firms so that U.S. companies cannot do business with them without government approval.
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