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  1. Only a co-ax has all the fields contained within its structure, twisted pair is surrounded by the fields these do couple to other pairs in the bundles, nothings perfect.... The extra pair shielding in CAT 7 reduces this... Great for data centres and industrial runs that are far longer than domestic runs. Crosstalk increases with longer runs so reducing it helps the signal integrity of these long runs.
  2. Speakers/Room biggest effect. Cables should have no discernible affect on an analogue signal or digital signal transmission. I have perceived some difference in sources when I had CD players and with DAC's, but never blind tested so I can't exclude bias. With digital sources feeding the same DAC I have never noticed any difference.
  3. Adding an external clock module to an already working switch (and upping the price accordingly), so instead of a nice short track on a PCB of a few mm, you have a clock going down a long wire...
  4. That's not really shielding anything and could make matters worse. As to burn in, well your ears do adjust...
  5. marce

    Some commonsense

    Used a SMPS in the recording chain!😯 P.S. Note the emojii, like my last comment that was jumped on, its said in humour... Some are so serious all the time, audio is entertainment...
  6. marce

    Some commonsense

    I have read the thread, you don't have to prove your ignorance every time I post.
  7. marce

    Some commonsense

    Ah but you are discussing matters with Audiophiles some of whom must have Bat DNA from some past ancestors, maybe descended from Vlad III...😀 Again, wouldn't it be better to concentrate on frequencies we can hear.... Well those of us that lack Bat DNA.
  8. marce

    Some commonsense

    I agree with one caveat, capturing well outside the microphone range could add some noise outside the required frequency range which may or may not cause problems with following circuitry. A fine balance is required. to much bandwidth can be as bad as to little sometimes.😀
  9. I wouldn't recommend its use on motherboards and small connectors for DDR memory of CPU's. The oil can cause contaminants such as dust to stick and cause more problems. PCB assemblies such as motherboards are best kept clean...
  10. Painting SMD IC's with a conductive liquid designed for connectors!!!!!
  11. Good place to start is the HDMI.org site. https://www.hdmi.org/consumer/finding_right_cable.aspx One would hope that every cable labelled as HDMI is engineered to the HDMI spec... I have used a range of HDMI cables for video and monitors, but now use display port. I have seen some issues with a cheap cable, you could use it for sewing it was that thin... But all the others have performed the same, certainly visually, I spend all day in front of monitors and correct display is critical. I use decent cables, but one that cost's more than a monitor, or a decent DAC does seem excessive...
  12. Nice put down, I'll have to write that one down: "your ears are worse" I answered a question that was asked and made a comment about a link posted, no need to take it to a personal level...
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