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  1. The video market for the EtherREGEN is potentially bigger than the audiophile market!
  2. I have a good recent experience with Paul Hynes Design. I ordered an SR4 on August 6th. It arrived last week per the original schedule. Communication with Mark was excellent, the PSU sounds excellent, build quality is excellent, 'nuf said.
  3. Indeed. So there are two different trade initiatives here. The first is to block imports from firms using child labor or forced labor, either in China or elsewhere. The second initiative is a blacklist of certain Chinese high tech firms so that U.S. companies cannot do business with them without government approval.
  4. SuperDad, The baby pajamas are being made by Uighurs in concentration camps. That was in the first article I posted. The face recognition, etc. technologies are being used to oppress large populations. That was in the second article that Rickca posted. That is what Ross was referring to in his comment, technologies of oppression. China decoupling continues...
  5. Good article, thanks for posting. Ross said Monday’s action will ensure U.S. technologies “are not used to repress defenseless minority populations.”
  6. And here comes some help for the Uighurs! https://www.nbcnews.com/news/world/company-making-costco-baby-pajamas-flagged-forced-labor-n1063626
  7. Not so. Trade negotiator Peter Navarro frequently talks about China's "Seven Deadly Sins". These are things that China must stop before the ongoing trade war can end. From a recent Hill.com article -- Navarro said: “Stop stealing our intellectual property, stop forcing technology transfers, stop hacking our computers, stop dumping into our markets and putting our companies out of business, stop state-owned enterprises from heavy subsidies, stop the [importation of] fentanyl [and] stop the currency manipulation,” Navarro told host Chris Wallace on "Fox News Sunday." Now there are plenty of abuses within China going on too -- Like the sad plight of the Uighurs, to name just one. In my opinion this by itself is reason enough to curtail Chinese trade. But I think it makes sense for the administration to concentrate on ways China is screwing us. Fentanyl, for instance - is it a weapon of mass destruction that China is foisting on Americans? The Trump administration knows full well that moving production away from China is a good thing apart from whether a trade deal ever occurs, and spends a great deal of energy on it. Many of the President's tweets address this very issue -- the latest being a tweet mentioning Apple moving some production to Texas. The fantastic thing now is that the president has made production in China very uncool. Can you imagine a CEO saying proudly now that they are moving production to.... China. 😉
  8. I upgraded my downstream FMC from the TP-Link MC220L to a Sonore opticalModule a few weeks ago. I can report it works great with my multichannel system. I really like the modular upgradability of systemOptique.
  9. Here ya go: https://www.rme-audio.de/en/products/fireface_ufx_2.php
  10. Vortecjr's report in the post above was from me. A few things to add: - I meant to say "I am even able to do routing from digital input to AES out". There is no analog conversion. Digital data comes in from the microRendu/RoonReady over USB and then gets routed out to AES and then to the Yggdrasil DAC. I am using Audiolense software to set up my digital crossovers. Audiolense measurements figure out the internal digital delay on the digital routing to make all the channels line up correctly. - By default RME TotalMix routing sets inputs to outputs. So, for example, digital input channel 13 gets routed to digital out channel 13. This wasn't a problem when using USB out to a Windows PC. However, it looks like in RME CC Mode (for Linux and IOS apps) things might be more sensitive. Either that or RoonReady is not initializing channels > 8 correctly, which is a possibility since Roon only handles up to 8 channels as far as I know. I was getting a loud noise on AES output and other channel > 8 and the UFX II meter showed a bunch of channels pegged high until I cleaned up the TotalMix routing. So if you reading this and have an RME device, clean up your TotalMix routing as much as possible. Then things should work great. - I like the RME UFX II, but it sounds so much better with the Yggy Analog 2 running the frequency band from 40-700 hz on my bass/lower midrange speakers (UFX II analog out runs the 20-40 hz subwoofers and >700 hz horn channels). Which sort of reminds me of the Burr-Brown DAC chips which were R2R in the lower frequencies and Delta Sigma in the upper frequencies. R2R better for <700 hz, IMO! I would like to try another R2R DAC in >700 hz range at some point. The UFX II has only one AES out, so it would have to be with the single optical SPDIF output. - I am using my Windows 10 PC with USB to the RME device to do Audiolense measurements and filter creation using an Earthworks m50 mic. I then switch over to attaching the microRendu, setting up the filters in Roon DSP, and put the Windows 10 PC back upstairs, far from the living room.
  11. It sounds like you have an issue with how all human progress has occurred. ?
  12. Yup. Rather hard to get all those regulators, resistors, capacitors, Analog Devices ICs, solder, FETs, etc through a USB interface! My Yggdrasil made it safely to Valencia yesterday, to the Secure Hardened Upgrade Facility for Ladder Enthusiasts. In other words, my Yggy is doing the Schiit Shuffle.
  13. Most definitely with Gen 5 on a Yggdrasil. The idea that Gen 5 eliminates USB differences is an urban legend.
  14. I second Cornan's excellent recommendation for VH Audio star quad power cable. I've been using it for years, both as a retail cord and as DIY cords. The nice thing about making DIY cords is that the wire is not expensive, and the cords can be tuned with various IEC and plug ends, which can make a big difference to the sound. No soldering is required to make these power cords. These cords can work particularly well on DACs and amplifiers from my experience. With some patience, there are sometimes very good deals on used Flavor 4 cords.
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