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  1. Thanks, tried this and eventually got it to work using a Minix pc, however the resolution is shocking and user interface terrible this way on an 8" tablet. Also, whilst the Amazon app on the Minix showed ultra HD the stream arriving at my DAC was only 44/16. Sadly this is not going to work for me. Fingers crossed Amazon release their APi to Volumio etc so we can take advantage of this service.
  2. Aside from purchasing a node 2i what other options are there for streaming Amazon HD? Anyone using a Raspberry pi? Alternatively I have a small pc ..is there a way to run Amazon headless using a tablet for control? I've had some success using the Amazon music android app to a Chromecast but my pi/Allo digione sounds better (with Qobuz). Streaming via my digione would be the preferred option... Thanks
  3. Hi John, Yes indeed! ...though Volumio requires no knowledge of Linux to get started and even then I struggled! That was an RPi 1b with a hifiberry DAC. Got a bit fed-up with that as Sound Quality was no better than my Pioneer N50 and there were regular drop-outs. In this instance I'm attracted to the possibility of the Linn user interface. Alternatively it could be a future Roon endpoint. The use of RP2 with the Digione should in theory address the SQ issues giving a nice clean signal to my 2Qute. Thanks for your point about the soundcard.
  4. Hi Cebolla, Just found this thread and I've got an RPI 2 and allo digi one in the post arriving any day. The allo will be feeding a Chord 2Qute. Is there a noob step by step guide to setting up openhome on the pi? I want to use the Linn user interface on my Android tablet to control. Thanks in anticipation...
  5. OK folks, be gentle - this is my first foray into CA territory but I thought I post my question here as you Guys look to be the most well informed! So QNAP or Synology? Both can be had for around £130 here in the UK (plus disks) I just wondered if there were any reasons for one over the other for Music streaming (and other duties)? Are they both easy to use/setup? Is one better supported than the other? My networking abilities are very limited (setting up the PI was a struggle to be honest...), so go slow.... I plan to install Bubbleserver and I assume this could be done on either? My current Buffalo Linkstation Duo works ok but is not user friendly and I can't figure out how to add Bubble or Minim. I use bubbleUPNP on my android phone for control of the various streamers. I've got an Ipad and it would be nice to use Kinsky too where possible. Streamers are currently Pioneer N50, Denon DNP 720 and Raspberry Pi/Hifiberry Dac. I've no immediate plan to upgrade but one day either a Linn or Naim solution beckons in my main system and I want to make sure whatever I get is future proof. I'd like to access my FLAC files remotely when using wifi. Any input most welcome from those with more experience than me! Cheers Moppit
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