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  1. Truly amazing. You have an incredible DIY talent. I noticed you have a heat pipe for the chipset - not many will plan for this. I wish the community here could use your help in designing a dual Xeon passively cooled chassis. Many of us would be highly interested in it.
  2. On Aug 24th Taiko said this to me: " Last I heard about the transformers is that they are on their way here by boat. Having them shipped by air turned out to be way too expensive. So they have been on the boat for at least a couple of weeks now (I think like three weeks). We haven't heard anything since then. "
  3. So I received my Femto drive this week from @darkforce It was packaged well and arrived safely. Like many, I have been using a Optane 110Gb for the primary OS drive. The Asus ROG Z490 doesn't have a direct CPU M.2 slot and hence I am forced to use a PCIe to M.2 adapter to go CPU direct. I find it sounds slight better (but not much) and coherent than using the M.2 slots which connects to the Z490 chip (aka PCH). The music are on two 2Tb M.2 drives and they are connected to the onboard M.2 slots and this connects via Z490. Cloning Windows 10 was a pita
  4. Yeah, I have toyed with the idea but my server sits on the top rack. So hanging is not possible. Right now the fans sit on the bottom chassis and doesn't touch the H5 case (its hard to see from the picture). I don't hear any difference between the side fans running vs not. However, the difference for the top fans that rests on the H5 case is huge.
  5. In Windows 10 pro, I am using hwmonitor - not only it provides CPU temps but a host of other monitoring as well, like temps, volts, power, etc. Very informative. https://www.cpuid.com/softwares/hwmonitor.html
  6. The issue with Hdplex H5 case which most of us are using in our DIY server is heat dissipation. The side panel heat sink is designed for CPU rated at 65watts TDP. Most of us are running way higher (>= 95 watts TDP) and thus overloading the heat sink. I run i9-10900k and it’s rated 125watts TDP which is almost twice the rated limit. It’s not the fault of the case. We are using it beyond its spec. folks using it with 65 watts TDP and less don’t complain about this. The only way to make up for it is either use the left side heat sink in conjunction to the right or blow an external fa
  7. Excellent job. I received my extra heat pipes from Aliexpress couple of weeks back but did not have time to install it yet. where does one buy Panzerholz in the US ?
  8. The ones on the Omega are not ferrites chokes. God knows what they are!
  9. for a regular straight cable, yes but Shunyata has some noise cancellation trick (in that cylindrical thing) up their sleeves which can't be DIY'ed. Now weather that makes a difference in your system or not is another story and unless you try you won't know.
  10. Off-coarse it depends on who you ask. A guy with half million $ system will definitely think it's way cheaper than his $23,000 1M RCA interconnect but this is a DIY thread 😬
  11. Yeah, I know. It is 😬 What cables have you compared with ? Between thecableco has a cable library where you can loan the Shunyata.
  12. I also use the Sablon 2020 and it sounds great. Recently at a friend's place we compared the Shunyata Sigma to the Sablon and the Shunyata bested by far. There is also a significant price difference between the two. I can't imagine how good the Omega will be and will likely get one if a great deal comes by but at $3250 for 1.5m I am not buying retail.
  13. I see but looks like @Exoceris already using one with the FEMTO drive. See the post above yours. It might be worth to see what adapter he is using.
  14. Ok, thanks. I have been using an adapter for a while now which looks similar to @Exocerbut I have not compared to anything else. My question was did anyone found SQ differences between different adapters ?
  15. Is anyone using this with M.2 to PCIe adapter ? The Z490 motherboards doesn't have a direct to CPU M.2 slot. Hence, currently I use an adapter for my Optane OS drive. I haven't tried different ones and compared to see if there are any SQ differences. Wondering if anyone has experience with a good one and find a difference with this NVME audiophile SSD from @darkforce ?
  16. The i9-10900k when un-throtlled to its highest performance and can be kept to run cooler at the same time, sounds amazing. I have had other i7/i9 variants and also a 8-core/16 threads Xeon E and none come close to the performance of i9-10900k. The hdplex struggled to keep it cool enough when un-throttled and now I have 4 external fans blowing over it (thanks to @ASRMichael). I am also planning to use the left side-panels and will have something in coming weeks. All these with a cheap trans from Antek. So with a proper designed unregulated lps with high quality parts, I am expecting some more t
  17. I think one also need to strike a balance between heat dissipation and voltage. A higher voltage means higher heat because none of the components work at that high voltage. If you have a stable current source, the preference is to use a lower voltage which will run cooler. Most designs don't and hence they are compensated with higher voltage and larger heat sink. Again, I am not talking about Taiko DC-ATX but in general. I have been using P3 Kill-A-Watt for years now.
  18. yes, that is why a 10A choke might help in this situation. As I said, it was a boot issue and once it gets passed, the 5A choke might just work 😁
  19. 28v. yes, the config is correct. I already had two 22,000 uF from the SJ high current rail and that is what I was re-using to test it out. I still have to do a proper high quality unregulated lps. yes but boot can consume over 200watts.
  20. I think it will be a useful discussion for many of us to learn :-)
  21. One thing I can say is that I could not power my i9-10900k using a Hammond 5A choke in CLC configuration using two Mundrof 22,000uF, unless I ran the CPU at base clock and turned off hyperthreading, cutting down the power requirement significantly. Unlike the core i series which are designed for extreme ups and downs to find a balance between high performance, power requirement and heat, the Xeons are designed for server applications which typically consumes a constant power irrespective of load (think in terms of Class A amp). I don't have a dual Xeon system, so can't tell but its power requi
  22. what happened to the Taiko's Noratel transformer ? Did they receive their orders yet ?
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