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  1. You can try following Passive one If you switch to CPU that is under 47W Arctic Alpine AM4 Passive (AMD AM4)
  2. Which of these two solutions is better sounding if powered by sbooster? Deciding if I should buy usb card for my roon computer or just buy streamer ...
  3. Is there USB card from different manufacturere for more reasonable price? Let say around 100$?
  4. Tried GentoPlayer on allo USBridge and can confirm that sound is noticeably better than dietPi
  5. I have also used Volumio on Pi and allo usb bridge and never had any issues. I think only recently they introduced PC version. I have never tried Gento player so it will be my next one to test
  6. You don’t need separate OS. You can even run Volumio from USB stick
  7. I have compared Ephony with Volumio on the same HW and I like sound from Volumio more...
  8. Seems that you’re man with issues. Not sure why they let you post your stuff here in the first place. This website is getting desperate I guess...
  9. Well the last 3-10 % of SQ is usually the difference between enjoying the listening to music and not enjoying the music at all. And that is in the end the most significant difference...
  10. Audiolinux, Euphony truly works. On the same HW it truly sounds way better than optimized Windows 10 with Roon. Music sounds very natural and musical. Noticeably better than allo digi one signature powered by good power supply. This is the first time I enjoy using PC as transport component.
  11. Allo audio makes excellent streamers for very good price. But also software and data location makes significant difference. I am currently using digi one signature with raspberry pi 4(4GB ram) and best sound I am getting with max2play and attached USB SSD disk for music storage. I have also custom build computer for Roon, but when I am streaming from roon over the network sound quality is noticeably not as good when I am playing music from local SSD disk. Tried also volumio and all other SW for the Pi, but max2play has the best sound quality.
  12. If you are not willing to buy M scaler I would personally avoid Chord DACs. With out it I can’t stand to listen to those DACs
  13. Had Aurender a10 for 6 months and sold it and kept Teac nt-503. My personal tip for home demo is Teac nt-505 streamer/dac/pre ...
  14. Sorry, I have sold Qutest as I have sold my Hugo years ago. Chord DACs have “wow” feel at first, but after some time you no longer enjoy it as mutch... This is it for me with Chord DACs
  15. After one week with qutest + allo USB bridge streamer I can confirm that it is noticeable better than my Naim ND5 XS + Naim XP5 XS streamer. Naim combo costs 3 times more so good job Chord!
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