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  1. Thanks, for me transportable media seems the way to go. It’s a little complicated by the fact that my home system is an innuous , not a regular computer, while I would use a Mac as a server for the second system, but I should be able to duplicate the backup drive from the innuous. I’ll do some experimenting. Even before I need a server for a second place, it might be useful to set up the Mac as a backup server in case of a hardware failure to the innuous or one of my network players.
  2. A couple of weeks ago, I was asking about how to get access to my music library on an innuous into an iPod, but it occurred to me I may have a bigger problem coming, a small vacation home where I would spend long periods. How does one easily maintain a fully synched music library in two different locations aside from uploading everything to the cloud.
  3. Thanks. Is the hd feature a one time payment or a subscription? Does hf have its own playlist capability
  4. So for the last year I’ve been very happy with my zen mini, backed up by two portable HD’s, and using the zen CD burner. But I recently got tired of Sirius and want to use an iPod or iPhone to ferrry music to my car and then realized that I’m a year behind in burning cds to my iTunes. Question is whether there is software that allows me to transfer the files on zen mini back ups in flac or aiff to an apple device with playlists like iTunes can do.
  5. Thanks. I bought the tubes from a large dealer, as a recommended package for my amp, and the tubes were tested, and matched. Still you can’t rule out bad tubes. Im going to try some experiments with the gear this weekend.
  6. So, I changed tubes in my jolida fusion preamp recently and started to get a repeating buzz through my speakers, when the music isn’t playing— not sure if it is creating a small amt of noise when music is playing. buzz is in both speakers at roughly one second intervals Mini zen running roon>ultra rendu ( linear power)>gungnir>jolida preamp>Schiit aegir>klipsch heresy 4s the issue occcured when I was using the ultra cap 1.2 to power the ultra rendu, but disappeared when I switched to a sgc linear power supply. Any ideas on cause,
  7. Well, for the time being I’ve fixed this simply by fulliy powering down the rogue Sphinx and turning it back on again. We will see if the condition reappears. What is curious is how hot the qutest got, it is now room temp
  8. Got static from one speaker at low volume. Path is zen min>qutest>Rogue Sphinx. Last time this happened if it was dc offset ( on a different dac). Picking up the qutest I noticed it was fairly warm, is that normal or an indication of some problem (like a dc offset)?
  9. Until this summer, I was using a Mac running Audirvana. I would transfer cds to iTunes and then synch to a network drive. One nice thing was that I could load my iPhone and iPods from iTunes with the tracks that I burned to iTunes. now I’m using innuous zen mini. I burn cds directly into the zen mini as flac files. i want to update my iPod touch with new music that has been already been added to the zen.is there any practical alternative to also burning the cds to the Mac using imusic/ iTunes? Any software that allows me to transfer flac files to the iPod or iPhone? If
  10. Thanks. I had to create a new zone for the qutest after plugging in usb. Now I have two zones connected to the qutest. First device is the zen mini which plays optical and coax into the qutest. The second device in roon is the qutest which plays usb from the zen but not optical or coax. I didn’t find this very intuitive.
  11. Not yet, I’m thinking that the zen has usb 3 ports and my cables are usb 2. Is there such a thing as a usb 3 a to b cable that I can test?
  12. I should add optical and coax work fine in this setup
  13. Using a chord qutest and a new innuous zen mini, with roon. The problem is that I’m a getting no sound out when I link the zen and the qutest with usb. The USB ports on the zen seem active because they recognize an attached usb backup drive, and the usb input on the qutest works fine when I hook up a computer by usb. Am I missing something obvious— I’ve tried two different usb cables.
  14. My innuous quickly finds missing album art, but when. I press save, it hangs forever (3-4 minutes). I think it is rescanning. .is there anyway to speed up rescanning or avoid it every time I edit album data? I’ve tried to use the feature where you redo the music files organization but it doesn’t speed up the rescan. is this a reason to subscribe to roon?
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