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  1. Kal, Do you have any contacts or references for synching three 2 channel DACs? I read the threads from several years ago concerning the Myteks. I am interested in the new Gustards which have 2 9028 chips. They can be extensively modded as well. I have an Oppo 105, but maybe looking to upgrade. I am aware the there is a new e38 and maybe an upcoming Oppo 205(?). The Gustards may be better. Thanks very much Kal jjk43
  2. Thanks for the Pearl Jam reference. There are three PJ releases that I know of that are available as hi-res downloads. Here's hoping more of the best rockers will release in hi-res. The gold standard for rock musicians who care about hi-res is Steven Wilson. His recording and format selection is of the highest standard. Recommend Hand.Cannot.Erase. and The Raven That Refused to Sing as the rock multichannel hi-res standard. He has also remastered vintage recordings such as Aqualung and King Crimson, which are recommended. Also available as 2 channel downloads on HDTracks, etc. Please tolerate the hyperbole, but SW is the best!
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