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  1. Worked like a charm. Alex, you're brilliant! I'm listening to Till Bronner/Nightfall and it never sounded this good before. Now can't wait for an etheregen.
  2. Chutt, I have never experienced this but it seems like a network issue. In any case, I have had several other quirky issues over the years .Most of them were solved by powering down both the dac and the UR. Sometimes it takes a couple of iterations.May not help but worth a try if you haven't already.
  3. Hi, all. I recently got a Lush^2 and it sounded fantastic the few times I'v e gotten it to work. It seems to have a hard time completing the USB handshake. My system is UltraRendu =>Lush^2=>Iso Regen=>AURALiC Vega. My Nordost USB cable works consistently but not the Lush^2. I was wondering if any has successfully used the Lush^2 from a UR to a Vega and, if so, what configuration you are using? Thanks.
  4. I player AIFF and FLAC files through HQPlayer NAA. The sample rate is either 352k of 128DSD, 24 bit. One album at a time.
  5. I only play local files. When it stops during play, rebooting is usually enough to get me going again. In other cases, like changing USB cable or powering down, I often have to go through the process of restarting the entire system ( particular order, many tries etc).
  6. Thanks for the excellent directions. In fact, this has been my tried and true recipe for some time. I must have tried 30 times without succession the past couple of days. Until I added another step: I left the power off on everything for an extended period ( once overnight and once for 4 hours). It worked both times. I'm not sure if it is random or not but I'm listening again. Thanks for the help.
  7. I already took that out of the chain to help isolate the problem. No difference so still searching for something else. Thanks.
  8. I fired up my system yesterday and nothing played. The dac diagnostics said no dac was found (even though attached and worked previously). I tried many combinations of rebooting/powering down/restarting the entire chain. Finally, the dac was discovered but still no sound. The diagnostic now said "no setup". I reset everything and went through the rebooting/restarting process again but nothing. I powered down overnight and everything worked in the morning. Now, I'm trying to change out the USB cable and UR doesn't discover the DAC. Tried the elaborate reboot process to no avail. Any ideas to get the sound flowing again? i7ST (Roon, HQplayer) => UR => IsoRegen => Auralic Vega
  9. Never mind! I uninstalled and then reinstalled HQPe. Now it's all good.
  10. I have HQplayer embedded running on an i7ST running to an Ultrarendu. I just updated the software on the i7 in order to get version 4.11 of HQPe. Now, when I try to play through Roon I get an error message that says it can't connect to HQP. Also, when I try to get to the config page on HQP, I get an error message saying Safari can'r connect to the server. I have tried restarting, rebooting and powering down the entire chain to no effect. I have also updtade the software on the UltraRendu. I'm out of ideas. Any suggestions? Thanks.
  11. mtcs

    HQ Player

    Hi Miska, I really appreciate all work you do to improve SQ. IMHO, this is time better spent than on UI changes. Getting them for free is an incredible value. Thanks. Mark
  12. I have been using JS-2 with the i7 for over a year with no problems. Andrew and Alex both assured me it was OK before I started. A huge improvement over the included SMPS.
  13. I was afraid you'd say that. Now I have to get another LPS-1.2 for my UR! Thanks.
  14. I'm using a JS-2 to power both an i7ST (spec'd at 19V) set at 12v and an ISO Regen at set 7V. I experimented by switching the ISO to an LPS-1.2 and got a favorable jump in SQ. Is this what I should expect or is it possible that I have simply been pushing the JS-2 too hard? I saw an old post recommending the ISO with the JS-1 at 12v in a similar situation. Would that help and is it a good idea? Thanks
  15. mtcs

    HQ Player

    There have been a lot of comments recently on price and features. People always want more for less, which is understandable. I'd like to say that I think Miska does exceptionally well on both counts. We seem to get new features - useful ones - on a regular basis to what is already a great product. The price may not be the lowest but the software is worth a lot more to me. On top of all that, the level of support we get can't be beat. I have no problem paying a still modest price for all this.
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