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  1. Don't worry Chris I will be moving on, your recent attitude has been somewhat biased... I do know what provoked this recent inquisition, I am sure you will all be happy with no opposing views or only technical input that supports the viewpoint...
  2. Its how music reproduction works and recording, the kit is all engineered at the end of the day.
  3. The funny thing is in all this, is that at the end of the day, Designing electronics and speakers to replay music is objective/engineering based, especially the digital side of things. Anyone remember the old adage, hi-fi amplifier should be like a “bit of wire with gain”. Nothing added/nothing subtracted for the signal in to the signal out.
  4. ????? This is (or was) an open forum, not just some random conversation in the street... Again its down to not upsetting beliefs or challenging them if incorrect.
  5. Who are you a plant? You seem to have appeared from nowhere as a protector of the subjective's... What does worry me is you seem to have a fetish for the letters A,H & S and the asterisk symbol! Is your keyboard defective of do you just like implying insults to certain people...😀 To put it bluntly the majority of your posts are designed to be insulting...
  6. To be perfectly honest, I find it all a bit pathetic and trowing the dummy out of the pram, considering the numerous claims its just a hobby, so many take it so seriously, it brings a smile to my otherwise miserable visage. If it is a hobby take it less seriously, if its not a hobby then it becomes a religion, dangerous. Which is it?
  7. I'd go one further, get all their personal details and start a class action case for libellous content designed to upset my hard held beliefs!
  8. Sorry I didn't write a huge reply, to a simple question. Read your reply its got all the usual stuff... You are scientifically trained... is it relative, I presume its not in electronics or physics... Sorry but this actually applies to subjective's and probably more so. I learnt that perception can easily be fooled so I don't rely on my listening experiences alone...
  9. Sorry, could you be a bit more concise in you reply, to many words to little content. Thanks🙂 So I presume you are saying that however silly a claim is; it CANNOT be questioned because it may ruin your enjoyment!
  10. What questioning beliefs that are not backed up by science or engineering... I could go on about how I have seen hi-fi dwindle from readily available systems in the likes of Curry's, Walmart etc. to where we are now... directional fuses for one... You comment does say a lot though on where you want this site to go, you claim an open mind, but you language says different... Again why do the hard core subjective beliefs need so much protection from questioning?
  11. Yes CENSORSHIP that's the way forward so No claim however daft it is can be questioned, and thus the manufacturers get richer....
  12. But it is OK to read the same subjective statement a million times... Why do you have to hide behind the teachers legs, provide proof, explanations and fight science with science, because music reproduction is science... Making and creating music is art, capturing, recording and playback is engineering.
  13. This has been going on for months now, a once lively forum has become a dull place where only the correct viewpoint is acceptable... Why do some subjective beliefs and claims have to be defended so vigorously one wonders...
  14. Velocity factor tells you how fast the waves propagate through the wire, a VF of 1 means the signal speed is approx 300mm/ns so VF=1 a 1m interconnect would have a propagation time of 3.33ns... The difference for the cables listed is from 5ns to 3.9ns, even a two m interconnect is not going to be an issue.
  15. What like adding a dodgy wire clock to the inside of a basic router... A joke of a modification... https://audiobacon.net/2018/09/28/the-linear-solution-ocxo-audiophile-switch-reference-ethernet-cable-the-missing-pieces-of-digital-audio/
  16. Who are you referring to here matey? What pseudo science are you referring to...
  17. Its digital data that comes out of both, usually via an on board Phy that squirts more digital data to the DAC chip often i2s format.
  18. LOL. Personally if someone is going to mess about inside kit then at least a basic understanding of what SELV is would be a benefit, DIYAudio bans any references to modification of mains or high voltages... Using un-insulated hook up wire for mains is incredibly stupid, the amount of exposed copper should always be minimised and any that is exposed should have very clear warning symbols, indicating high voltage present...
  19. Its not judging its safety... That must always come first, if in doubt especially where dangerous voltages are involved, leave it alone.
  20. I would check EN/IEC 62368-1 the standard for audio visual and ICT equipement replacing 60950 and 60065...
  21. RF, microwave, high speed converters, various forms of communication its done every day... The critical clock is the one used at the point of conversion from digital to analogue and with the size of today's DAC chips etc. microwave techniques could easily be used in the layout to get the best out of the clock and the converter and minimise any EMC problems... For the cost of some kit and what is happening on the inside this does not happen that often, rather having a huge heat generating linear supply is a better selling point. Many claim femto clocks but the topology often does not back up this claim.
  22. Like what you are providing a perfect example off.
  23. As proven by the posts disagreeing with my comment... The labels used are meaningless, subjective/objective most are a bit of both. Its the hard core beliefs, that can't be questioned, yet it is these that must be questioned if the improvements are really to be made in musical reproduction...
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